Nose in Dreams

Dreaming of a nose represents your desire to achieve by following new found success. The nose allows us to pick up scents that cannot be seen meaning the nose dream is an early indication that your path is set ahead of all your peers without anyone realizing it except you. Continue to thrive in finding new opportunities in your career and life.

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3 thoughts on “Nose in Dreams”

  1. Dream of one tooth falling out then my front teeth spitting, then as I pulled part of the tooth away my nose came with it, leaving my entire face open to everything inside like a big flap I could set back in place, I went screaming to my mum and showed her and there was what appeared to be white rot in there somewhere that I thought mite be cancer. I woke up the end!!

  2. Dream of a woman telling me to come hear at a park bench my little one was playing but quickly vanished or moved around with others. the woman wore a red shirt had glasses she stuck her finger in my nose odd enough but it more she told me no come on here she was not picking but giving me something. I know it was information light more…my head swelled and I felt a physical pressure in my brain like it would explode it stopped. she may have been healing me removing something cause my brain was touch lol