Recession in Dreams

Dreaming of the recession indicates that this turn of economic events have affected you one way or another. When a company is tight on cash and need to make the payroll due to salary caps or lack of sustainable business receivables, they will not be hesitant to downsize the company where nobody is in a secure position.

The recession dream is one out of fear than anything else. It may be true that your position is on the chopping block. However, use this opportunity to re-evaluate your own skills to answer the question where you have learned enough on the job to be able expand on your own, or get another position easily.

If a company downsizes due to a recession, it has nothing to do with you personally rather it is management that has made the wrong hiring choices or chased the wrong clients that put them in the dilemma. Let the recession dream be a warning that motivates you to learn a true marketable skill instead of wasting your time flipping burgers.

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