Leech in Dreams

Leeches are ominous, blood sucking creatures. Dreaming about leeches is never a good sign. They foretell unfortunate events where your enemies overcome your territory. Your waking hours will be full of disappointment.

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12 thoughts on “Leech in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream of leeches that were a few at first and then as i noticed more of them sticking oband crawling on the upper corner walls of my home. Also as i kept my eyes on the many that was on the wall then i looked down and saw one on the bottom of foot but it wasn’ t alive, somehow it was smashed flat and it was melting and slowly disappeared from the bottom of my foot but some sort of message or something was in it’s place on bottom of foot. The leeches never fully took over my body or even bit and sucked my blood they stayed their distance still stuck in groups and crawling down the wall i just kept seeing little letter messages or numbers that i can’t remember them at all or what they meant. Later before my dream ended i remember i looked under my foot again and there was another leech under my foot this too was already smashed flat and it began to melt away like diasappear before my eyes but left some numbers or letters in it’s place but really know what it meant then dream ended.

  2. Hi,
    I dream a leech bite my tongue and when I pull it the other side still stick on my tongue and the other I pull it until it’s cut into small and the blood is come out but still the other side stick on my tongue,

  3. I dreamt I was sitting on the ground, there was grass and leaves on the ground surrounded by trees but there was a road way in front of where I was sitting on the grass. My son was sitting in my lap and then I started to feel something pinching me, then I noticed it was leech, they were at different parts on me, I got up and started to take the leeches off but it was like some of them bit me through my clothes, I took off the clothes and they came off but I had on something else under the clothes the leeches bit through and they fell to the ground. Wonder what this means

  4. I was walking in a swamp. The water was waste deep for the most part then it went up over my head. I was trying to reach my friend on the other side. And when I did I took my clothes off because I had an unusual comfortable feeling. Then I found tons of leeches all over my body. I started pulling them off. A few got stuck in my skin and I couldn’t get them off.

  5. There was two days this summer with heavy rain that caused flash flooding.
    I had a dream the next morning that I was with some people playing out in the rain and got covered in flood waters that were warm rain that was slightly muddy. We all ended up in a shallow trench and I was climbing out but there was something stuck to the bottom of my toes. I picked off 3 or 4 small grey leeches. No blood or pain. I walked down a dirt pathway through a metal gate passed a bicycle and large wooden crates and went inside a house.

  6. Last night i had a dream a man i dont know who told me to follow him, we dipped into the water and swimmed to this square window, i was stuck something was biting me it took a second b4 i could make it in the window when i finally did i had leeches every where sucking my blood out and 2 snakes biting on me one yellow and black n the other black?? I squeezed the heads of the leeches to remove them n the snakes the same, after i had terrible marks the man begged me to go to the hospital but i didn’t. Whats this mean???

  7. I had a dream that I was canoeing at camp and our boat tipped. when we were taking the water out and We got back into the canoe there was a leech on my foot and I thought I was going to throw up or pass out.

  8. I was at some type of fair with my husband. We were on these high stilts traveling to a finish line for a couples maze type event. We helped this boy up a tall wall that to me looked like a lizard. Next thing I know were pulling leaches out of something & piling them on each other but they looked a light color more similar to a miniature snake. My pile formed into what looked like a rat and one bit me.

  9. i had a dream i cant remember were i was but friends of mine were there and then i looked down at my feet and had leaches i mean a lot of leaches on my feet and one maggot oneach foot making big holes i was pulling them off but it took so loong then when i finally got them off iwoke up ? what does this mean

  10. Hi
    I had a dream that as I was running my hands through my hair I pulled out leeches and gnats and tiny tiny cockroaches.
    A leech got stuck to my hand but I pulled it off. And the next thing I was @ the hairdresser – she cut my hair to get rid of the leeches and it was red with blonde highlites – I ended up in teras

  11. In the dream from last night, I passed beneath a tree while it was raining and leeches fell upon me, latching to my neck, my shoulder, the inside of my arms…someone helped me burn them off, but eventually I took the lighter off from them and burnt the last. However, they left these bumps…and I can’t recall exactly what was said to me in regards to them… however, ‘marks will not fade’ was part of it.

  12. I had a dream that I passed an alive leech in my stool during defecation,……..What does that mean?
    I had this dream before fajar time,……..