Apocalypse in Dreams

Dreaming of an apocalypse means surviving total destruction as the chosen people who will rebuild from the ground up all over again. Your faith will be tested with difficult challenges to filter out the non-believers. Do not fear the plans laid out for you by a higher power.

Your prayers will be answered and any obstacles in your path will destroyed.

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3 thoughts on “Apocalypse in Dreams”

  1. i kept having two strange dreams 1 a giant bear is chasing me he has killed my brother and is coming after me 2 is the apocalypse the world ends and im waching it kill the wicked. please help me understand it

  2. Recurring apocalypse dream as a child of running away from something(s?) in bare streets of my hometown. Everyone is gone. I know they are all dead but no trace. I need hide. I am scared. They are coming for me. I saw what I was running from once. It was a green reptile . I am in a lab type place holding a reptile baby. It is mine. Others are contained in the walls. After I “saw” I never had the dream again that I recall. Also recurring dreams that I can almost fly. They are connected. As if from a previous experience in real life. Never watched TV as a kid. Never any exposure to horror either.

  3. In my dream, I was in an apocalypse and there was a girl and a boy that I didn’t know, hiding In an abandoned store with me. Later on, my mom was there and she had a video camera, so me and that random girl were Going to do news reports or something, but we never did. Later on, these two zombies came into the store and one of them had a gun and i had to keep stabbing him till he died, but he wouldn’t die, so I cut his head off. Later, we ended up finding out that some, evil lord was controlling it all.