Lobster in Dreams

Lobsters are succulent royal creatures of the sea. Dreaming of lobsters often mean wealth and good fortune will follow shortly. Your life is making a turn for the best in areas of career advancement, more intimate relationships, and amassing wealth.

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27 thoughts on “Lobster in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that I was in front of a Lobster tank there were 3 Lobsters I put my hand in and took 1out. I took it with me where I boiled it. Skip to me making a Lobster sandwich for some lady. That’s when I realized I worked in a restaurant. I tried to wrap the lady’s sandwich but it was messy my boss (an woman older than me) had to step in and help me wrap it to go, I let her and when to clean a table?
    I thought this dream was funny but would like to know what it means.

  2. I had a dream that a lobster I had taken out to eat was alive and not dead. It had a face ike a cute dog and I wanted to keep it as a pet. What does this mean?

  3. I dreamt I was holding a black lobster weight about six lbs it has three claws two of which bit me what does this mean

  4. I had a many lobsters biting at my ass, then I swatted them off and got free. It hurt while they were biting, but I overcame it

    What does this possibly mean? Thx

    BTW I’m a hard working concrete with two kids and a wife.

  5. I dreamt that there was a big cage in the middle of the sea and hundreds of lobsters were just escaping from this cage and some poeple started to catch them but me i was just enjoying this lobsters leaving the cage i had a feeling of bliss and harmony first time i dream about lobsters.

  6. I dreamed that I was actually observing a lobster, it was swimming on the surface of the water (I know, odd, right) and as I was observing it with admiration, like in a seaworld type environment where I also observed dolphins and penguins, or maybe baby orcas, the lobster suddenly bit my leg. When I went to check the bite, it hurt but did not show any real physical marks. Any insight?

  7. I dreamed i was playing a lobster because i find it so cute. All of a sudden the lobster bite my hand. What does it mean?

  8. I had a dream that I was living in a new apartment, and I had 2 pet blue lobsters. I was home from work/school due to dark weather storms outside, and my lobsters escaped the tank and tried attacking me in the kitchen! I was able to kill one of them with a knife to the head but the other turned into a giant snake (like off harry potter lol) and I was terrified. The town people wanted me to battle the snake so there I was in a creepy bouncy castle, battling a giant snake to the death with only a small knife. I think I was about to win when I woke up..

    strange. . haha

  9. I had a dream that I was showing a new home with beautiful architech to a group of close friends I didn’t know. I asked them if they were hungary and if so I was about to cook them something. I walked in this other room with a built in pond and in that pond was 2 huge lobsters swimming around like sharks. I was terrified.

  10. I dreamt that I was in the ocean and found a crest on the ocean floor where I caught a bunch of lobsters with my hands. That’s all I remembered vividly.

  11. Hello,
    In the dream my bofriends brought it home but the lobster grabbed our baby with it’s claw because we we’re too busy trying to pick up the gold fish that kept jumping out of our fish tanks and “commuting suicide” . The baby didn’t bleed but the lobster didn’t let her go until my boyfriend grabbed it and ripped it’s claws off and then ended up eating the claws and the head. Please reply back, I would like to try to understand the dream.
    Thank you.

  12. In my dream I was on my bed and there were 2 lobsters trying to get me, I ran off my bed into the bathroom and one lobster followed me and my brother killed it

  13. I dreamed that I was near water in a raft relaxing and my husband was with me and my toe was hanging over the side and a lobster clamped onto my toe with his claw I couldn’t get him off although it didn’t hurt and I wasn’t panicked or anything. This guy came along and said they are nearly impossible to get off and told me where I could go to get the lobster off my toe but then I woke up.

  14. I dreamt that a giant larger than life, black lobster was hiding somewhere in my families home and I knew there was something very sinister about it even before it started talking to me. Goading me to find it and teasing me with clues where it was.

  15. I had a dream that a huge 20 lb lobster was on a ladder in my house. When I saw him he started climbing down but he only had 1 claw. It looked mechanical at the joint. While I looked at it, it moved faster down the ladder until it was on the floor. Then it chased me. I was surprised it was as fast as a dog of cat. That’s all I remember. Wat does it mean????

  16. had a dream that i saw a spiders then turned in to one. I tried to kill it but it transformed legs went into one hard shell white and red striped and i couldn’t kill it.then i saw a lobster around her were baby lobsters was not afraid of it….

  17. Head the constant dreams of lobsters living under my bed and when I put my feet out to get up the lobsters would try to pinch of my toes

  18. In my dream I was being attacked by a giant swarm of very fast moving lobsters climbing up the side of cliff, I had angered them by accidentally kicking dirt over the side of the cliff while trying not to fall and move around the side of a building close to the ledge on an abandoned island… I held onto a large copper colored pipe and scooted on my butt back up the cliff watching the creepy moving swarm travel up the rocks. They looked like large red/brown spiders but were actually lobsters without the giant pincers. Yep… I’m at a loss.

  19. I dreamt I was stuck in a net with a lobster my size. I think it might have been dead. it wasn’t moving and I had the strongest urge to not touch or brush up against it

  20. Hi There- I had a really strong dream about a lobster in my toilet an I wasn’t scared but I did try and flush it down….we kind of eye balled each other and it was not resistant….just surprised seeing a lobster in my toilet.

    I’m doing a 12 day juice fast cleanse for tick poisoning presently (incurred whilst in Africa) and thought at first I was kicking out the poison/toxin last night….but maybe I was kicking out the crappy mental stuff and now allowing the good riches to come in…..?? Love to know what you think.

  21. In my dream, the lobster was very large. About the width of someone’s arms spreed open. Its was caged, but soon escaped and was angry and attempted to attack me. I feel fear at first, then someone came in and began to beat the lobster. I could clearly hear its scream and feel the pain it felt. I was then overcame with sadness for the lobster. What does that mean?