Tongue in Dreams

Dreaming about tongue is analogous to experiencing deep sensations of pleasure. The human tongue derives a great deal of pleasure from taste, texture, and temperature. A perfect combination of these elements elicits new experiences for the person with the tongue dream.

Also you will continue to venture outside your comfort zone to experience new pleasures.

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23 thoughts on “Tongue in Dreams”

  1. Dreamt last night about pulling layers off my tongue. Was still left with a tongue which was short and I could hardly stick it out or talk.

  2. I have this reoccurring dream of skin on my tongue. (I have had this dream 10+ times) It’s usually thin and long and I will start to pull it off but it’s attached at the end and it hurts. (I usually don’t feel pain in my dreams but this one I do) Sometimes I rip it off fast but it hurts so bad and bleeds. And other times I just leave it there bc of the pain, so I just have this string of tongue skin attached and I sort of freak out.
    Last night the dream was really weird. I had the skin but it grew and turned into sort of like a tree branch and got hard. This time it was attached to my whole tounge so I couldn’t rip it off without ripping my whole tongue out. I was able to cut a little bit off the other end so it was shorter.. But I could not walk or turn my head or anything bc I had this huge branch sticking out of my mouth. Yuck.

  3. I dreamt I was with my grandmother (who is no longer alive) and with my mother…we were walking around and all of the sudden my tongue fell out…there was a new tongue but I still had my old tongue in my hand, I would continually put it back in my mouth to use my old tongue but eventually I kept it in my hand and walked around with the old tongue in my hand..I guess I forgot to keep using it and eventually it curled up so I threw it away…however either during this entire time of right after I threw it away small pieces of my new tongue kept falling out (new tongue and pieces were already there as replacements)..this was not painful in any way but I kept having pieces of tongue replaced by new tongue and pieces falling off… during this dream I found a penny n the ground so I was trying to put my grandma in a safe place so I could pick up the penny for good luck…then my grandma and my mother went off some place and I was walking around alone in a public place when suddendly all kinds of wild animals starting with a pack of lions, started attacking all people…. everyone was running so I started running then I stopped and just watched. Then I saw a mother bear with her cubs coming at me and I though I better start running so I started to but immediately stopped thinking they would not be hurting me and I was right. Later my mother was talking to someone and an older son of someone I knew in the dream was asking for money so I offered to give him 10,000 dollars… then I realized I would never get the money back so I was regretting the offer as he came to me and was thanking me and staying around waiting as if I would give it to him right there and then but I told him that we would need a contract knowing I had already changed my mind and since he would not leave I left telling him I needed to find my grandmother… then I was woken up… Any insight to this strange dream is appreciated…oh, when I went back to sleep I had another dream and this one I was with a boyfriend and friends and we were all naked, I kept trying to cover myself with a black towel and in this dream my mouth was continually full with some sort of paste, like taupe color ..I continually kept scraping it off my mouth and then it would appear again… the whole dream I was taking with paste (like bread dough consistency) out and it kept “reappearing or growing back”…2 weird mouth dreams in a row???

  4. Hey, I had a friend dream of me, she saw me vomiting worms and grey matter and my tough in the end fell and hung from my mouth, I am a bit disturbed, can anyone interpret.
    Thanks a ton

  5. I had a dream I was speaking in tongues in presence of people,i also could heal people in my dream,what does this mean?

  6. I had a very peculiar dream which after I describe it many may think sounds horrific, but as the dreamer my experience of it wasn’t anything near it, although this isn’t to say that I found it pleasurable either. I dreamt that I had a lighter and I was burning the surface of a tongue. Who’s tongue? I don’t know. It wasn’t my tongue I assume as it was sort of just there floating.

    As I would hold the lighter to the surface the blood would eventually start to condense and accumulate, bubbling onto the surface. When this happened I would sip it down, or perhaps the act was more like sucking it through a straw. After the blood had been cleared I’d repeat the process of burning the tongue with the lighter and drinking in the blood that’d bubble up.

    What’s even more strange is that I wasn’t alone in the act. Although she never seemed to be an active participant, this other figure (whom my mind automatically identified as ‘female’) presided over my act, and I somehow understood that the purpose of her presence was to encourage me in this bizarre act.

    I really doubt I’d get any insights into the possible meanings of this dream by posting this here, but who knows, the internet is a big place and you never know who may read this that may have some clue (or so I tell myself).

  7. I had a dream that I was trying to tell my therapist something and every time I tried to tell her something, I couldn’t because my tongue was so swollen. It filled up my entire mouth, all I could make were unintelligible sounds, I started crying after not being able to speak.

  8. i had a dream I had thick white skin over my tongue. It made my tongue really dry and uncorfable and had to keep peeling the skin off. It’s freaked me out Becoz it felt so real!!

  9. Omg!! I had the same dream of peeling thick gross stuff off my tongue!! It gives me chill just thinking about it!! This is scary to me that so many people have had this dream

  10. I had a dream my tounge just disconnected n I had not tounge… I had to learn how to swallow and talk.. When I talked people thought I was deaf… This was more of a nightmare or dream… It was too realistic and I woke up moving my tounge… The oddest part was that I think I have a talent for singing but I don’t look into singing in the realworld mayb I should start taking it mor seriously… Ever since I left my rose quartz heart at home bad nightmares and drama has occured if ur havin trouble sleeping definatly invest in one no joke you’ll realise I was right

  11. i had a dream that i was in a swiming pool and it was full of money coins and lots of coins went in my mouth i kept trying to get them all out then i noticed that one of them burned mu tongue and left a round shape

  12. I dreamed that my tongue peels off…like the person above who said its like peeling beef…it’s like I am peeling thick layers off…to get to my tongue…
    but I cant remember anything else wtih the dream. The other person mentioned not being able to talk until it’s peeled, that seems familiar in my dream too. But, the bottom line, this peeling is gross, i pull and pull, and thick layers peel off….


  13. i constantly dream that I can not talk until I peel of chunks of my tongue out of my mouth and it comes out like strips of beef. then I can talk for awhile but then again I have to peel my tongue again. If I dont peel off to much it does not hurt. Somtimes it is bloody, and sometimes I have to pull it out of my mouth and have to kind of saw it loose with my teeth. what the heck does that mean

    1. That’s a very odd dream. It is not so much what you are doing to your tongue, but the final outcome allows you to talk and express your ideas. Are there moments in your life that you feel would have improved if you had been heard, rather than holding back?