Eyelashes in Dream

Dreaming of eyelashes mean whatever you seek is hidden away from you. The object of wealth may be right in front of you, but your enemies lay obstacles to obstruct your view. Learn to trust your gut feelings and ignore the surrounding obstructions to attain your goals.

Eyelashes in a dream also denotes femininity as it accentuates female traits as well as triviality.

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4 thoughts on “Eyelashes in Dream”

  1. I saw my both eyees closely in my dream but one eye lash was black and another one was grey eye lash ….so please tell me what does it mean in spiritual way

  2. Last night i dreamt that i pulled all my eyelashes out??? In my dream i remember some other people around but cant remember who….or where?? Very strange but very real.

  3. Okay, so I had this dream where there were like, these white crystals that were bead shaped and stuck to my eyelashes. Every time I’d try to scrape them off or something, a bunch would fall out in my hand. I kept doing this because I wanted them off and my eyelashes just kept falling off.
    What does this mean?