Funeral in Dreams

Dreaming of a funeral represents that you care for the recently deceased important person in your life. It is a way of respecting them for one last time before you spend the waking hours without them around. You will close the relationship and move on with your life.

If the funeral dream turns out to be scary or you wake up shaken from the nightmare, then dreams are helping you to overcome your hate and resentments as the nightmares slowly die out in frequency.

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2 thoughts on “Funeral in Dreams”

  1. I have dreamt about the same scene a few times, but this time I buried someone that is close to me.

    Any ideas what that means!

  2. I dreamed I entered a big room. Up ahead I saw many people gathered together with their backs facing me. I didn’t know any of these people but that they seemed familiar. I was curious as to what they were all doing up there. As I walked closer to them I sensed a sad atmosphere. When I got there, I squeezed in between the crowd to peek my head in and there it was laying lifeless – me! I just walked into my funeral! I suddenly accepted the fact that I am just a spirit now. I felt sad because I didn’t know what caused me to die. I looked at my dead body and I looked young like in mid – maybe late 20’s. The clothes that was on me (the dead body) was radiant & beautiful; it looked like a garment a royal family would only be allowed to wear to represent their status. It felt so real, and I sadly embraced it. Then I woke up and realized it was just a bad dream, but I was still feeling the same way I did in my dream. What does this mean? PLEASE HELP!