Fairy in Dreams

Fairies are ethereal creatures possessing great magical powers. Dreaming about a fairy indicates you have a yearning for adventure involving your creativity and imagination. Your mind is free without limitations and is invigorated with ingenuity. They are also very mischievous beings which symbolizes your playful ways. Seeing a fairy in your dream may signify you are content and placated with your possessions and environment.

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5 thoughts on “Fairy in Dreams”

  1. Hi I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas about this dream I had night. I dreamt that I had fairies all around me hiding in my ears and lifting me up above things, carrying me around. But then I had these people constantly following me in different locations they were trying to take them off me and catch them. I think I know what it means an inner light or spiritual aspect of myself that lifts me up. and people are trying to take this light away. It was a truly uplifting dream… But i just thought I would share it and see if anyone out there has another in sight. Love and blessings to you all.

  2. i saw my self fairy in dream, i will come down from staircase i wear white long goun. Smile on my face. surrounding people says fairy comes…what is this dream means

  3. Hi..I have seen a beautiful fairy in my dream coming from Arabian Sea 🌊..caring a pot or similar object filled with wealth or similar to it. As the fairy was coming to me by flying in the air, I asked her to come by staircase…after this my dream broke and came back to the waking world again.
    What interpretation it had to ME

  4. Had a dream of a fairy that was clear as glass barley visible and about 3 feet tall and it was calling me to meet with her. She than was upset because I did not sort of like a girlfriend would be. It was super wierd and I woke up mind boggled because it felt so real. And in my dream I was in my room laying down looking across the room towards her. I woke up in the same position As I was in the dream. And for some reason felt disappointed I couldn’t see her. I’ve never had a dream like this.

  5. I had a dream with fairies singing I honestly perceived them as annoying and wanted to smack them all. This is the 1st time I have a mythical dream without being slaughtered to death.