Girls in Dreams

When you dream about the girls you like, you are simply fantasizing about the things you want to do while in their company. Whether that involves seeing them at the park, meeting them at the movies, or spending time shopping at the mall.

Dreaming about girls give you the opportunity to train yourself to say things that are nice, and makes them like you in return. Often times, the dream is a foreshadowing of public display of affection to keep couples happy.

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4 thoughts on “Girls in Dreams”

  1. Last night in a dream, I met the most wonderful girl in my life. We were both at summer camp. We hit it off immediately, she was cute and confide to me everything about her. She wanted me to stay with her forever. The dream all seemed so real to me.

  2. Dreamed of a girl I have liked for a while who I met online. I was in some small town and there was this strange group of monstrous/evil people who I think were possesed somehow with black eyes. She was their leader. I killed all of them except her and then she turned back to normal. We’re both big horror fans,(it’s how we met.) could that have anthing to do with it?

  3. How a man can attain the girl they dream about? I feel like she’s in my control whenever this I like enter my dreams.

    1. Keep dreaming.

      You cannot attain the feelings of a girl just by dreaming about her. You need to be active and do things to prove your worth. Then your reputation will precede you to strike her interest.