Deceased Mother in Dreams

Dreaming of your deceased mother signifies that you miss them, and something in the past is missing closure. Something in the waking hours could trigger the memories of the death of your mother and cause past issues to resurface.

Take some time off to visit the cemetery and pay your respects.

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8 thoughts on “Deceased Mother in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed of a beautiful forest and water .I was with my sister and my deceased mom .but I couldn’t see her (mom).we heard a wolf and my sister said I will go get mom before the wolf gets her.then I woke up and didn’t see my mom

  2. I am in a horrible nursing home for physical and occupational therapy. I dreamed I woke up and saw my mom standing there. She had an apron on and fanned me with it. Then she vanished.

  3. I had a dream of my late mom but could not see her face. She was standing with her back toward me. I recognised her from the way she used to wear her hair.
    I also saw a baby – and I pulled at its leg and half of it broke off 🙁 we rushed the baby to the hospital and all was fine thereafter or I woke up.

  4. My mom passed away a few months ago I was 16 I still don’t know how she died really. but I had a dream I was at a party with my family including my mom and it started storming really bad and everyone was an a rush to leave and I was saying my good byes but I looked an the road and see my mother laying there like a car hit her or the thunder hit her and all my brothers and sister was in the road crying then I brought her in the house and began to heal her and then she woke up but she was telling me and my brothers and sister what she expected of us but I woke up because I couldn’t take it anymore

  5. Mom past away a year ago at 90 years old..My was opinionated and could be sarcastic,,she was my love.. with that said..
    I have been having dreams of mom, my most recent was that she returned from her passing away to healthy..I remember her looking well and we all commented on it…In my real life..getting ready for my daughters wedding I had to try on wedding dress the night before the dream and it fit snuggly… I was my dream mom said to me… Oh my, you have grown tall.. I said oh yeah mom.. you mean that I’ve grow fatter don’t you?.. she had this slightly evil laugh…one that she would have had in her alive life, when she tried to tell you that, you have put on weight…the dream was so real, that I almost forgot that she is gone…

  6. I saw my mother handing flowers to people. I asked, “Mom, what are you doing here? ” She handed me a blue carnation, and then said, ” Happy fathers day honey.” I said, “I have to go mom.” She said, “I know. “

  7. The past month I keep having dreams with my deceased mother in them as if she were still alive. Then last week I ended up sick and had to go through a bunch of tests and scans and then today I was told one of the scans found a large mass on my right adrenal gland and there’s full lymphatic involvement; indicative of cancer. My brother thinks the dreams are my mom telling me I’m going to die. I think the dreams are my mom trying to tell me something is going on and to get to the doctor. What do they mean? I really need to know especially now and I’m very scared.