Plane Crash in Dreams

Dreaming of a plane crash means your fear of flying is surfacing before a trip or vacation. This anxiety can be triggered by news events of airplanes failing and disappearing into the ocean. The worst aspect of plane crashes is that survivors are far and few in between compared to other accidents involving vehicle failures.

As a passenger on a plane, you have limited or no control over what happens if the equipment fails. The safety instructions before take off is pure marketing material to brainwash passengers into thinking that a plane falling from the sky has a chance for survival.

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3 thoughts on “Plane Crash in Dreams”

  1. My husband had a very bad dream that a plane almost crashed into our house. The pilot managed to divert the plane away from us, but it still crashed into a house up the road. The wierd thing for him was that when he went to check for survivors there were people sitting on deck chairs outside the house and they said “don’t worry they (the home owners) are on holidays, it’s all ok”. He seemed to be the only one concerned by this event.

  2. hi chloe, how did you escape the crash in your dream? i’ve been dreaming a lot about airplanes, boats and cars these days..thats why i’m checking this site out..

  3. Interesting…. what about if in my dream, the plane crashes and is about to go into the sea which is freezing cold and you know you’ll die if you have to swim in the water, but you manage to escape the plane before this happens?