Nipples in Dreams

Dreaming of nipples represents your dependency on motherly love, or the need of a caring relationship. The image of nipples provide a soothing effect as it is ingrained into humans through evolution’s programming from babies recognizing the nipples as feeding time. In your relationships, become more caring and take on the role of providing maternal love.

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15 thoughts on “Nipples in Dreams”

  1. I don’t remember everything i dream about,but i saw a little breast by my right side breast like the size of that of a twelve years old girl i also saw 2 nipples below my breast,people arguing about the meaning of what has happened to Me in the dream

  2. I don’t remember everything i dream about,but i saw a little breast by my right side breast like the size of that of a twelve years old girl i also saw 2 nipples below my breast,people arguing about the meaning of what has happened to Me in the dream

  3. Last night I had a dream,in the dream I was wearing my lingerie and I was ready for some action with my man but now the problem is my other breast is painful and with a milky substance in it, I tried to squeeze it out it was very painful and the substance was just glad it was just a dream but I need ur help please translate this for me.

  4. I do not remember the whole dream in detail, but I distinctly recall having swollen breasts with four nipples. My “real” nipples well intact and proportionate in the center of my breasts were, I guess you could say “the first” set. Behind and slightly under each of those two were a large gaged barbell piercing through each breast themselves. Under both the normal nipples and piercings were another set of nipples. These nipples however were dark in colour, large, and droopy without much detail or shape. I was standing over a man in which I felt close and bonded in my dream, but to whom is nonexistent in my waking life. I also had dreadlocks and braces that I do not have in my waking life… What does this all mean???

  5. Last night I dreamt that I was cupping my breasts, when I looked down my areolas fell off and my nipples where white. I don’t know what this really meant. I woke up scared.

  6. I was dreaming I was cupping my breasts and I noticed a lump on my right boob, when I inspected it I saw a third nipple. I squeezed it, I thought it would pop off or something. I then proceeded to freak out because it grew and some white liquid started to come out from the tip.

  7. I had a dream that my boyfriend had a nipple on one of his butt cheeks, and he started telling me how thankful he was that I had finally seen it because he was worried I would judge him

  8. My dream last night was that I was hesitant to have a mammography exam but then I still went and did it. When the machine for the examination squeezed my breast as they should, the nipple of my left brrast fell of and my left breast was bleeding and pus comes out when I squeeze it. Horror.

  9. I dreamt that I was hanging out with 2 woman, I overweight and 1 beautiful. I asked the overweight one if she wanted to make out and we did and I had her orgasming from rubbing her vagina outside of her yoga pants. I then started making out and touching the beautiful girl and upon removing her shirt, it was revealed that she had 2 large nipples on each areola and maybe 3-4 more nipples on her chest. I was surprised to see them but not disgusted. I was sucking the nipples and then woke up.

  10. My dream last night was that my nipples were hanging from a thin hairlike skin and my nipples were dangling and feeling like they were heavy pieces of metal. I was so afraid they were going to fall off or be rubbed off or knocked off. I held my boobs most of the dream. And when I would remove my hands the hairlike skin would be longer.

  11. I had a dream I was sucking my right nipple But then it fell off Lol But there was another one underneath. Then I woke up. Can anyone tell me what it meant?

  12. I had a dream I was with a girl for the first time p, and I took her top off, she had sma nice breasts with 4 nipples each. I was shocked but again I thought the more the better… Can anyone explain?! Thanks.

  13. In my dream I looked down and I had no nipples! There was just a small green knobby thing right at the tip.
    What could this mean?