Dead in Dreams

When you see dead people in your dreams, it is your own actualization of past acquaintances and that you have moved on with your life in terms of maturity and growth. While you are happily living and breathing, they are dead with a bleak outlook of the future. There should be no fear in them holding you back.

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197 thoughts on “Dead in Dreams”

  1. what does it mean when you have a dream about the police caming to the front door with a search warent . took the children out side and police haff cuff my sister (who passed in 2014). The police had my sister seat down with the child while they began to spray luminol in her room. The room was covered what woud have been blood. In my dearm i asked my sister what happened and my sister eyes were just watery. Then I woke up. but keep in mind my sister that passed in 2014 was in the dream. please help i know it means something but dont know what.

  2. Back in bed half sleeping dreamt a car drove into my driveway as I went to my door to see who’s there, and it was my (2008) gray haired deceased dad. He was opening my screen door on my porch, looking healthy, calm said hello & vanished, as I opened screen door to the already partially opened front door… And then I awoke?


  3. I dreamed that my dead mother who has been dead for 10 years. Came to me dressed in all black with a black cain told me to beat a young version of my son in dream he was 8 years old. My son is 33 years old. She did not smile and she was not happy. I haven’t dreamed about her in about 2 years. What does this mean anyone

  4. ok, I was watching tv, I dozed off for a few seconds and I went into a dream and found myself walking through a parking lot in front of a large store as I walked through I looked inside of a large car and in the back seat I saw a person all wrapped up in green plastic like a mummy then I woke up supprized.

  5. I dreamt I was at the house I grew up in. My parents were out and I could hear my sister upstairs listening to the radio. I was watching tv and had this feeling of being younger, like everything was how I remember it when everything was at its best at home. I suddenly had this urge to clean up so I went over to this coffee table and moved it over to the side cause there was always crumbs and fruit snack wrappers under there. But instead there was a body, and it was wrapped in sheets and bleeding and it smelled like death. And I thought shit I forgot, I died when I was fourteen and stuck myself under here, I better get rid of me. So I pushed the body with my foot closer to the wall with the intention of picking it up and throwing it away and the head started moving and the arms started moving a little. I was scared for a second but decided it was just ordinary for a younger dead me to do that. So I picked the body up and opened the garage and tossed him in the trash. I remember how the body felt, it was soft and small. I knew it was a younger me but I felt detached. I looked around and my neighbor was having a party and there were all these cars parked in the alley and there was a tree I didn’t recognize. And I walked back inside and woke up.

  6. My step grandmother died many years ago. She and my mother didn’t get along so I barely knew her. Her house and property was adjacent to my parents and I eventually bought it about 10 years ago. My dad died about a year ago and I was in charge of the estate. A family bought his house last week and are moving in. Ok my dream. I dreamer that my teenage nephew was at my house but he was only about 4 years old and I was keeping him. The new neighbors son came to my house to play and my house was filthy. My dog a yorky had gotten sick all over the house and I was trying. to clean it up. I wiped up the mess but couldnt find the washing machine. I found a couple of old wringer washing machines but. they were broken. I then saw Ms Bessie my step grandmothe r. come out of a pile of clothes as a ghost and she scared me. But then she became solid and showed me where the working electric washing machine was. What couldpossibly mean?

  7. My mother passed away not quite a month ago at the hospital, everything about her death was so wrong to the point I got an autopsy done and hired a lawyer for answers. We had my mother’s funeral services a day ago but last night I dreamt my mother came through my back door and she told me that I didn’t want to go there, I asked where mom? She said down there that she had been there and is in heaven now. I said mom I know this is a dream cuz I saw you die, your ashes are on my mantel. Then she put her hand on my shoulder and said come here, she took me to the back of the house, I thought it was my bedroom but I couldn’t see where I was but she squeezed my shoulder so hard I couldn’t breath. I don’t know if it was her at that time but I was screaming mom what are you doing? I woke up mama my husband said its not real honey. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. It was so real that I just cried. What does this mean? Someone please help me dechiper this

  8. I have had this dream twice once the night a dear aunt passed but I didn’t know but the dream is me walking into this field or meadow full of wild flowers, and my aunt is up ahead in the near distance and there are small children running and playing and laughing theres laughter all around us and she begins to speak to me and she tells me that I need to follow my heart and not worry about the small stuff and she says to me you see that (the children) that’s love they are all love at its purest that’s you you have a love such as this keep it in your heart and don’t let anyone take it from you cause that’s love and we start at o knew all again and she says well I have to go now but remember last his I tell you I’m sorry to leave you behind but you will be with me soon enough try not to be sad you know I love you so much but you have to stay be yourself and keep your love safe inside your heart and she gets in a horse drawn buggy and rides away and I awake knowing feeling that she had passed and the next day they tell me she had died last night

  9. I always visualize a woman lying in bed; first vision was, she appeared to be ill and following visions she still in bed flat and looks dead already.
    this woman is someone I had an argument with a couple of months ago.
    what does this vision mean?

  10. I was extremely sick and I am not sure if it was a dream or a thought while I was awake. First I lay on my floor after two weeks of not being able to get up. I was very very sick and remember my pain leaving my body and the breaths becoming slower and harder to make myself do. I then felt released from it all and was sitting on a white rock of some sort and looking over top a ocean or blue area. I am completely relaxed and no pain and as I feel that I am completely happy inside everything was so good and I was just full of happiness. I know I had an amazing feeling and I see my sister who has passed on recently before this day. I also see my lover who also had passed right before I got sick. They tell me not to stop breathing. I am in shock I cant believe they are there I remember saying I can’t see you this is crazy I am losing my mind. My sister says no your sick and hugs me. While hugging me she and my friend or lover Billy both tell me Suzie you have to keep breathing. I say how good I feel and how I am free of all my pain and no way I don’t want to go back to feel the pain again daily. I ask ok where am I sick where is it what is it and they lay me back and they place hands over top me. While they hold hands above two areas I see it glow and then my sister who I smell and I am touching and seeing clear as she did alive. I keep saying how happy I am and great I feel she says your sick here and here as they tell me then she gets upset and there was a third big big person as if it was a boss. She turns to an ask why would you do this to her. And they speak back and forth I never see the face and never hear his words but its a man for she tells me its “him.” I am not wanting to leave and she and Billy are begging me to go back for there are the children of hers and mine and they need me. I argue but I am so happy and free of pain and they both give me a big hug. I reached out and touch the faces of both and say I cant believe this no way I am not seeing this. And as I hug my sister she whispers to me you cant stay I love you but you have to keep breathing and you cant stay. She steps back and places her hands on my shoulders and says sorry Suzie I love you but you cant yet your not ready to and shoved me as she does she yells she is sorry I love you and the last thing I hear is both yelling at me to not stop breathing and they love me. I am now looking at my ceiling in my home where I was and felt as if I just fell off something shaking and full of pain. I do want to know if anyone could help explain this. I was later that day taken into hospital and was told that I am lucky to be here. I am still full of pain. And I am still getting sick. She showed me where when her glow came up and the two places the glows where I told the doctors are where the pain is. I am being treated bow for the sickness but its not a easy way to treat. So I got the idea where to look by the glow of her and his hands. Is this a dream or am I crazy 🙂 I know I thought no way this is not happening I touched them and I smelled them like I could before they passed both were sudden and unexpected and both were very close to me. I wish I knew what I saw was a dream but I never went to sleep I was sick and barely breathing. There was never any fear, or bad feelings or any pain I felt that be lifted out of me and as that happened I heard my breathes there were only three and that was all I heard before I saw them. She shoved me i felt the fall and opened my eyes and gasped out air hard and heard her and his voices saying not yet breathe please dont stop. Can you please help me understand this more. I know being ill and having fevers very high make you see and hear weird things but this was very very different.

  11. My uncle Bob was killed in a car accident in 1986 I have lost my mother, another uncle and aunt and my grand mother all in same family. I continue always to dream and have my uncle visit me. It is a continuous dream, A conversation that continues. I have been dreaming of him for many years. The dream really does not have any significant meaning just conversations. About life past present and future. Nothing scary sometimes it was funny and sarcastic information but each dream is an extension of the first sighting. Usually when I have the dream I remember a mens fragrance he always wore. I can actually smell this fragrance when dreaming. Sometimes we are sitting a table talking sometimes we are riding horses or walking and talking but the conversation always seems to pick up from the last dream and continues. This has been going on for twenty nine years.

  12. I dreamed of my son and a girl we both know died with a gun shot wound at the head. Both my son and the girl are currently living in my resident. I don’t know the answer to this dream and quite scare. Please help in provide the interpretation.

  13. I had a dream lastnight that my mom died and while my father and brother and family was at her funeral my brother and I had a disagreement and he hit me I told him that was the last time he was gonna hit me and I turned and walked out of the funeral parlor and came back with a gun I said some things to my brother out of hate then shot him in the head afterwards I turned to my dad and asked him where was he when I needed him then shot myself I woke up crying and can’t seem to shake the dream I’m very depressed and easy to cry today please help me understand what my dream meant

  14. I dreamed about my gran aunt who passed away in 2000 she was a really nice person .in the dream I was going to the beach and I had my passport in the bag i then asked my cousin if she could keep it and she said no at that point I was going to leave it in the house my gran aunt said something then she took it from me I had a paper bag and she put it in the bag and gave it to me

  15. i dreamed of my classmate a first dream about him is we are just talking about something in my dream. but i cant remember what is it, when i woke up i search for him in facebook then i found out that he had passed away last october 2013. i was shocked because i havent seen him nor have i heard anything about him since we graduated elementary. then just now i dreamed of him again, in my dream we there were 6 of us there but i only recognized three one of them was my cousin,a girl, then my schoolmate a guy they were couples in my dream but in reality they dont know each other then theres him, my classmate who had passed away lastyear, we were riding a van going somewhere i dont know, then i reached for his hand and tried holding it,but i got ashamed at first, then my second attempt i was about to hold his hand but then he just grab my hand and holds it tightly. then we just looked at each other and smiled. when we reached our destination, when i look at him he suddenly dissapered and the man i was holding my hands with became someone else, my ex boyfriend way back college. before we got off the van i saw he has wounds and i treated it with outmost care. then i saw his present wife i was surprised but he did not see her pass our van.. then my ex was just smilling at me while saying youre as sweet as before. you never did changed then thats it i woke up, and until now i was still thinking why i dreamed of my classmate, im really puzzled about it and we’re not even that close. he’s one of the bullies and im a tough gurl that time, his ways of bullying never worked for me.
    actually its been months since i got odd or scary dreams.i dont know why, i always pray before i sleep 🙁 im married and pregnant now and eventhough i know i have to get enough sleep always i just cant do it because of my dreams. lastime i dreamed about three glass bottle fell and broke one bottle is a smoky one, sometimes i dreamed about stopping a coffin being brought inside the funeral car just for me to get the clothes i left in that place, then i also had a dream that someone is chasing after me and he was killing me, i can see that he was killing me with a knife, then i dreamed of my father who is still alive got threatened by my uncle and he wants to kill him, then one time i dreamed about my brother and i saw a dark mask behind him,he hugged me and my mother in my dream (he never even once hugged us) then he went out the house then still in my dream a news came that a man was seen dead near our place then we fpund out that he was him.. so many bad dreams i never had good dreams for months,i dont know why.. really having a hard time figuring things out,i always search meanings of my dreams but this is my firstime that i shared it with others… i hope you guys could help me interpret those.. Thanks in advance…

  16. Please help as a child I dreamed about dead people in rivers and then about my grandmother came to me asking me to go to her house and go to her room and get a box out of her closet which when on for a week and that she took me in her house and sit my on her bed and got a box out of her closet also as well as my father in law passed away last year and he come to me 2 times as to tell me that he was OK and also have had where when my grandmother was passing I felt warmth on my shoulder s and I heard my uncle that had pass away many years before tell me to tell her that it was OK and that he was waiting for her and now I’m seeing water like Objects goi

  17. I dreamt about this boy, one that I had never seen before last night, and he appeared in my bed right beside me, with his arm around my neck as if I was cuddling with him. Which, by the looks of it, I was. The dream was so real and so vivid, I almost believe that it actually happened. But the boy said he was dead. I think he said he died when he was 15, but he looked nowhere near 15. I’m guessing he was older, since he laughed when he said that. Anyway, I could see, feel, hear, and talk to him as if he was really there. I don’t know how that’s possible, but I guess in your dreams you can do anything. The only thing is, I woke up this morning and though the dream was over, it’s as if he had taken his arm from around my neck and I was cuddling with myself, only within seconds after waking and I was sad. The way he let himself in to where I could see, feel, hear, and talk to him: my body twitched three times, and all of a sudden, something went inside my right ear. Kind of like he was whispering something inside of me to allow me to connect with him. Fireflies, maybe. I don’t know. It had a buzzing sound, and then the buzzing went away and that’s when I could feel this guy’s arm around me. I knew I hadn’t known him, but I didn’t hesitate. I put my hand on his arm, and he told me not to be afraid. I asked him what his name was, but I can’t remember that part. I smiled, and asked him if I could see his face. He said yeah, in a soft whisper. With me being tired, it took me a few minutes to turn over to face him to see what he looked like, since I was lying on my left side and he was on my right. But when I did turn over, I was right. I didn’t recognize him. He was shirtless, just laying there comfortably, as if he in fact knew me. I noticed his brown shaggy hair and beautiful brown eyes. And I just laid there with him. Then the same thing happened where I heard the buzzing in my left ear this time and started twitching again… he was gone. In the dream, if that’s what it was, I got up to get a drink. When I was back lying down, the buzzing and twitching happened yet again. And there he was, cuddling me with both arms this time. We didn’t really talk, we just laid there. When it became too much for him is when the buzzing and twitching started and he’d disappear and reappear again, giving him the strength to let us communicate. It felt like a real vivid dream, but at the same time, it felt like it was actually happening. I dreamt about this for most of the night. I remembered every single thing except for his name.

  18. I had a dream last night that my mother who has been deceased for three years showed me where she had some money hidden. She sat in a confined space and told me where to find it and to bring it to her. As I found the money more and more kept pouring out of her hiding space and we counted it together. I woke up confused or wondering what is she trying to tell me?

  19. I have had this dream several times and find it very disturbing. I get to my dads front door then I remember he has been unwell and I haven’t visited for a while, I know he is dead before I get in. When I go upstairs his body is in my old bedroom by the window and has been decaying for weeks. The dog is poorly but alive, I leave my dad and come out and close the door. Every time I have the dream it’s like I’m still keeping this awful secret. I also dream of my mum only she isn’t dead yet although I thought she was. She comes to me because her cancer was cured but now it’s back and in the dream I take care of her. Why am I having these dreams? What do they mean?

  20. m running in my dream & i fight to other & i death but i running in mydream & m live what is the meanning to running dream can u explan pls ….. thnx

  21. Last night I dreamt that my husband and I were dead but it was like we were traveling some where, or waiting to go some where. There were other people like us, I did not know them, but we were able to talk to each other only. I did realize in the dream that I was upset for a bit because I wouldn’t be able to see any of my families faces again and I had not brought any pictures with me. The dead were allowed to bring with them what ever was on their body at time of death I guess. This is freaking me out because I have never had a dream about death before.

  22. I still can’t figure out why I dreamt that an old man with white hair in a white robe was serving me food on a plate before me. I was looking forward to tasting the food when he picked up the plate and took it else where. I knew that a woman was behind this because she was jealous of me. I turned to look behind me and saw the plate of food. I immediately got up and grabbed the plate and brought it back to my table. ??????? what does it mean??

  23. last night i dream that five people are dead and i could not see their facess but iam washing their feet.their facess r covered

  24. I dreamed i saw my girlfriends ex boyfriend falling in a coffin and he was dead … then there was this guy standing where the preist usually stand in funerals on the top part of the coffin, wearing a black robe with a reptile face kinda brownish and red eyes

  25. I had a dream I was waiting to catch the elevator to my unit and there were 3 dead people lying in the elevator, I walked away because I did not want to be the one involved in calling the police, but I had no other way to get to my unit. I decided to go and come back later, when I came back the elevator was still on the ground floor and they were still there, and no one was around, as I stood there worried, one of them got up in a zombie like state and walked like a zombie away from the elevator, the other 2 were still dead like. I woke up them, because it freaked me out!

  26. Just had a dream so surreal that I couldn’t go back to sleep even if I tried… I dreamnt that this one guy in his gm pickup decided to take a short cut through the field instead of waiting for traffic and the guy behind him in a big black dodge decided to chase after him and literally beat the crap out of him until he was dead… But then a body part of his that I can’t remember was a tissue box and it was empty thats how you knew the guy was dead

  27. i got a 3days continous a dream about my husband.which is very opposite of our real setuation now!me hand my husband where not sleeping next to eachother since dec-9th-2011 untilnow march-30th-2012.becuase we was hardly i told himfile divorce to me.but his always saying yes and i saw about a divorce papers but until now im still waiting if he will tell me about our papers divorce but i didn’t heard until now…then i got 3days continous dream about my husband and i wearing a white dressed and were happy together somewhere around a party.then the next night another dreams again my husband hugs me and kiss me.and the next dream and my brother inlaw we been somewhere then after we going in his house where he rrenting on it!but after he open the door gate i go inside the gate first!the i was shocked i heard his fighting somebody then when i turne around to look at him i heard his voice he called my name’s manytimes and he needs help and i saw him somebody chocking him until he can’t breath.but im trying to help him but i can’t close to them theway the fighting very trying to call 911 but i found my cell not with me.until i dicided just to walked away from them without im trying to forget theres no a bad happening to him…pls what does my nightmare means…can you guys explain to me?and why i had always got dreams about my brother inlaw about we had a more than relationship as a brother inlaw and sister inlaw.which is in reality i don’t have any feelings to him like my dreams.pls help me to understand of the meaning of my dreams pls?

    thank very much

  28. I dreamt of having 2 orange tree and lemon tree. I have just arrived from an errand somewhere and upon reaching the house, I was informed that my orange tree had died. I was angry with everyone else at the house for not really taking good care of the plant while I was away..looking beside it, I also see my other plant – a lemon plant (or calamansi, which also belong in the citrus family like orange) which is very much health and bearing its fruits. what does my dream mean?…pls. shed light everyone.. 🙂

  29. I keep having a dream that is very unsettling…My older brother died in May 7, 1989. I was 20. We were very close. He was only 35. Anyhow, I keep dreaming that I see him and he doesnt remember me…what do you think this means?

  30. my nephew died at 1 month old and my youngest sister dreamed that he came to her telling her to come and meet him but my sister said that she told him no and he went away,what does it mean?

  31. My dad passed away suddenly while camping on Oct. 4, 2009.
    My mom lately has been having frequent dreams that her and my dad are in “some place”, and never talk. Always just hug. She says these dreams are very sad and they both know he’s dead. She just wants them to stop.

    Could this be some kind of warning? Should we be scared?