Hostage in Dreams

Dreaming of a hostage means you are being held captive by people who intend to profit off you. All your actions as a hostage are limited and closely controlled with little or no outside contact allowed. This dream can be triggered by a sense of helplessness at a dead end job, or am unfulfilled relationship. In the waking hours, seek out friends and activities to compensate for the lack of a healthy balance in your life and experience the new found freedoms.

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4 thoughts on “Hostage in Dreams”

  1. I been sodomizing my dog for ten year at my dead end job maybe it’s time for a new pet and job.

  2. And old romantic friend had a dream that I was holding people hostage and he was the cop who shot me. Then he took me down and threw me into his car and drove me to the hospital.
    What could this mean?

  3. In my dream my husband and I were being held hostage on some sort of plane. In my dream things quickly changed cause after beginning to escape my husband then somehow became the enemy, lead by some woman. End results was me dying but for the first time in a dream I died and then found myself in an afterlife type of dream. Where my husband was there and we re-united. The woman who was leading him before was no longer there. I dont know whether she really died or he had realm died but she was out of the picture.
    I dont know how to interpret this dream however I it must have some significance because I have NEVER not woken after dying in a dream. Please help.

  4. I dreamt of a situation with a friend who was trying to reassure me everything was ok she thought it was but I had a feeling and knew. I got scared and shouted Emma I want to go. Then a man came and held me and all these men were on alert, there was like an optician guy who was coming over to take away some of our eyesight so we couldn’t see. Then the next thing in my dream I was walking out past a load of girls who were skinny in beautiful outfits lying on the floor in a line hostages, they were popping babies out every few minutes. Before this part of the dream my friend Marty had been in it taking something that he said made all the colours brighter, my dad was telling him it was not good for his eyes.(writting this out has really helped clarify the meaning like be careful what u put in our bodys-i was unwell Sat and just really want to be healthy and take care of myself so grateful 4my health) My family were all there we were just washing up and stuff before the hostage part. My friends who’s bday it is where there i hadn’t seen them for a few months so they had my bday preside which was a lilo u sunbathe on in the sea. (Feel like I don’t get to c my friends much because of my job).