White in Dreams

The color, white has often been correlated with the notions of purity, innocence, and perfection. Thus, seeing the color white being very prevalent in your dreams insinuate that you are feeling very cognizant and alive about you and your environment. You feel fresh and with that, new beginnings are just about to take place. Something has awoken your senses to gain a pristine outlook regarding your life. White is also associated with purity, where you are unblemished and not marred by anything, rendering you pure.

Alternatively, this dream can be a sign of mourning, melancholy, or emptiness as the color white is perceived as being a color of death.

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11 thoughts on “White in Dreams”

  1. was being chased a friend, Trish in an all white jumper was assisting me as if we were escaping. Was in a building in an area of bleachers moving as not to be detected was with a different person then and the area was grey with shadows. Then me and someone else don’t recall if male or female we were outside on a path, snow in like a forest. Last thing remembering was sliding down this path we were on,. hearing something or someone(s) coming after us. Woke up wonder about the color white, snow, unknown person and Trish (Trish and I bowl in the same bowling league)

  2. ok here goes,Dont remember most just had these white being with no face shape pure white and gave off a positive content vibe gave me this white ball that changed shape and it made you so content and also gave you understanding I just played with the ball and there were three or more of them.Like they were trying to tell me something.

  3. My mother dreamt of a door being opened couldn’t see a person just white lillies and she screamed and woke herself up while she was still screaming

  4. Hi,
    My sister had a dream of her little daughter inside a white box….what is the meaning of this because she’s terribly worrying about that dream.

  5. Hi,
    I had a white room dream with two tables where friends and relatives were seated, one table were those who have passed. My friend Laura, a friend since childhood, walked over to the table of those who passed and I kept telling her that was not where she belonged.

  6. After moving my mother in ro take care of her..we had many spiritual talks…. Then within several days after her passing I dreamed:
    Looking out of a beautiful whate window with brilliant white misty clouds I see a hand come forth with palm out appear..as if to say hello but it did not move….I felt as if the things we discissed prior..she was confirming we were right?
    I know I may be just wanting this but…thanks for your thoughts

  7. I dreamed of riding in a big pure white bus down a wood planked road it looked almost to be a bridge and on both sides there was pure blue water. we were traveling really fast and the dream ended.

  8. I have had two nightmares in two days of dying in a white car or being killed by a white car. First dream I was drinking then died driving a white car. The second was me and my wife arguing and then I stepped back and was struck by a speeding white car.

  9. AoA,
    I had a dream; i went to my husband’s country n there i enter the house n i am in my bedroom which is white; and the bedsheet is all white with pink roses all over.
    Then i go to the kitchen n the kitchen is also white with pink roses printed.
    What does this mean/