Yellow in Dream

Color yellow in a dream represents borderline tranquility. At any yellow juncture, the senses are ready to go to a new level, while waiting on that imminent change as a signal. After the dream of yellow colors, you will wake up refreshed without a doubt on your mind, as you have experienced the warmth of the mellow color.

There are negative connotations attached to yellow, as it is often associated with being a coward. You are so stricken with fear that you turn yellow.

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7 thoughts on “Yellow in Dream”

  1. I dreamed of a yellow parakeet…he war super small like a swallow…never have had much attraction toward birds , but I was filled with sooooooo much pleasure even now I weep with gratitude for having spent the short moments…A man walked by an told me to listen to what the beautiful yellow parakeet said , I couldn’t understand the words , but the free loving spirit between the the bird and I , I did he eventually flew away but I internally accepted….I loved him and I knew he LOVED me…At the end of the dream , there were feathers bigger than my yellow parakeet. There were only 3 …my brother help gather the feathers they multiplied
    My brother in the end handed me a Boqute of multi colored feathers I awoke with gratitude and weeping all through the day.

  2. i dreamt i saw a yellow square piece of cloth n infront of me n i know it means something but can’t help me pls n an thks in anticipation

  3. I had a dream last night about my ex-boyfriend. To preface it when we met he was on the heels of a divorce and it was great at first until it wasn’t with no communication from him. When I forced it he told me he was trying to distance himself from me, so we ended it. However we worked together and he would still do the same things he used to like pop over my desk wall or stop and talk to me frequently, send random texts etc until I told him to stop. Fast forward a year and we are cordial, but he’s very inconsistent in his behavior with me when we run into each other. Sometimes he’s very excited to see me and other times he will barely acknowledge me. I’ve now placed myself in the position of rarely, if ever, running into him. Now the dream. Last night I had a dream, I was in a building that was all windows, sitting at a table, conference table I would guess. My ex was sitting next to me all relaxed, eased back in his seat and confident chatting me up. I was being friendly enough, but I remember I saw another guy in the room, someone we both know but I have no interest in him in that way. However in the dream I looked him up and down, but still not evoking any feelings of desire. My ex saw me do that and was eyeballing the guy, but still kept happily talking to me. The odd fact of it was that he was wearing a bright yellow button down shirt. A color I’ve never seen him wear before. Our conversation ended without it really ever going anywhere, and I moved to a different location of the office, preparing to leave for the day. I received a phone call from one of my staff members apologizing for a prank he pulled (not in trouble, just being nice) and we had a good laugh, and hung up. I went to get my coat and someone had thrown it on the floor in the entryway, and I remember thinking this is the second time someone has done that. At this point there were maybe 5 people left in the office, my ex included, and I left without talking to him again. I woke up feeling a little perplexed but okay, however my eyes feel like I was crying in my sleep. Puffy and with a lot of sleep dried in them. What could this mean? Am I finally resolving my feelings for him so that I can move on?

  4. My father who has passed in 2007 and whom I was very close with and have a great relationship with was wearing a yellow dress shirt in my dream last night . He was hugging me and it was nice but then he left abrupt …. what does this mean

  5. Salam alaikom sister, Yellow in a dream means illness it could be a cold, flu or something else so you may want to go to the doctor and bcuz it was on your head it may be contained there….

  6. Salam alaykum, a muslim brother had a dream of me wearing a yellow hijab, though i do not wear it in real life, any body know what this could mean ? Please help