Squid in Dreams

Dreaming of a squid means your thoughts are clouded from fear and flight reflexes. Did something happen to block out your memories, that keeps you in a denial state? To live a life of uncertainty where you cannot be honest with yourself is a shame. Take a break from what you are doing in the waking hours and examine your life closely to rediscover yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Squid in Dreams”

  1. I had multiple dreams last night that i believe tie together with my near move into a new apartment for the first time with my new fiance bit there was one that wont leave my head and i want to know what it means……i just got a pair of new boots in reality and in my dream i was wearing them with some very nice corset and shorts i walked down to my fiances room in his parents house where we have been staying and there was a huge non anatomically correct squid with alot of little string like tentacles amd a rounded long oval body no eyes. I got into the bed where the squid was and it was hovering above the bed i then lifted off the bed slightly and some how was connected to tje squid without touching it. We starting swirling slowly over the bed in a clockwise rotation with intervals of just wiggles but stationary. The dream ended when i woke up to find i was alone in bed and my fiance had gone up stairs.

  2. I had a dream a baby spuid was attacking me and trying to wrap around my legs to trap me. I was able go release a Lil but it kept getting me, so I ripped off its legs, and it cried, and wimpered in pain and I cried saying omg I don’t want it to suffer please someone stop it, and it slowly died and people just recorded it.

  3. I dreamed my left arm was itching. I started scratching it until the skin broke. Two small clams fell out from the open wound. In the dream it left me frightened. Went to my closet to get my coat to go out. The closet was full of live squid tightly packed inside swimming in the air and blowing ink. I ran out with my arm bleeding and feeling frightened in the dream.

  4. I had a dream I was a Viking and my village went out to hunt in the woods at night and I ran along a path in the woods to scout ahead when I realised that the trees in the woods were actually giant squids planted head first and then a purple feral cat the size of an elephant started attacking my fellow vikings behind me…… It was a brilliant dream 🙂

  5. Ok… my dream was that i was outside a place that i dont know where it is well i saw a squid a small one it was in a box. I saw it move so i got closer to see it… It want to come out I was holding the box then it just got out it went every where i follow it … it run at the end i just put a blanket on top of it which the squid became a cricket i think….