Penis in Dreams

Dreaming of a penis normally denotes your own desires for the male organ of fertility, or the association of having sex and perhaps leading to loving children. The phallic symbol in a dream is also representative of your own aggressive nature to penetrate, overcome, and dominate your daily situations. Embrace the positives of the penis dream as a self awareness of a powerful symbolic sense of progression, and pushing forward.

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230 thoughts on “Penis in Dreams”

  1. I just woke up from a dream where I had a penis and my boyfriend had a vagina and we was having sex what does that mean it seems very bizarre to me

  2. I had a dream that my ex husband was sitting with a glass of wine grinning at me with his new girlfriend, but his penis was up his sleeve?? Erect too!

  3. I dreamt I was in my childhood home and my husband was laying on a couch and me and my son were standing next to each other beside him a woman from my junior high school was there too and removed a blanket from my sleeping husband and tried to touch his erect penis, I grabbed her and beat her
    The prior day I was working and a coworker kept interrupting my sales I’m wondering if this is a symbol of my aggression or what?

  4. I dream about my guy teacher punishing me about wearing a slipper so he told to follow him into his office. While we were walking he stops in a backyard then starts to pee. He cdalled me and told me that, that is the c.r for male, i asked why there is no Toilet and baisins, then i saw his long throbbing penis.

  5. I had a dream that this man was laying on a concete floor. I believe I sawed him into quarters. Below him arm pits long ways. Below his breast bone, Above his pelvic bone, below his pelvic bone. Then after that, I dont remember seeing any blood. He was naked and so was I. I had sex with him. Or was trying too. I believe it was hard, I was getting aggravated, cause his body, would not stay together. While I was having sex with him. He odviously was just laying there. While my legs were pushing is body back together. I was on top of him, having sex with him. I could not understand why I could not keep his body together. Please help me understand this

  6. I just woke up from a very intense dream.

    I am a female, and was with a man. I am familiar with the man in this dream, but have never met him before or had sexual contact with him. He seemed to be in the military or something. We went to his room, and starting having sex. His friends came into his room, and I became embarrassed while he said that it was okay and they don’t care. So we continued to have sex. Then, as we were switching positions or stopping, he laid down on his back, his penis fully erect. He began to breath heavily as if he were going to orgasm with pleasure, but his expression quickly turned to fear. The base of his penis began to contract and shrink, while the tip of his penis began to explode with blood. He was screaming in pain, and blood was shooting out everywhere. The dream ended with his friends coming over to help and call 911, while I laid there screaming, covered in blood.

    Please help me interpret this dream. It really scared me and I’ve never had a dream like this before!

  7. Last night I saw a dream in which I had seen a girl wearing suit n duppatta on head duing pee in public when me and my boyfriend turn her around she had a penis..

    Please tell the meaning of this dream..

  8. I am a woman. I dreamed a man was performing oral sex on a woman. Once she climaxed the woman begin to vomit foul things from her mouth. Then that woman walked into a different room where another woman begin to perform oral sex on her. The woman then grew a pen is and the other woman took out a condom and placed it on the pens and begin to suckered the woman’s penis. The woman with the penis then stood up and bent the woman over and begin to have an alternative sex with that woman. The woman with the penis climaxed and walked outside and began to vomit foul things. A voice narrated that the woman was given two choices and although the first choice was more costly it would have benefited her more in the end.

    About two weeks later I had another dream. A woman walked into her office to find her ex telling her Co workers that when they broke up the woman placed a gun in her mouth and sent it in a picture to the man. The woman threw something at the man and grew an enormous penis. She began to have sex with a woman and when the woman climaxed the penis immediately shrink but the vaginal of the other woman was wide open like a tunnel.

    Please help me understand the meaning of these two dreams. I am not married or pregnant currently. I am contemplating getting married in August of this year. I have two daughters and no sons.

  9. I’m a woman

    last night I dreamt that I was giving my boyfriend a handjob.

    when he ejaculated, sperm came out then, blood started shooting everywhere! This really freaked me out because we haven’t become intimate yet. what does the blood mean?

  10. I am a woman.

    I recently broke up with boyfriend and I have not had sex in over seven months. Last night, in my dream, I was having sex with a very muscular and attractive man. The sad part about the dismal dream is that the man was penetrating me with a limp penis. I woke up mad as hell that I can’t even have sex in my dream, let alone real life.

    What’s up with the limp penis?

  11. Ok so I have been having weird dreams recently…. I was at home with my mum, in the kitchen, and I said to her that my back was hurting so I took my top off and she said she could see something moving, all of a sudden a penis was growing out of my back it was hard and was about 30cm long my mum was laughing but I was screaming saying get it off…. Then I woke up!! What does this dream mean? I have been working like 47 hours a week and also go to collage…. In my job I’m lifting and carrying heavy crates so I was wondering if it means the strength of my job is like a mans…. Thanks for reading

  12. I dreamed that my boss son swallowed my Viagra and his penis erected, it looked like the boy was going to die from the pain of the erection so I squiz apple into his mouth to eat and gain strength and carrying him on my shoulder to the hospital then woke up.

    This was acident and very scary because he’s just kid of about 9 years old. I am single guy and do not take Viagra for sex And was worried about what to tell his father (my boss).

    Please advise.

  13. i saw in my dream that there are several penises grown all over my body, they are small and I was like not panicking but I felt strange ofcourse and thought I would need to see the doctor – I had penis in my thighs and a lot many places done with scrotum – they were like they have just grown or small , at one part of my body there was something ground maybe penis maybe not but this part have some tentacles , please help me interpret this weird dream.

  14. I had this dream a few times but recently I was in my bathroom and I had sex with an anthro (don’t why an anthro, but it had a face of an animal , don’t know what species, and was furry) but after it happened I saw that my penis was down to my ankles. I don’t what it means but the men in my family don’t have big penises.

  15. I dreamt I am in a school uniform with hair tied in pony tail and I feel quite young and pretty and there are 3 more girls from my previous job . I notice a deep blue ocean not far away with pretty pink flower beds but in order to get there, I must take a round about path. So I do and while walking I notice the road is filthy with dismembered penises on the road scattered everywhere and am shocked. I am careful not to step on these penises. I reach a spiral staircase and meet the 3 girls and ask them if they saw the dismembered penises on their way they all blush and I wondered aloud there ain’t no medical school nearby or hospital that it would’ve been used for study purposes.
    What could this bizzare dream mean?!

    1. Probably that those girls have used & abused a LOT of guys, & left them broken, & feeling less of their self worth. It would seem like if you take the same path as them, you’ll end up hurting guys too, & leaving your own collection of penises along the trail. Don’t know if this is helpful, but I hope it is.

  16. I dreamed I am in a school uniform with hair tied in pony tail and I feel quite young and pretty and there are 3 more girls from my previous job . I notice a deep blue ocean not far away with pretty pink flower beds but in order to get there, I must take a round about path. So I do and while walking I notice the road is filthy with dismembered penis(es) on the road scattered everywhere. I am careful not to step on these penises. I reach a spiral staircase and meet the 3 girls and ask them if they saw the dismembered penises on their way they all blush and I wondered aloud there ain’t no medical school nearby or hospital that it would’ve been used for study purposes.

    What could this mean?

  17. Hi, I had an odd dream that I can’t seem to find any explanations for.
    I was holding a small baby in one arm, and a large, severed penis in my other arm, both of which I was trying to protect from the utter chaos that was happening around me. I am a single woman with no children

  18. Hi dream master,

    I dreamt last night about my ex boyfriend of 6 yrs but we broke up 3 yrs ago. I still have feelings for him due to involvement on and off and we have a child together.

    I dreamt he moved his belongings in my closet without my permission and I found a nice nike shoe that belong to his current gf in my closet. After he got caught trying to pee in my tub and I discovered his penis was damaged, it almost looked like an over boiled hot dog. Later in the dream he was playing with our daughter and other kids that did not belong to us, as he was doing that I got into a confrontation over a guy I currently talk to because they felt I broke his heart and disagreed with me being with my ex which I had no activity with in the dream. To avoid the argument I slammed the door in the groups face and locked my door. Thereafter a guy I never saw in my life walked In my house after I locked the door and hand me something that was not a key since he was still able to get through my door it was the color red and looked like a razor? Something was carved in the key but I forgot what it said.the guy didn’t say a thing just walked off?
    What does this represent?

    Please answer me or help me

  19. Greetings, My guy and I have been married for almost 20 years. We recently patched things up after almost separating. There are many issues.

    Last night I dreamed that his penis was bandaged up and there was a whole other penis not attached. I mainly woke up concerned for his health. I can not believe I am sharing this. Thanks in advance

  20. I have had this strange dream about making love to some man. I saw his face but faintly. I didn’t know who he was but he seemed okay and calm with me taking over. I was a bit more aggressive in the dream and when I exposed his penis, it grew into a really long one, almost two feet. It was erect as well. Now I don’t mean for this to be dirty but I saw myself actually licking the penis. I remember having an orgasm after and we both seemed to be happy about the situation after. What could this dream mean?

  21. I had an odd dream which took place in a car. I was cruising around with my boyfriend and decided to give him head. Everything was fine until something funny happened and his penis grew freakishly long!! It was in my mouth still and I was trying to take it out. Then I realized it wasn’t my boyfriend anymore but an ex boyfriend of mine. When he’d calm down, his penis would go back to an average size but when he got excited it grew like nothing I’ve ever seen. I got turned off and and scared so would try to grab it in order for it not to go in my mouth or touch my body. I wanted out so badly that I ended up jumping out of the car window. What does this mean? I’m in a happy relationship and have no emotional ties between me and my ex.

  22. I’ve been having recurrent dreams about getting ready to have sex and the man’s penis is very small. Several dreams, different men, always tiny penis. What could that mean in my life??

  23. I am a girl/woman and I dreamt of bathing (taking a shower), and while washing/cleaning my private parts I suddenlu felt full grown male balls. And when exploring closely I found a small penis which kept growing (while I still had my vagina in tact). The dream felt real, I could feel the balls in my hand. I was fearful and concerened how to tell my boyfriend that I now had a penis and was exploring the possibility to trying avoid having sex with him.

  24. I had a dream were i had both a large penuis and a vigina. I was on a sofa masterbating in between the both not really touching them i came first from the vigina then i started on this large penis without hardly touching i came there too the. I woke up saying what the heck very confusedly.

  25. I had a dream last night of my husband. In the dream we were at my father’s house but my father had went on vacation to Florida. “He actually did go to vacation there” but after realizing my father was gone and we could be as loud as we wanted to be during sex, he was instantly naked. Before I started to give him oral sex, the size of his penis was exceptionally larger. But when I started to give him oral sex It went back to normal because I could fit it in my mouth. After he ejaculated I swallowed it and he started playing video games and I ran upstairs and started crying!!! Because I didn’t get satisfied

    Please explain

  26. am a Muslim pregnant female 31years old, limited to my hubby only for all sort of sexual pleasure. I saw a dream in which i thought that my cousin may ask me to give her sex then i thought that i have a very small penis, then i went to bed laid down inserted my hand in trouser and came to know that it was a big enough male organ (penis) at my body, i took it in my hand then went to wash room to clean my hand. What is the meaning of this strange dream?

  27. Id live to have my dream interpreted. Me and this guy I have been seeing for a while were alone in a dark forest. I was laying on an old quilt and he was kneeling in front of me. He leaned in and told me he wanted to have sex, I didn’t speak the whole time. He undressed me and I was sitting on the blanket naked. He then took off his pants and showed his penis to me. It had one shaft but 3heads, kinda like the letter Y but with one in the middle too. I wasnt shocked, supprised or anything. He used all three and ended with the middle.

  28. I have dreams all the time were I lose my pants or in scenario simular an I’m walking around were people can see my penis and everyone keeps looking at it and its always really big ?

  29. I keep dreaming weird sexual dreama…. that im horny and pull a random bloke and telling them that we’re going to have sex which they agree. Only problem is they end up having problems with their penis-looks deformed so we never end up having sex. I’ve also dreamt that I was a man and was about to have sex with a guy but I had a deformed penis! I also find myself being extremely horny to the extent that I sleep with women-which ive never had a desire to do. These dreams are really disturbing and vivid and I end up having to have a moment of silence when I wake up! Help pls

  30. Hey Dream Master
    I had a dream today that me and my husband were making out and I kind of left him because I felt disgusted a little bit so I went to the restroom and I look at the mirror and
    I found his penis head in my mouth with out knowing that it was in my mouth. And he was looking at his penis and saying oh OMG ” it’s in your mouth !!”

    well, in Reality
    me and husband are separated and it’s been almost 4 months now not in contact and he has my 2 children with him.

  31. Hi! just woke up from a real weird dream. Im a woman and in my dream i was pulling up my pants and my penis fell off… it did not register as being mine. I was wondering why i even had a penis and if it was there the whole time and i just dint know it. It also seemed to be like a rubber appendage. When my partner in my dream sees it happen he laughs and says lets leave it there and see if anyone gets freaked out… Definitely one of the oddball dreams.

  32. I’m married. And I had a dream that I was with some women. I can’t remember if it was my wife or not. Any way. I had an erection and was rubbing it. When i ejaculated, it was a very light pink blood. When that happened I felt like I was cought doing something I was not supposed to. I haven’t cheated on my wife. So I don’t know what those feelings are deriving from.

  33. The past few days I’ve been having dreams of my fiance having blood in his sperm this only occurs in my dreams im not sure what it means or what to think about it he has a very high immune system that can fight off anything including std not that he has one im only trying to figure out what the dreams mean

  34. I had a dream that my daughter dad that is now dead and i was back together and his penis was off his body.

  35. I had a dream that my boyfriend’s penis came off. It just detached from his body, erect and including the balls. He seemed to not care but I was worried and tried to get to a doctor. What could this mean?

  36. I had a dream that I was giving a hand job to my boyfriend. The weird thing was that his penis was huge! It was about 2 1/2 feet long and had about a 5 inch diameter. What could this mean?!

  37. I had a dream, where my penis was getting stretched out like if it was a laffy taffy. it was so weird i actually woke up and thought it was real.. I have a lot of weird dreams, but sometimes i dream of actual things in life and see a little glimpse of things playing out but it’s just a dream. And later on in life i experience or see what i dreamed. Is that weird, am I psychic? but anyway what does the penis dream mean?

  38. I had a dream that sex toys were falling some told me to put on on I did and it felt so good every since then I have dreams and my penis fells so good

  39. I am a female,
    I had such a strange dream I was in a house getting ready to go on a date with a guy and as he walks in something starts rising from my genital area I run to the bath room and I have this very sexy large penis that won’t go down I’m scared confused I think is sexy and feels good at the same time but I want it to go away at the same time and I’m so scared I don’t want my boy friend to see I’m so embarrassed .. I couldn’t get it down and my mind was thinking nasty naughty like a man lol and then I woke up

  40. My wife dreamt that she woke up during the middle of the night and went downstairs for a glass of water. When she got downstairs there was a strange man on the couch, they started talking and then making out. They then started to get undresses, which is when she discovered the man had two penises. At this point she woke up, any idea what all this could represent?

  41. My boyfriend had a dream last night that we were in a car and I began to undress saying I wanted to have sex. Nothing wrong with that, but he said I opened my legs and I had a penis and it was blue. What does that mean?

  42. Last night I dreamt that I was an investment real estate agent going to look at a huge apartment complex for my client. There were two other co-workers with me, each with their own client. The apartment complex was facing south east, had many doors and french windows with many floors and appeared empty and was beautiful. We entered the building and each went into separate elevators. One of my co-workers went on the 10th floor, and I went on the 6th. On the 6th floor, was a huge office with many workers. Walking along the hallways, I saw my client who greeted me warmly and informed me that he already owned the building and that he just wanted me to come here. Then I went back to the elevators and decided to go to the floor one of my co-worker went to before I left. On the 10th floor were huge men and women clothed in futuristic armor. They were all assassins. In an attempt to not be seen, I hurriedly entered one of the apartments. The apartment I entered was a studio where a female assassin was sleeping. It was a huge studio. This apartment was on the other side of the building where you could not see from the entrance. This apartment wall had huge glass windows overlooking a city. The assassin was sleeping to the left and a little kitchenette with a small balcony all with glass was to the right. I entered the kitchenette quietly, afraid to awake the assassin. Then my husband and daughter appeared in the kitchenette with me and one of the assassins (predator looking) broke in through the huge glass window in the kitchenette and took my daughter. Immediately after he took my daughter, a fire breathing dragon took my daughter and seated her on one of the huge spikes on it’s back and breathed fire on the assassin, scaring him away. The female assassin woke and started to protect us until other assassins came and did a surgery on my husband, giving him two dicks and many balls (????). Then I woke up.

  43. I dreamt my sister in law came in with a boyfriend who in real life is not her boyfriend. But is an actor in a famous TV soap from another country. I just walked to him and start caressing him on the chest and then all over the body. He was excited and erect. I took out his penis and start playing with it around my mouth. In no time we were undressed to have sex. It got cut I don’t remember how it ended. What could it be?

  44. I dreamed that a guy I was having sex with had two penises. They were the same size. They looked more like fingers bc they had fingernails on them. I was a little worried but we had sex anyway. Halfway through we decided we weren’t feeling it. What the heck does that mean?