Yellow in Dream

Color yellow in a dream represents borderline tranquility. At any yellow juncture, the senses are ready to go to a new level, while waiting on that imminent change as a signal. After the dream of yellow colors, you will wake up refreshed without a doubt on your mind, as you have experienced the warmth of the mellow color.

There are negative connotations attached to yellow, as it is often associated with being a coward. You are so stricken with fear that you turn yellow.

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4 thoughts on “Yellow in Dream”

  1. My father who has passed in 2007 and whom I was very close with and have a great relationship with was wearing a yellow dress shirt in my dream last night . He was hugging me and it was nice but then he left abrupt …. what does this mean

  2. Salam alaikom sister, Yellow in a dream means illness it could be a cold, flu or something else so you may want to go to the doctor and bcuz it was on your head it may be contained there….

  3. Salam alaykum, a muslim brother had a dream of me wearing a yellow hijab, though i do not wear it in real life, any body know what this could mean ? Please help