Pigeon in Dreams

Pigeons appear in your dreams as carefree birds that go about their days feeding and socializing in packs. It represents your freedom of the moment and forgetting bigger responsibilities. On negative note, if you dream about being called a bird brain then your intelligence is being challenged and invalidated.

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7 thoughts on “Pigeon in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt i had gone to an address to meet a friend. She was delayed and when i arrived i seemed there alone. The lights were not working so i contemplated leaving rather than wait. I became aware of a cooking smell. There were 5 grey pigeons in the grill pan, facing upwards in a line. The grill rack was on top of them holding them down by their necks. I assumed they were dead until i noticed spasms/slight movements on the face of the pigeon second from the left. Then i woke up

  2. i do not know if the bird i dreat of was a dove or a pigeon.but it was white and had multi coloured stripes.so the first time i saw it in my dream ,it was flying around me.then something told me to attack it,when i did it also started attacking me.it would go up in the sky then come back aiming at me with its beak but i would block myself.that happened severaltimes.So I found refuge in the house but it followed me in.My sisters were cool with it,so it stayed for while and i was terrrified.in the house it didnt fly around it just walked.Then it brought its family of two more birds making it three.Then surprisingly when mum came she chased the birds away.We later found out that the birds were malicious and werent as pure as we thought.maybe the cause of my earlier discomfort with it flying around me .All that wouldnt make me wake up this early to seek help on a dream right seems normal.but the last part is the most chilling and confusing .I was seated with my sister on the same seat ,she was doing her nails,and i was programming music two of the things we mostly do,that maybe to show a sign of normal,then she received a phone call which turned out to be mine.my current girlfriend was on the line.for some reason i had explained what had happened to her off which is also normal.She told me that was a symbolism of death .I was shocked and terrified and I wailed.After a few moments i woke up.and here i am.please if anyone can translate this.I know its confusing,iam a detail person its hard for me to forget important details.its long cause ive done my best to describe each and every detail.

  3. I had a dream where I was in the house I grew up in and was in my parents room(which was my partners and my room in the dream) I was walking towards the window in the room and I noticed grey feathers on the floor, as I walked closer there were bright white feathers and I felt happy to see these but as I walked on I saw a grey pigeon on the floor feathers ruffled looking as though it was injured. I opened the window and carried the pigeon towards the window and to my amazement it actually flew out. I then closed the window, however as I did the pigeon flew towards the window and as it was about to hit the window it changed colour to a murky white pigeon with a black band around the neck and hit the window. I felt confused as I had only just let it go and it came back and injured itself by smacking the window. I awoke thereafter so my dream ended there. Does anyone know what this could mean?

  4. I dreamed that dark colored birds, they looked like they could be pigeons, were attacking and killing these light colored birds in an area that I was trying to get away from. And a bird that was considered a hero, who had fought them before, a more colorful bird was wounded, decapitated, and I took him, he looked really odd, and placed him in a drawer away from the fighting as I tried to wade the battle. What does that mean? I forget the rest of the dream…

  5. I think it would mean that this tough time you’ve been having is going to end soon. I’m not saying look for a dove, but God will help you take the right path.

  6. I had a dream that I got chased and someone was going to shoot at me. So I ran, and there was a voice from the sky telling me to: “Follow the Pigeon as it will lead you to the right direction.” The I look up in the sky and saw a white pigeon or maybe a Dove not quite sure as it looks alike and it was flying making turns and wave wanting me to follow it to find my way out. Not sure what this dream means, but I have been through a horrible time in my life for the past three years.