Anger in Dreams

Dreaming of anger means you are currently repressing those emotions in the waking hours. The hostilities you hold toward the person in your dreams are never at the receiving end of a yelling match in the waking hours because you cannot conjure up the balls to do it.

Holding the pent up anger inside you is not healthy and will lead to a greater destructive outcome. Get it over with by confronting the person that causes you to have restless nights.

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4 thoughts on “Anger in Dreams”

  1. HELP ME!!! For some reason, every night I have a dream about me being angry at my boyfriend for a bunch of different reasons but he NEVER makes me that upset in my waking life. It’s just in my dreams when i wanna tear that ass up!! Why I am always angry at my boyfriend, and only him, in my dreams???!!

  2. I always have a dream that my boyfriend is mad at me but I never ask why. And he won’t talk to me or acknowledge me. It always occurs in a different scenario but it is a recurring dream. We never fight though in real life. What does that mean?

  3. Your Dad frightens you, and you are aware that he holds anger with you because you are growing up and maturing. He gives you money but does not want you to buy sexy clothes at the mall. He may also be abusive to you in very subtle ways. You are angry over the way your Dad treats you as he is changeable and tricky. You have a great need for self expression, and you need to pursue that.

  4. I had this dream once when i was small, and have always wondered what it meant as it angered me.

    So i was in a mall and all of a sudden a limo pulled up, and out came my dad. He was an evil robot in a wheelchair. He made me come to him and told me I looked better in pants than a skirt. Then he sent cheetah after me, and they chased through out the mall while i ran with terror for my life.