Gall Bladder in Dreams

Dreaming of the gall bladder means you are currently holding on to items or memories of no value. Go out and participate in new activities while letting go of the past that continues to hold you back from attaining life long goals. Make new friends who share a common goal, and disassociate yourself from the stragglers. Enjoy the release of tension and bad vibes.

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2 thoughts on “Gall Bladder in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was sucking out with some sort of device all this debris and sludge from my husband’s gallbladder. It was like little sticks and square wafers. I was amazed and put it in the sink to analyze. I am an OR nurse and I am struggling and having major doubts about staying in my marriage. I dream very vividly every night. I am seeking answers from God and I feel that My body and mind is forcing me to face this. I need a Christian perspective.

  2. I had a dream someone tore out my gall bladder, and when I was seeing which one was missing from inside me, I had two and the one on my right was missing. I was losing blood and I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see a pale gaunt me, I looked dead. I had to stop the bleeding, so for some reason I shoved a hankercheif into my right hip in the giant open wound. While shoving it deep in I was screaming innpain. My theory is I dreamt this because before bed I accidently wrote livers instead of lives and I was lie wow.