Zombies in Dream

Dreaming of zombies indicate unwanted problems are recurring when they were already put to rest. These issues continue to haunt and chase you in the form of zombies, or walking dead. In turn, the overwhelming pressure from images of zombies and cemeteries will effect your waking hours. Take care of the known recurring issues, and the nightmares will subside.

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7 thoughts on “Zombies in Dream”

  1. I dreamt I was killing zombies I turn around and see my son sitting at the picnic table he asks me what I’m doing if I’m killing zombies. I ask him where everyone’s at I see my wife getting my two daughters into our van and starting to run back for our son then I look the other way and I see my sons bio mom and step dad running the opposite direction I yell at them for just leaving my son & start shooting at them and run to get my son and throw him in our van & I drive us to my uncles house. I lock my wife and kids in a closet and am outside the door standing watch I hear banging at the door so I go to see who it is and its my sons bio mom and step dad saying let them in. I ask them how they got there but dont open the door I see zombies starting to come towards them and attack them and I slam the door shut run to the back door and start shooting zombies that are coming up toward the house.

  2. I dreamt about killing zombies,the usual typical zombies that only come out at night and are afraid of the light,i killed them at my parent’s house and with old~fashioned weapons (swords and such),a lady also injected me with some vaccine to protect me from becoming one (very hollywood but i havn’t watched horror movies for the last four years and havn’t read any books or played games on the subject)

  3. I’m escaping with my older sister her son and my own son who in reality are at the same age of 2. In the dream there are paddocks and market gardens on both sides and we need to seek cover for the children because of a terrible plague turning infants into zombies. We get so far and my nephew turns into a zombie and selfishly I abandon him and my sister to protect my son. We get to a huge tool shed when my child turns into a zombie in my hands and to my disgust I must kill him. I do not find the ability to kill my child so I weep continuousley on the dirt floor and wait for him to attack me. I see him climbing on tractor frames and I call his name, he looks normal.
    He vanishes from the frame then I hear a cry. I run to a hidden crate to find my nephew inside who has become his normal self again. I scream in horror as I realize I gave my son up to death.
    I awake grief stricken with the whole ordeal fresh in my head.
    I check my child and find he has high fever.

    The next night I bring my child into our room so I can watch him closely through his sickness.
    I dream we are walking along the river bank, I’m staring into murky waters with a very calm soothing current. A ramp leads to the waters edge where my son and I go down. Suddenly this huge rat part wombat with a scorpion tail appears, I’m terrified and frozen with fright but strangely my son knows this creature. This beast snarls at me as my son walks straight into the river. The beast dives in once my son is fully submerged. I dive in directly after and frantically search and dive. I hear a cry and see my son is on the opposite side of the river. I make it to the other side with a single jump and with super powers I start ripping through trees, embankments and can scoop out tones of water. I hear him but can’t find him. I scream his name over and over. Debris is everywhere and I see my sons head just pop under a board. I reach for it and search, nothing. The river is full of debris now, I hear a mature voice. It is meant to be my sons voice, it says, “I told you I was going for a little while mommy and I’ll be back. I told you mommy”.
    I awake and snuggle and smooch my baby so much that he wakes up and hubby wakes up. I cry and cradle him in my arms for an hour till he went back sleep. I cry as I write this. My hubby sleep deprivation is the cause, i don’t think so.
    Damn dreams are so horribly vivid, I can hear and smell and recall every last detail. Something I wish to forget.

    I don’t want to dream tonight.

  4. with my dream last night it was weird. I found myself in a wooded area. Really tall old trees, the ground was covered with moss that grew up on to the trees and fallen logs. normal enough for me but it was the group of 7 people that had lead me into these woods that made things so weird. They didnt talk through my whole dream. When we got deeper into these woods I asked where we were going and why they had brought me there. The group looked between each other and laughed deeply before an overwhelming feeling of dread sunk in. after they laughed people just started running from every direction. they were completely normal looking people but someth inside me screamed run. So i started running. It was only when I looked back and saw one of the 7 people mauled by this group. and Im talking like zombie gory flesh eating maul that i realised I was in really bg trouble if I didnt keep on running. somehow the other 6 had got ahead of me, I still dont know how. But as I ran further and further the hoarde of zombie things started to just drop and die. Before I reapporached the group I distinctly remember looking down at one of the dead zombies.
    it was a tall blonde woman. she looked perfectly normal other than relatively pale skin which was really the only off setting thing about her. I moved back towards the group and asked again why they had brought me there and what was going on. they did not respond only laughed again. I followed the one pair demanding answers into this massive red wood log that we all could easily stand upright in. It was weird the area that they had lead me to was some twisted set up town or village looking thing they had built out of the fallen logs. By this point we were really deep into the woods. And then another hoarde came. And I got trapped in this log because the pair I had been attempting to interrogate wouldnt move when the hoarde flooded the log. They just stood there and watched the hoarde overwhelm me then pull me down and start pulling my organs out. thats about the time I woke up

  5. I have recently started to have recurring dreams about zombies. They began a few months ago. They are never the same and sometimes not that scary. I have had dreams where me an my family were running for our lives, there was one were I was like the character off resident evil just running around with a machete slicing them to bits, I even had one were it was a movie set and the zombies were just actors. They have all been very different in nature but always about zombies. I usually have atleasy 1-2 a week and it is actually starting to worry me.

  6. I had the strangest dream I’ve ever had last night. I was in my own house… just watching tv. I go outside to let my dog out and I saw a zombie running toward me. I picked up a baseball bat and swung for its head, but when the bat reached its head, the zombie turned to dust.. Then after that, everything that i touched with the bat turned to dust. Eventually I got my parents to do exactly as I told them (i’ve seen zombie movies) and we were on the highway driving about 115. I dont know what it means, but the only car on the road was like a hummer h2 when i first looked at it. I looked away and looked back and it was a kangaroo. then i woke up.. what in the hell does that mean

  7. My friend had a dream of me he said we was laying next to each other all around us was zombies biting at us , he said it was most awful faces they had he was recite from Holly Quran and was protect me and get them away from us, what is this mean .