Raven in Dreams

Ravens are ominous birds. When ravens appear in a dream, it is not a good sign. The black feathered bird keeps a watchful eye over you before it strikes with a destructive force taking away your happiness and turning your life upside down.

Having dreams about ravens are often a result of unhappiness in relationships, careers or business opportunities.

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9 thoughts on “Raven in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt a raven was trying to get in my front door thru the screen door window that was open It was really squawking and attacking. I closed the wood door and thought good it cant get in, its trapped between the two doors. ill go around and open screen door and let it out.

  2. I dreamed last night that I was at school and a flock of ravens covered the entire sky and everything turned black. What could this possibly? Will something bad happen 2 me in the next few days?

  3. I dreamt of many large black ravens landing in a tree where I was standing..the tree became full of Ravens just sitting and resting.

  4. Not a dream walking my dog looked up at the cross on the church and there perched were 2 ravens then opened up face book and a quote and picture of raven there what could this mean….on a cross?

  5. I had a area of being a raven flying forth through night skies. The moon ahead of me. Everytime my wings flapped it encased the moons light. No stars were around just darkness.

    Second Dream
    The second dream I was flying through a dense forest. Dodging branches and vines heading toward a light source. As I break through the clearing there’s a woman waiting for me by a lake. I fly above her a couple time. She beckons me to her. I go and land on her hand and call. It’s so warm her presence is comforting. I can here the sound of the lake were sitting by moving and a breeze but everything else is still. She’s a beautiful woman black hair and moss green eyes. She’s pale, her clothes light. She leans down and whisper’s something to me and then I wake up. I haven’t been able to determine what she said but I feel it’s important.

  6. I had a dream there were ants all over a nest of baby ravens, I couldn’t get them off and the ravens were being killed, it was horrible because when I woke up I felt ants crawling on my body

  7. I had a dream that I was taking a bath, when I hear a noise coming from behind the curtains . I open the curtains and see three baby black ravens learning to fly from their neat in my bathroom. Then they fly to me and one starts to pet me with his wing and another starts to happily float In The tub with me. While the third begins to sing a beautiful song.
    If was a weird dream but I remember feeling happy.

  8. I dreamed I found myself lost and wandering in a thick, impenetrably foggy mist. And when the foggy mist suddenly cleared from all around me, I found myself in a line of people, one behind the other, that seemingly had no beginning and no end. Then I saw a riding instructor or someone of the sort come forward, dressed in the black bib cap, the brown knee-high leather riding boots, the jacket and the pants, leading a horse by the reins. He held the reins while an individual mounted; then, once the individual was fully seated in the saddle, he released the reins and the horse bolted and dashed forward, charging headlong towards the far be-lighted horizon. But when he came to me, he did not bear a horse by the reins for me but a coal black raven perched an outstretched lower arm. He motioned for me to take the black bird, but out of a grave sense of fear I was reluctant and hesitant to take it. I stood there motionless in my place and did nothing. Then the raven began to grow in size until it was frightfully huge, raising and extending its wings out to the sides to bear itself fully before me, and its eyes burned red like flaming fire, and it spoke these words to me: “For many are called but few are chosen.” Then I woke up, shaken.

  9. I dreamed the raven with human body .It was very weird we were haunting with my parents for ravens inside of the forest or park I barely remembering this . So we shot one and hang him upside down and try to kill him . But he was saying its impassible to kill I am very strong .,, so i remember I was fighting with him and finally I killed him with weapon . And it died . So I woke up in wonder and choked over this. Thanks