Parakeet in Dreams

Dreaming of a parakeet is your expectation of a message from a higher force that provides you with guidance to the way you live. Instead of waiting and waiting for a message that may never come, it is in your own best interest to meet and exceed your own expectations by taking ownership of the jobs you do, relationships you establish, and responsibilities you have committed yourself to.

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22 thoughts on “Parakeet in Dreams”

  1. I was walking home from work and noticed a very sad neglected parakeet in a small tent (one you’d use for shade if you had a booth at an event) I’d have to walk home and then walk back to feed the bird. One day I went home gathered a banana, yogurt and some nuts to feed her, but I was too slow and by the time I got there she had died. This was over a 3 day span in my dream.

  2. I dreamed 2 blue parakeets with multicolored wings landed on me. 1 on my head and the other my arm. I noted their sharp claws and beaks but felt no pain or fear. There was another person there who may have owned them whom I talked to very briefly. Then the one on my head flew to a perch and the one on my arm flew away. I knew in the dream it didn’t go far and was fine with that.

  3. I dreamed I was watching someones parakeet. She was green and yellow head with usual black markings. She flew and broke her wing and then a stack of books fell and her and she died. This dream

  4. I had a dream my husband was leaving me and I was crying an crying and my family and I were in a porch where a blue parakeet flew in and it let me pick it up and I went to show my husband and he started crying saying he was going to be alone forever but I didn’t want to leave him he left me and I ended up taking the bird home with me.. it was just a crazy dream.. I’m also pregnant gong to have my baby In a few weeks..

  5. Right before I went to sleep last night I asked God to guide me with a very difficult problem I’m having, I fell asleep and dreamt that I had 6 parakeets, 2 were mine in their own cage and the other 4 were in another cage, one of them had a large orange beak and this is unusual for parakeets. One of the 4 birds looked identical to one of mine and she went over to mine and just cuddled up to her. They all acted like normal birds and then the dream ended. Reading this makes me feel mocked because before I went to bed I did ask for a mighty power to guide me.

    1. I read on a website that parakeets represent messages from angels and from above – it’s exactly from God…He was sending a message.

  6. I had a dream about my parakeet who passed away this past year, in my dream he flew towards me and landed on my hand. He started singing to me so I was singing back. Then he jumped on my chest like he used to.

  7. I dreamt i was sat on a bus and I fell asleep and I woke and no one was sat on the bus with the doors open It was really sunny day with clear sky’s and two love birds flew into the bus and landed on me and then I woke up from my dream but this dream was really vivid and I can’t stop thinking about it is there any meaning to this dream??

  8. I dreamed I found a rather large yellow parakeet outside. I picked it up and brought it inside, to protect it . I put it inside a bird cage that held 2 smaller colored parakeets. the large yellow one moved to the bottom of the cage, while the 2 smaller ones were up higher ,huddled together in the upper part of the cage.

  9. I dreamed I found a rather large yellow parakeet outside. I picked it up and brought it inside, to protect it . I put it inside a bird cage that held 2 smaller colored parakeets. the large yellow one moved to the bottom of the cage, while the 2 smaller ones were up higher ,huddled together in the upper part of the cage.

  10. Last night I had a dream that I was inside a room that had a lazy river all around. I was standing outside of the water while everyone else was swimming or getting in when I heard birds chirping. Next to me, there was a red macaw, african gray and red masked parakeets. They were on my arms and just hanging out having a grand old time. Then I looked to my right and on the ground there was a small fox that wanted me to pet it. It was like a puppy just wanting love.

  11. Had a vivid dream about blue and green parakeets and also a larger red colored parrot. All in room as if trying to get out a room with closed windows and blinds

  12. I had a dream that I owned a blue parakeet and it was flying around my childhood house while I was getting ready for something important. Something happened and my sister tried to let it go outside. I panicked, thinking the bird was going to leave, but she flew right back and sat on my shoulder for the rest of the dream.

  13. Had a dream I was in my room… I seen a green cute little parakeet bird… it was like my pet or something because my room had a cut out of a place where it could sit and get air but not escape… then I couldn’t find him. So I’m like where’s tweety lol that’s what I named him. So I’m looking and looking then I look over towards the cut out in my window and he was right there.

  14. Basically this guy was showing me this multi colored parakeet that was supposed to be mine. He asked if i wanted to pet it and as i reached out it opened its beak so i said nevermind for fear of being bit.

  15. I just dreamt of seeing a very large white parakeet sitting by head right before I woke up. It was just starting at me and it was super cute!!!

  16. Looking for a deeper interpretation of a parakeet in a small box with holes delivered to my front porch and I am away and stressing over someone getting to the parakeet to feed it until I can get to it in my dream!

  17. I had several weird dreams last night. The one that stood out was a green and blue parakeet that landed on my hand and dug into my skin when I tried to shoo it away. This dream stood out because I am afraid of birds but grew up with them. My great grandmother had several type of birds and the parakeets lived the longest. Eventually, I was able to be calm with the parakeet staying on my hand until I woke up. Idk if it matters, but I was outside kneeling on a large rock in a grassy area.

  18. This is so unbelievable, last night I dreamed of 3 blue parakeets perched in a thorny bush in a park I am not familiar with. I was able to pet them. They were calm and I felt at peace… However, as I was exiting this park I was being attacked or thought I was.. by all these small animals …Like baby raccoons, squirrels….some as cute as puppies…jumping up on my legs…one animal grabbed my finger….there were even these fish tiny silver in color all flapping about….so many… that it made me uncomfortable… I get to the road….I see a man who offered me a ride…He was someone I knew from my former workplace…..I asked him if he could hire me back for part time work….I than awoke…
    ( I was surprised to see the interpretation of the blue parakeets(….My husband had asked me to leave my job almost a year ago… he retired, (we are in 50s), I worked terrible hours, holidays and he liked me being part of the family……however I miss the independence of earning my own salary…and feeling like an individual… he treats me well, takes care of our family…I’m thinking this dream, is telling me to follow my feelings….and find another job…at least part time….

  19. My dream was awhile back, but one I never forgot.
    It started I was at a gathering, at a place that was mine in a forest like setting, cabin like. All the windows were open I looked out a window, because I felt, in my dream slightly uncomfortable. I saw a couple of bears so I started to close the windows, I didn’t want them coming in I knew they might possibly be attracted to the scent of food. As I was doing this I came across a guest, a co-worker. She headed to toward the bathroom as she entered I came up behind her and shoved her head under water. She collapsed, I began to pick her up from the water as I did, she began to transform into a white/soft blue parakeet ( I once had a white/blue parakeet I loved very much) as she transformed in my hand she lost all her feathers, her eyes began to shut, I wrapped her in a towel and placed her in the freezer, where I believed she would be safe. She seemed to be asleep, and there she waits.

  20. i actually had a dream of several parakeets in a cage. However right before i woke up stood out from the rest. There were blue and green parakeets but the one that stood out was pink. Does this have any significance.