Black in Dream

The color black in a dream depicts power and boldness. Even in waking hours, jet black suits in numbers convey authority and strength. Along with this power, comes the negative connotation of death and disappointment.

It is natural for humans to use black as something ominous because a cloudy day is usually sad compared to a sunny day. And the daily night cycles bring upon rest and quite.

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2 thoughts on “Black in Dream”

  1. I dreamed I had a perfectly circular hole in my left arm about the size of the bottom of a teacup. I felt a tickle in that area and out came an insect, sort of looked like a weird beetle, and a few more came out. I reached in and pulled out a larger insect and at that time I saw a small black scorpion. I pressed on the outer skin a bit and made it come out. I was very astonished and disgusted and scared. I was in great distress and said, “What have these evil doctors done to me!?!” I wanted to make sure all of them came out of me and was considering taking herbal medicines to kill off any lingering bugs but then I was unsure if I wanted my body to absorb any dead bug remnants. In the dream I owned a house in a neighborhood in America. Not sure of the exact state though. It had a lovely green back yard. There were people in my house. A small girl about the age of four was with her parents visiting that house for some reason, maybe to buy it, I am not sure. The little girl was going to go out into the back yard and I was worried for her to go out with no one watching her. Then I woke up.