Devil in Dreams

When the devil appears in your dream, he has come to destroy and ruin everything that you value. This overwhelming feeling will deliver a crushing blow as you feel helpless and unable to prevent it from progressing further.

The devil is always hungering for material wealth using any dark negative forces where necessary even in your dreams. Protect yourself by re-evaluating all things important in your life.

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7 thoughts on “Devil in Dreams”

  1. I have had good and evil dreams. I am always in a haunted somewhat haunted house when the Devil comes. ho I am always fighting the devil and I have supernatural powers. Telekinetic and I pray and fight the devil off. I was 8 years old when I had my first religious dream (at least I think it was a dream) I saw the Virgin Mother on a Cloud of gold and she was surrounded by rainbow rays and had her arms palm open and down angels at her feet. The I started having the Devil dreams. Anyone know why?

  2. Hi, I recently had a dream that my bf and I were looking at old photo albums of his folks when they were younger. In a couple of the pictures of his dad there was the devil in red behind him squatted. I flipped to the next photo and it’s the same photo just redder, next photo samething just now the devil is closer and redder. The night after that dream, I had a dream that my Bf and I were at one of his family’s function and I was helping out and playing with the kids when next thing I know the cops show up for me. He’s mom called the cops on me and lied to them so they could arrest me. They weren’t able to how I explained that none of it was true. His dad saw what his mom did and knew it wasn’t right but still sided with her. My bf didn’t know what to believe was true or not. She wasn’t too happy that her plan didn’t work and tried befriending me to safe face. It left me frustrated.

  3. I just woke from this nightmare.I was in a house and at first the character was Freddy Kruger.
    People were being brutally murdered and then some woman that was helping me was possessed.It attacked me and was on top of me.
    I seen blood and black eyes and it asked me if I knew who it was.
    I said yes,youre the devil and I said a pray in my dream but it felt like I couldn’t breathe.
    I then woke up

  4. I had a dream where the devil told me I was his son and he wanted to give me his power I yelled at him because I belive myself to be Christian and did not want any thing to do with him so I began praying and awoke what does this mean

    1. Rob,

      Your dream with the devil in it was a test and many of the temptations that is in your day to day life. You chose to walk a righteous path by rejecting him, and shows that your Christian foundation is strong.

  5. Hi my name is JOhn my wife and I have been married for 2 yrs and together for 3. Just recently we have been having troubles with my Mom sticking her nose in our marriage and putting a wedge between us all as well as starting a bitter war with my wife and I. We have been physically and emotionally as well as mentally abusive to one another. Strange unexplained things happen in our home like doors opening by themseves, footsteps on our stairs, talking when the tv is off and our kids are asleep and we are trying to sleep,things beingplaced in other places without our children or my wife or I doing it…I once even woke up in the middle of the night to someone screaming in my face but my wife was asleep and our kids too… I have been having the same dream for a while now and in it I am in Hell with chains on me anthe devil is behind me cracking me with a whip when I do not move fast enough or obey I am an old man about 60 or 70…I see my wife off tot he side but then all of a sudden she disappears intot he sky and she is calling for me…In my other dream Iit is pitch black all but the left and right my wife is at one end and the devil is at the other, I am in the middle. My wife is yelling for me to come to her and saying I love u John and when I start to walk towards her the devil screams louder and louder no JOhn u are mine come to me…I only get so close to my wife then its like somthing is forcing me to stay where I am and I cant get any closer to her so I start to walk towrds the devil and when I get to him everyrthing goes black and AI wake up. My wife and I have grown apart a lot due to all the fighting and hurting e have done to eachother but I really do love her and want this to work what could my dream mean?

    1. I don’t think you should be concerned about your dreams right now, John. Mostly because dreams are a reflection of reality. Therefore, you need to talk to your wife. Don’t say anything negative. Tell her how much you love her and how you want things to be back to tie way they were. Most importantly, apologize first. If doesn’t work, or if it does, change your lifestyle. If you get into an argument, don’t yell back. Listen to what she is saying. Cool down, and then tell her that you’d rather have her calm down first, then talk. Spend more time with your kids, too. Explain to them that people argue sometimes. After all of that, find God, or reconnect with Him. Go to church, pray, talk to him, or ask Him for guidance. This will take awhile but just push through. Hopefully, things will get better. Oh! And if you need you some courage, look up the poem Footprints in the Sand.