Aquarius in Dreams

Dreaming of Aquarius represents renewal of ideas and strength. You provide the flow of resources and inspiration to the group. Lead those who stick by you, and give them ample support; the favors will be returned exponentially. It is also representative of abundance in your life. You may not notice wealth of friends and material gains if you are not paying close attention.

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One thought on “Aquarius in Dreams”

  1. Twice in two weeks I have had a dream about the age of Aquarius. The first dream was about every one getting ready for huge festival to welcome in the age of Aquarius. Those who were born under that sign were celebrated. The second dream was about The age of Aquarius is now here. A girl with a tanned complexion brown eyes and black hair had a golden book with the signs of the zodiac etched into it. She also had a tool that measured the stars and she jolted up and looked at me and said the age of Aquarius is here.