Sad in Dreams

Dreaming of being sad means an unwanted change is about to occur. It could be a job lost, a relationship gone bad, a family member’s health declining, or you simply did not get what you want. All these events toy with your emotions, and a person who takes it personally will amplify them. The fact that some events are beyond your control saddens you.

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4 thoughts on “Sad in Dreams”

  1. Hi I had a nightmare that me and my sister got taken away from our home but when we came back our dad was really sad and now it is making me sad + I am scared that my family will get hurt 🙁

  2. Last night I had a mournful dream in that I was in a room, dimly lit, with benches on either side of a center aisle (like a church sanctuary) I was standing in the center aisle near rows of long benches or pews. I saw an old friend, a girl my age that I knew closely years and years ago, who is a sincere friend now. When I saw her, I noticed she had seen me and after she did, she made an effort to walk over to me where she was standing up from the bench, smiling and with tears in her eyes, hugged me around my shoulders…It was a sad smile, remorseful and I felt moved…not happy, but more like I was losing something…although in the dream, I couldn’t tell what…This is the first time I have ever dreamed something like this…I haven’t talked to or seen this friend in months…The circumstances were very clearly focused in my mind…like a vision…I was stirred from my sleep, then almost immediately afterwards, I drifted peacefully off to sleep again, without bad thoughts or feelings…

  3. I have this dream every 2 yrs or so. I cannot remember what it is about or what even happens in it but I do know it is the same dream every 2 years or so. I don’t know how I feel during the dream but I know after I wake up from the dream I am scared. not terrified but scared and I am breathing heaven. That turns into a morbid sad feeling. The dream repeats itself everytime I sleep for almost a week and then ends. Everytime the dream occurs I feel the same way afterwards no matter what time of day. Very strange.

  4. I have a recurring dream. I’m usually laying on the couch. I realize I’m dreaming and almost always, I think that I’m awake. I’m desperately screaming for someone to hear me to wake me up but no sound comes out (it does in my dream but I realize it doesn’t come out for real). I try to move, wiggle in any way to wake myself. Most of the time if I try hard enough I can wake myself by moving. But that is very hard to do. Sometimes I give up and relax….that wakes me up, too. But I seem to forget to do that alot because I’m so scared in my dream. Tonight was a little different. I knew I was dreaming but I saw an orb on the wall. I kept saying “mom, is that you? Mom!! Is that you?”. I’ve also done the same thing (laying on couch knowing I’m dreaming) but different people in them…my husband, a little girl I don’t know, my son, my daughter, etc….I don’t know how stop this from happening. Its scarry and is like for