Abdomen in Dreams

Dreaming of an abdomen means you have a hunger to succeed, and fulfill a destiny. Currently, there is an amount of emptiness that you are aware of, and which makes your mind wander in the waking hours.

Accept the task of your destiny by writing it down, and pursue it everyday until the abdomen dream is no more.

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2 thoughts on “Abdomen in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that I was mountain bike riding with a guy and it begin to storm so we stopped in this opening (cave) to get shelter then it started flooding because of the storm and the water was so deep that we could see a huge eel snake and the guy reached over with his hand and grabbed it and killed it. We found an opening and was able to crawl out of it on our abdomen and I remember feeling overwhelmed by dragging myself out and it was hard to breathe. When I got out of the opening there was this India lady that was seeing about me showing me there was a worm, a very thin long worm and she started pulling it out and I was in this panic fit. I felt something tickling my back and turned to see what it was and it was the other end of the worm that the lady was pulling. She was explaining about this type of worm what it was and how you get it. Then I was on a job and i had to tell my boss that I needed to take Friday off and I was really scared to talk to him because I couldn’t loose this job and I had just started it. I asked my boss and he said “NO!” then I explained to him that my husband had died and he has to be buried. Then he was quite concerned and allowed me to have Friday off. As I was leaving his office, an employee had overheard my situation and he followed me back to my office and asked me for a date, said he heard what that I had to bury my husband. END.

    This employee was infact my real life husband that I’ve been married to for 17 years. Please any interpretation would be appreciated!