Runaway Bride in Dreams

Dreaming of being a runaway bride to be, signifies that you are not ready for the responsibilities that come with marriage. Although you will be united with the person you love through the marriage process, you will be asked to take on responsibilities such as child rearing, and planning for the family’s financial future.

Such tasks are hard and emotionally draining, and the act of becoming a runaway bride in your dream represents your temptation to not face these realities.

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4 thoughts on “Runaway Bride in Dreams”

  1. I have had the same recurring dream so many times now and I really believe that it’s an indication of something. I just don’t know what.

    When I was 19, young and stupid, I made the horrific decision to “marry” my then boyfriend, who was 8 years older, against my parent’s will. Well, 2 1/2 years later, I was miserable and wanted out of that so called “marriage”.

    Years after we separated, and I am happily remarried now, I keep having these recurring dreams of my parents wanting me to marry him again, and in my dreams I keep running away from all them because I don’t want to marry him. I even remember in one of those dreams saying that I love my husband and I don’t want to marry that ex again. It’s terrible that when the ex appears in my dream or when his name is mentioned, I can see myself in my dream throwing a tantrum and running in fear because I do not want to marry him.

  2. I am currently a single girl with no prospective suitors and last night I had a dream I was a bride, and was running late for my wedding. My groom (who I have never seen before in real life) waited a half hour and decided to walk away, just as I was running up to the alter carrying the flower archway we were to be married under.
    I saw him walking away carrying a bottle of wine, so I caught up with him and we sat in a park like setting by ourselves, passing the bottle of wine back and forth. Once we finished the bottle of wine we decided to go and get married. We got back to where we were to have the wedding and all that was left was the bridal party and some immediate family. So, we had a MUCH smaller wedding than planned.

    Any thoughts as to what this might be trying to tell me?

  3. I keep having a dream were I keep running away at my wedding. It tells me in my dream its because my best friend Warner isn’t there (he did pass away). It’s almost like I run away because I need him there. What does it mean.

  4. I have two recurring dreams, one is that I am in the story of hansel and gretel ,however he witch is not threatening and I’m always smart enough to get away and when I turn up hansel is already there and in a cage and I manage to distract the witch and get away. The other is that I dream I am getting married and I feel sick and can’t go through with it because he is never the right person.Also the planning is stressful and shoddy and I usually end up looking a mess. For example in this dream I had no dress and got my sister to quickly make me one and then I tried to pamper myself but I had little red spots over my body and I couldn’t find any matching underwear that wouldn’t show through the dress. Then I was at the alter , (I quickly walked down the side of the pews rather than down the aisle )but it’s like there were two alters , and I was on the right,stood behind some flowers, really far away from my husband to be and it was really dark. I looked around the church and saw there were barely any guests and I thought I looked good despite the stressful preperation.Then I realised the vicar and husband hadn’t even acknowledged me and I was bored so I clapped my hands once and coughed to try to get them to start which triggered some disbelief and laughter from the guests just as me not walking down the aisle had done. They still ignored me and I felt more and more sick ,I kept thinking, I shouldn’t marry him, he’s not right and then someone from church and college was my best man rather than having a bridesmaid and he popped up next to me and as we were casually talking about the husband ,I found out the husband was 8 years old but just looked like he was twenty something and I was like, oh that explains it and I said hey I’m not marrying him he’s 8 years old! And I felt the fear go and felt kind of like, whatever ,I’m glad I found out the reason I didn’t want to marry him so it didn’t make me look like the horrible one by just running away.but then I felt kind of bored and fed up like oh well maybe next time.