Toes in Dreams

Dreaming of toes mean you are taking time to question the paths you are taking in your career and life. Every step may bring you closer to your goals but is it fulfilling a passion or a dream?

Each toe is what gives you strength to move from one obstacle to the next while providing balance for you to make a stand.

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4 thoughts on “Toes in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where I checked out my feet and I had tiny deformed toes growing out of my other toes. I counted them and there was a total of thirteen toes on one foot, twelve on the other. The whole time I’m also showing my boyfriend my toes and he thinks its gross.

  2. I dreamed that my toes were stubby, about as long as the first knuckle. Other people had regular size toes.

  3. Christian interpretation please: I dreamt I was in a house we use to live in (old farm house) there were several people from church there socializing. My husband was standing by the front door. The room was dark with the exception of light coming from a room my youngest daughter (30) was in. I was standing. All of a sudden my daughter comes out of the room and started spinning and dancing happily but turned the light off. I asked her not to because it would be completely dark. She kept dancing and replied, “cool.”. I then felt a pull on my foot but more on my big toe! I tried to get loose but couldn’t until I rebuked it then whatever it was let go and I woke up.