Halloween in Dreams

Dreaming of Halloween means you want to let out your true self because conformity is holding you back. Wearing a mask helps to bring out your uninhibited self allowing you to exceed in pursuing your passions instead of working to collect a weekly paycheck.

More important is the character you dress up as during Halloween because this is your true form other than the current acceptable, corporate, and normal daily inhibited self image.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween in Dreams”

  1. So i went from a princess to a skeleton face half human when i looked in the mirror and so i went to go look for a costume and i was in the spooky section but for some reasons jessica rabbits bright red dress was there and i picked jessica rabbit what does that mean?

  2. A witch is usually someone who is either unhappy and feels cursed or on the other spectrum is whimsical and outgoing usually in a secret way. Do you feel one of these two ways?

  3. My dream took place on Halloween but I wasn’t involved in the costumes of it. I remember early on I was buying a phone in a decorated mall and later I was heading to work with a friend (an ice cream stand with many dressed up and happy children) while I was just in a uniform. So I’m not sure the meaning of this.