Warlock in Dreams

A warlock is a person of the mystical arts. Dreaming of a warlock shows a dark magical dabbling in your life. Perhaps it is not being involved with the dark arts yourself, but having wishes and desires to look into it. It may be a sign that there are great forces at work in your life, potentially even spirits or demons. Warlocks use the power of the dark so this may symbolic of your own dark ways or thinking. Dreaming of a warlock isn’t necessarily an alarming sign, but you may want to keep a closer leash on.

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4 thoughts on “Warlock in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that I was standing at a pipe washing my hands at what seem to be an old broken down building I saw a woman came out of the bushes looking slightly green she ask is there anything u would like me to do for u? I said no get away from me she came up to my face I said “am not afarid of u the blood of jesus is against u”she said yea yea the blood of Jesus is against you is that all u got? Then she walk to a near by gather where there was children and she had some peas pods in her hand and each one she broke one of the children fell to the ground and die, I went by the market near by and started shouting there is a warlock by the church killing the children is there anybody spiritual here ?a few woman got and headed to the church u could here people screaming from a distance , then a woke up , it was about 5:20am please help me to understand what this means I’ve had a lot of dream people are always trying to hurt me or running me down and in some case Something is holding down and I can’t move .

  2. I walked into a house and there was a man could not see his face but he told me my relationship with the man un dating will never progress it would never go vigués h proceeded to tell him í will fight for us our love he continue to say its not worth it í kept telling him í will fight in Jesus name í left the home and returned calling him out and bringing the word of the Lord for his salvation that God will forgive him if he turns from his ways and I woke up. I real life I went with my fiance to meet his family and in his neighborhood was the gated house the worlock lives fem my dream í asked what connection you have with this man he said once he acompanied a friend to take something to the worlock and his brother who now is deseased had went to him for protection of the spirits. I really don’t understand why I had this dreamed so many years ago and when I set foot in his community all is so serial but factual the worlock do exist. Please help.

  3. The warlock i dreamt of was an older woman in a white sleeping dress and she was protective of a specific lounge couch. Cause if anyone sat on that couch she would kill them. What does that mean?

  4. I have battled a dark force that surrounded me at a very young age I believe I was 3 or 4 but won my battle at the age of 12. Recently things have taken a turn for the worst, then last night I seen it in my dreams standing in front of my wall stand. Very tall wizard like hat warring a long dark gown type thing with no reaction to me starring at it in diss belief. I have been so drained and I wake up all night praying desperately to God. I cant sleep anymore, please have you ever heard of a dark force like the one I seen wile sleeping? Please I cant find any information anywhere relating to what I have seen. I need all the information in order to battle it out of my life. Or Im a mad women on the verge of insanity. Needing some outside guidance please and thank you.
    I appreciate your time