Orca in Dreams

Dreaming of the killer whale or the orca is a warning of enemies lurking nearby to bring down your success and fortunes. The natural reaction is to do everything possible to prevent being swallowed whole by your antagonist. Pay attention to recent businesses, and relationships established through a tenuous nature.

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7 thoughts on “Orca in Dreams”

  1. I dream very often. My grandmother use to ask me what you dream last night and I would tell her about the dreams. I am 44. I dreamed last night about first seeing 2 seals just off my porch as if I was about to step off my porch and then seeing that there is nothing but water. The seals just swam by playfully. My husband and granddaughter were standing nest to me. I said look now here comes the waves from all the splashing. The waves were clear blue water. My grand mother always said if the water is clear that is good but if the water is murky then that is bad. Just after we saw the seals 2 huge orcas swam by, whith most of their bodies extended from the water. I stood in shock. Probably because I knew in my dream and as I sit here now that it meant something significant. Help! What could this possibly mean.

  2. I was getting into a holden ute with my younger cousins and my guy friend who happened to be my boyfriend in the dream. So my boyfriends friend pick us all up my younger cousins jump on the back of the tray and me and my boyfriend next to each other sharing the seat in the car. Anyway we’re all going to the beach. The driver was driver was driving too fast along the whalf and almost hit a family fishing so the car goes out of control and cause we were going to fast we didn’t stop in time before the end of the whalf so I tols everyone to jump. We all jumped and landed into a tuna breeding/net all of a sudden I saw a killer whale fin. We were swimming in a killer whale net. I saw everybody else in the water with me and dragged most of them out. But when we jumped out we jumped out of what seemed to be the side a building holding these things. After I jumped out I saw my brother still in the I was going to grab him but he swam down and his legs looked like seal legs so I left him to find my boyfriend who at a bar down the road.

  3. I dreamt that I was fighting with my friend Alisha and felt the need to keep walking away. She kept following me and trying to argue so I felt the only way to get rid of here was to go back to when I was a child and I did not know her. So I crossed a zip line which let me grow back into being a child when I landed. I could see Alisha at the top but she was not willing to go across the zip line. Where I landed was a deserted small beach. I started to swim out into the water. The farther I went out the more I became an adult again. I got far enough to a point where I could not touch or even see a bottom but far ahead of me a pod of various aged orcas appeared. I was terrified and started sinking in the water as I watched them jump over me. One of the only things im “afraid of” are killer whales but it was actually beautiful. I was right below the beam of light from the sun as I watched them leaping over me. I started to swim back to shore and when I reached it I remained an adult and Alisha was still waiting for me on top of the zip line.

  4. I dream about Orca’s very often. Usually I’m in a pool with about 3 of them and I can’t get out. I also sometimes have this same dream involging sharks.

    1. I think an explanation of what orcas mean depends on your personal perception of them. Same thing with all other objects in dream interpretation.

      Orcas have been my favorite animal since I was 5 and I have spent a lot of time thinking about them, daydreaming about them, and drawing them. In my whole life, I’ve only had 4 or 5 dreams that I remember of them and they were all pleasant. Even before these, I would have dreams of swimming and I was able to breathe from a bubble that went from my nose to my chin, like the bubblehead charm in Harry Potter. The whale dreams involve me swimming, playing, and interacting with them in positive ways, usually in the water. I have never flown in my dreams, but I have daydreamed about it.

      The dream I had last night, I was able to connect to my life as I recently worked at an animal shelter, and the orcas were in an animal shelter. I connected with one that had a skin condition which caused peeling and pink patches that the whale to enjoyed to have scratched. I pulled his head up onto my knees as I sat on the edge with my feet in the water and he just enjoyed me scratching his patches.

      It was very vivid and this was only one small part of the dream.

  5. My first orca dream. I had 4 orcas. The bigggest which fit in a large plastic storage bin. The second and third (one larger then the other) were in a large deep 24 inch bowl. And the fourth was in a smaller bowl. i had to keep adding water and I sometimes forgot to keep an eye on them. So they began fading, like drying out and almost dying. So I wanted to put them all in our bath tub, but my mom refused. Whales symbolize protection because they are known to follow, protect and keep an eye on people who are at sea. The movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks is a great example of a hump back that keeps an eye on him.

  6. I had a dream I was deep sea fishing. Someone else on the boat was struggling trying to reel a fish in. I offered to take over and a long fight between the fish and I ensued. After a great battle I began to see the shadow of a GIANT hammerhead shark form underneath the water (me with my tiny fishing rod). As it rose higher towards the surface it turned out to be an orca whale. I remember feeling scared but also feeling bad for the whale and then the dream became about helping the whale so it didnt have to drag a fishing pole around for the rest of its days. So vivid.