Pink in Dream

Seeing pink in a dream indicates you are in love and happy. Your heart skips a beat when you are awake after dreaming of pink. You long to see the person that has been preoccupying your thoughts all night.

In love and happy, even your cheeks are flush with the color pink.

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2 thoughts on “Pink in Dream”

  1. I dreamed that I was in a church, there was a guy there sitting next to me. He kept talking and I couldn’t hear the message.

    I ultimately had to ask him to move. He wasn’t happy, but he moved and I could hear the message.

    A pastor with hair to his neck, with hot pink mixed with blonde walked up. He brought out a laser pointer and began talking about an asteroid heading for earth. As he pointed the lazer he began telling of faith and how all believers have nothing to fear and that they will all close their eyes and pray and be saved from the disaster.

    I saw a body flying so fast through space that it warped, twisted and spun the empty space around it.

    The lazer pointer was red, so the colors in the dream were Red, pink, and blonde.

  2. I had a dream of some kind of animal coming out of the walls of what looked like my office front. The one I remember & woke up to was pink, maybe shape of a cat but could have been even ghostlike. It came out many times like floating from the wall into the outside air. Any ideas?