Yellow Bird in Dreams

Dreaming of a yellow bird means that you will encounter good wealth and fortune. Plan on investing some money into the financial markets as this run of fortune will exist for a short window of time after your dream of yellow birds. Friends and family will be envious of your new found wealth.

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4 thoughts on “Yellow Bird in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I had a yellow bird as a pet , and it was real special too me and I loved it . Some how lost the bird out somewhere or it lost me… I searched random peoples houses for this bird .. Nice house, rich people house … I cried through out my dream as I search for the bird

  2. I had a dream that a large yellow bird was trying to get into my window. After three tries, I opened the window to see why he was tapping. The bird gave me a hand full of money and said “This is for you.” As I began counting the money all I saw was $10 dollar bills. However, when I finished counting I said “wow” I have $95,000. That bird gave me $95,000. What does this mean from a Christian perspective?

  3. I had a dream that I was sleeping in my bed. And a yellow bird came under my blanket. And btw I am terrified of birds! So I started to push the bird out of under my blanket. I woke up. Another dream which is the night after the yelloww bird dream. I was standing at a train station, with hardly anyone there, and as I was standing small birds started flying towards me and went up my shirt. Not attacking me but just wanting to be close to me. So I started grabbing each bird out and letting it fly free. In both the dreams the birds did not attack me but just wanted to be close to me and I just let them free. I would like to know what these two dreams mean.

  4. I dreamed that there was s yellow bird in a bird cage and my friend were saying is that your bird it sick and looks like it’s dying are you going to help it it was also getting attacked by 3 orange birds I grabed it put it in my hands then it looked like it had no life left then my father came in my dream held it on his hand and it came back to life it looked so beautiful and it’s wings came out and looked like butterfly wings very pretty what do you think this meant very curious thanks jess