Bloody Hands in Dreams

Envisioning your hands covered with blood is symbolic of guilt. Just like Lady Macbeth in the famous play, Macbeth by William Shakespeare, no matter how many times she washes her hands, she still envisions them cloaked with blood. This occurred after she committed an evil deed and was overcome by guilt. Thus, dreaming of bloody hands represents guilt coming back to haunt you. Bloody hands in your dream may symbolize your fear of hurting someone closed to you. You may have committed a crime or done something wrong and is regretting your actions. It is never too late to think things through and do the right thing.

Dreaming of your blood trailing down your hands may indicate that you feel your life is slowly slipping away. You feel as if things are no longer under control and you wish to give up.

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One thought on “Bloody Hands in Dreams”

  1. Hi I’m Kirsten I’m only 16 years old and I’m kinda worried about my dream so I’ll just see what you have to say ok…..I was in a room I don’t recognise I look down at my phone and the text messages sent to a prostitute in which I was Luehring her to where I was, later when She arrived she was wearing a tight red dress she was blonde with long hair and tall she kept provoking by calling me names suddenly a knife appeared in my hand she didn’t stop so when she leaned over i stabbed her I felt like I couldn’t do anything to stop my self when I did it I felt nothing I just felt like my breath was taken away like when you haven’t drank anything for ages and you take a sip of water I didn’t see her lying on the floor I just saw the blood on my hands with the knifeand then I woke up and had to have a big gasp of air,what does this mean?