Octopus in Dreams

Octopus have a grasping effect on dreamers. When we come into contact with the sea creature, we are in awe by its uniqueness and how it tends to shy away from other moving sea dwellers that share the same space.

If the octopus represents you in the dream, then people are naturally attracted to you because you are shy and yet exude a lot of individuality.

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14 thoughts on “Octopus in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I saw a large group of fishes in the ocean and one octopus clinging on to either a stick or rock. I grabbed the stick the octopus was clinging on but it tried to escaped. I smashed it on its head and I think I killed it. What does this dream mean?

  2. Ran into a public restroom with an automatic door with the primary focus on the hinge that allows the door to open and close. The door would not closed fast enough, even though I attempted shut it a few times. It was up until the third time, the hinge broke or became stuck that I realized “it was coming.” Just as I tried desperately to push door shut, the tentacles of the creature came under and through the open crack of the door. The creature forced itself in, within the moment realizing I had no where else to go. The octopus open wide his mouth…and I woke up. This is second of two dreams in one night. The first, a few hours earlier, a shark was following me and turned into a man after leaving the water. This man arrived at a barely locked door, (the lock was not secured) trying to get in. He banged on the window frustrated..I woke up..

  3. Could anyone that actually has an idea of the psych of dreams please tell me what that means? I usually can decipher dreams and gave an understanding of them and why I dreamt them, but this was so real, and it’s scared the poop out of me. Help anyone?

  4. I dreamt I was in my childhood house in the front yard. There was a whole heap of things on the front yard. A man showed up and My husband then came in and told me that he had him there to clear all this stuff on the front lawn.

    I freaked out because I needed to check for papers related to things my ex husband had done and if he threw them out I would have no evidence.

    He said it’s going., as I tried to argue my case,with my husband fir some reason my daughter walked out to the front yard where I saw an alive and large octopus on top of a chair on the backing part. My child kept walking over to the octopus and it wrapped its legs around her head engulfed it and suffocated her. I said to my husband please do something he didn’t react in time, I tried to pry it off her head I coukdnt I poked its eyes out I stabbed it I pulled it and by the time I done that it had crushed my daughters skull I was sobbing heart broken and broken.

    I was speaking to some one saying have you ever had a daughter? And I couldn’t understand why he was so cold to the loss of life I had just encountered and I was still holding her head distraught with realisation her head was crushed and she wasn’t alive and neither was the octopus. I was trying to get this person to understand the loss but was just still killed inside and distraught because I knew there was no way to bring her back. The realisation she was dead and I was holding her crushed skull I could feel the bones and hear the noise. As I moved slightly.

  5. I had a dream where I left my children at home with daddy to go shopping, we were on vacation visiting family about 3 hours from home. On my way home the car died, the moon started falling from the sky and the apocalypse started. I had to begin my journey by foot. A huge giant , evil land octopus made our journey bloody and torturous! It came out of the woods and sickness people up with its sticky tentacles, it could talk and kill.. And kill it did! After a long journey I came out of an underground passage to find my chosen and husband running towards me terrified not knowing what they were running towards, it was the most terrifying nightmare I’ve ever had! It seems silly but I woke up shaking!! The blood, gore , end of the world away from my family was beyond terrifying !!

  6. I had a dream were i was camping and going to this trading shop. i traded in an empty water bottle. when i was leaving all the clubs were too. I saw my friend, and tried to say hi; no reply. then i was outside saw three boys (2 were friends) they were going to boy Scots. they accidentally took me instead of there other friend. when we got to the train (Train?) i stood up and they new i was wrong. butt scinc the guy was missing i took his place then i was sitting behind the conductor. they said they tried so hard to sit up there. and then a dog with octopus tenticals can up (i wake up)

  7. I wanted to go swimming in the ocean, and as I went to jump in I could clearly see an octopus approximately the size of a human. I was concerned and didn’t jump in.

  8. I had a dream I was on holidays with my family. In the room there where two spiders (thin grey ones with long legs) and two small octopus, they where hiding on a shelving unit I was trying to catch them but they kept going outside my reach.

  9. I keep having dreams about an octopus. In one dream I was getting ready for school and I tried to wake up my sister but she wouldn’t get up, so I pulled the covers off her and there was an octopus. In that dream I ran to my mothers room and as I pulled the covers off her she was a monkey. I had another dream where my best friend was marrying a octopus, it sounds funny in theory but its really weird.

    1. the last one is all i can think of is your mind remembering a vedio game called octodad but you rememered your friend too so she got maried to him

  10. My husband wore up this morning saying he had a dream in which he killed an octopus by putting it down the garbage disposal. please interpret.

  11. soo i jUST woke up from this bizaree dream. i was in a store getting a christmas tree but it was in a long box. then i started getting freaked out because there was something moving in it. and in my dream i desired to open it, but had difficulty. from like a 3rd person view of my dream, i could see myself and was trying to tell myself “no! stop!” but i continued, and opened it. i am a SERIOUS arachnaphobic. when i opened it a spider [black widow] began to come out and the back was 2ft tall!! and the legs were really long. then it evolved into a mutant octopus star was looking thing. which is weird because i dont even watch star wars. the octopus raised to like 7 ft tall and tentacles/ leg things were 5 ft long. it was messing up everything in the store and following people. it grabbed one person and they just disappeared. i tried to take a picture of it, but my cell phone wouldnt work around it. so i told my gramma we needed to leave, but she was persistent in paying for a bag of doritos? and so i jus grabbed her and we went to the parking lot. the octopus followed us! then when we finally got to the car, it was speeding up and we couldnt find the keys. then i woke up..

  12. I had a dream that I was in a room that I didn’t want to be in and an octopus was chasing me. It was acting like a wild dog.

    Anybody have any idea what that means?

    1. The dream is telling you that you have come into a place in life that you really don’t want to be and that confusion has gotten out of control in this place…