Red in Dream

Everything about seeing red in a dream heightens your senses. There is an increased amount of danger, energy, activity, and passion levels all around you. Being able to control these senses and you will succeed in secure great fortunes and wealth. Neglect them, and you will fail miserably.

Also your sexual urges are at its highest point. Express them with your significant other or spouse to complete the red dream cycle.

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2 thoughts on “Red in Dream”

  1. hi my dream was of a car the car started out all red, then a black stripe down the front, the windshield then turned orange after that it the car went all white with a black stripe down the front again, and finally the doors turned purple and while the car was changing all theses colors it was spinning. what are you able to tell me about all of this?? thank you so much

  2. Salaam I had dreamed I was in store buying red cherry tomato’s in fruit vegetable section I only saw the tomato and some other veggies broccoli butternut then I walked to another department where their where clothing yellow brown green I was looking through clothing dresses then at till point there was yellow bird on stand I talk to bird but he fell and died in empty can the bird got unusual feet like baby doll an looking through clothing found nothing almost like searching the store not common to me