Whale in Dreams

Dreaming about a whale signifies power and strength. Everything being foretold by the dream is positive. Expect a good turn of events coming your way. Enjoy your business and love life with full confidence after dreaming about whales.

Your business will grow with unlimited success. And your relationships will be stronger and more intimate.

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58 thoughts on “Whale in Dreams”

  1. It was beautiful. It was almost dark and i was watching from the shore and saw one whale spurt, then another breach, then as i looked over the undulating waves there were literally hundreds of whales close to the surface of the ocean. It was getting darker but it was interesting that i could still see how many were there. I was excitedly pointing them out to someone next to me.

  2. I dreamt ywo whales aproached me , one of them came out of the water completely to greet me and let me pet it. It came out of the water repeatedly to make sure i knew it came to see me, and until i touched it, and acknowledge it was there, then slowly behan to retract into water and swim away. It was really intense, i was not scared, but exited. It was so real, i still feel how i touched it.

  3. I had a dream I was walking my dogs along the beach. I could hear whales singing but when I got down to the waters edge there was a huge giraffe there instead.

  4. I had a dream that I was sitting on the edge of an indoor swimming pool – very similar looking to my local pools. In the dream a huge killer whale nearly filled the entire pool. I sat with him and felt a very deep love and connection for him. A little girl was sat next to me – girl did not appear look like anyone I knew in real, but again I ft a strong connection. The little girl then fell into the pool and the whale lifted her up in his mouth and went to pass her to me. He then suddenly changed and started thrashing about in the pool and we were terrified of him. Water was going everywhere and we couldn’t get out. All the this was going on I still felt this very deep love and sadness for him. It was like I was in some kind of relationship with him. We couldn’t get out of the room the pool and whale was in but it was also like I didn’t want to leave him.

    I have also had another dream since then, about 2 weeks later, where I was sitting on a beach with another child I think she was a girl too perhaps a little older – again I don’t know who she is in real life. The beach is full of people. I start talking to the girl about a real life conversation I had with a friend when she told me of her experience of seeing of dolphins, then as I am tell the girl in my dream of this dolphins appear swimming very close to us on the shore line so close they are swimming in and out of the people how are paddling. Then one person starts trying to mess about with them and a small killer whale appears. This person tries to harm the killer whale. All the while I feel myself getting very distressed and protective. The person then disappears but the whale keeps trying to get on the beach, even appearing to walk on his tail? I keep trying to put him back in the water but he keeps repeating this. Eventually it’s like he agrees and goes back, but I find myself agreeing to move to a house closer to the sea (a place in real life where my grandfather live) so I be closer to the whales

  5. I often have a dream that feels real about commuting over a canal in my city on a bridge on foot. pieces of the bridge are missing, i might fall. suddenly i hear whale song and i wonder if the whales are back, (in the back of my mind i remember that whales never come to my city, but it is overruled) i look through the holes in the bridge and i see the canal is filled with whales swimming against the current like salmon, but they never jump. i quickly make it over the bridge to the other side to watch them, there are hundreds! too large to be a real pod, but there are babies and gnarly old ones, always humpback whales. I continue to watch until my logic makes it impossible and the dream ends

    1. My whales were in sort of a canal too too, dont know is it was fresh or salt, do u know if there is any difference.

  6. I had a dream that I swam on the pool and saw a whale sleeping and 2 other people sleeps too like they’re guarding the whale and I ask people “why are they there?” And they answered me “they’re ancient they have never been wake up”

  7. I had a dream that whales were falling from the sky. I saw people dying from being smashed by them as well as animals. In my dream I or my life es o es were never hit by a falling whale,but I was always looking above me with concern. What does this mean?

  8. I had a dream where I was on a ship with my mom having a wonderful day. I then look out and noticed the beach and how beautiful it was outside. I ran outside and had a big smile because of how blue the sky was, then all of a sudden I saw a huge beautiful whale breaching out. She was so close to me! the water was as blue as the sky, and then more whales follow. I was so happy, taking pictures. Couldn’t not believe the beauty. Then I tried to go back to the ship. It was hard to get back to it, felt some heaviness in my body, but then got there. The ship had almost left me behind, but I made it. My mom was not even worried about me not making it back to the ship. It was as if she knew I would make it back.

  9. I had a dream last night where me and my aunt where standing on the coast but it was our farm and we heard a strange noise. Next about 5 to 7 baby humpback whales came towards us and we petted them as i was petting them i felt so calm almost a peace if you will. Then they just swam away and we could see theirs tails splashing in the distance. Well before I had fallen asleep me and my boyfriend got into a bad fight and we broke up and he told me he was leaving. Could this dream have something to do with that situation??? I cant remember the last time I had a dream so real and I could actually remember all of it. I woke up still crying over my situation but pondering about what this dream could possibly mean.

  10. I dreamt I was in a high building over two large bodies of water and an orca whale was trying to get to the other body of water & each time it tried, another orca whale was taking it inside its mouth trying to eat it, there was also a baby orca whale trying to go to the other body of water as well.

  11. Mimi: I had a dream I was swimming in the ocean and a whale came by me very slow. I was able to look into his eye and I swam closer to it and was able to touch it. Once I did that it swam away. Odd since I’m not a big fan of the ocean, it was like I was scuba diving. Not a big fan of the wet suite either.

  12. i had a dream that a mother whale was giving birth and i was helping her and protecting her new baby’s. thry were growing so fast that some how outside my window was their habitat. water was everywhere

  13. I encounter a wise old Indian man, patchwork coat, long gray braids. I told him I liked his coat. I was attracted to him and tried to get him to come to bed with me. He was not interested.

    Next ,I am standing on top of sea wall where at inlet is, the tide is wahing in and out. I see the old Indian man. He is petting two whales that have come in with the tide into the inlet. When the tide flows back out so do the whales. When the tide waters flow in so do the whales. I was so excited! I jumped down onto the sand anxious to pet a whale. The tide washes in, along with a whale the slide right up to me. Just as I was going to touch it, my dog barked and woke me out of this dream.

  14. I had a dream where there was an abundance of Whales. We were in a house in Hawaii. No matter where you were in the house the whales could be seen from every view. They were close and they seem to be very playful. My 2 nieces were in the dream and on one wall there were some type of computers or phone units mounted onto the wall. We began to press the buttons. When I woke up I felt so happy like only God sent me this dream with an abundance of whales and water. I felt like some thing good is coming.

  15. This is because our perception of reality and fantasy are often shaped by our personal experiences of life, the fears we face, the confrontations we ve experienced, our regrets, our happiness and our desires. Therefore the meaning a whale has in your dream can be vastly different from the meaning it has in someone else s dream, even when those dreams are very similar.

  16. I live right next to a river. Naturally I was at home and we were having a party celebrating something important, I do not recall what it was about though. There were a few people around me, we walked down towards the river bank and all the sudden I saw a gigantic blue whale swimming from the left, flowing with the current of the river. The problem though, is that the whale barely fit in the river, it couldn’t dive completely under and half its body was above the surface. The whale did not go slow like you’d think, it was extremely fast. In the dream I felt terrified but with a sense of wonder and excitement. After a few moments the whale somehow turned around the other way and it dived completely under, confusing me even in the dream world. I somehow ended up in the river, I remember a few close friends yelling for me to come back, but when I turned around to look at them I was already in the middle of the river. At this time I tried my hardest to swim back, but I didn’t get but a few feet when the whale resurfaced upstream and started swimming at me. I was scared and yet couldn’t move to do anything, but then the I saw the whale’s eyes and I felt as peace. The whale ended up singing at me and then swam with me by its side back to the river’s edge.
    that’s all I can really remember. I don’t know what it means with the whale being so large and not really fitting in the river.

  17. I had a dream, it goes like this. I was at the beach when suddenly I saw a whale just at the shores of the beach. I took pictures of while saying to myself, “If I tell people (my friends) they will not believe me, so the picture is proof of what I saw. Then the whale went back into the ocean and then from the same spot it vanished a man came forth wearing a slick suit looking all buttered up, he got into a flashy car and then asked me to drive car saying it was time to move; I replied say “yes sir, I’ll be right back”. I went into the house to tell my girlfriend and my elder sister that I’ve got a job and I’ll be leaving for the job now. Then I woke up. Please what does it mean?

  18. I dreamt about a pod of orcas breaching all over a narrow channel and everyone around was going crazy taking pictures but I was too in awe and taking it all in, fully exhilarated and excited and all feelings positive and wonderful.

  19. I had a dream that I saw a blue wale in the ocean. I was so excited to see it that I ran to my daughter & lil sister to come and see it. When I was back to the dock I pointed to it so they can see it. Then something strange happened, a man was trying to kill it and I was the only one that tried to stop the man from pericing its heart. But as soon as the man killed it everyone clapped with excitement. I was the only one sad. What dose this mean?

    1. It sounds like you see something beautiful and precious and you want to share it with your family, Water can represent your unconscious mind so this beautiful precious things you want to share is actually some hidden deeper part of you that you are ready to reveal. Yet you don’t feel safe revealing this. In fact you feel everyone around you is trying to “kill” or stab this part of you and no one but you can see it. And at the end people applaud which would feel horrible to you as it would mean that people wanted this part of you to be killed or stifled. Maybe it’s your true self and you fear people will judge you (throw knives) and no one will see it but you. So perhaps you feel alone or separate from everyone else here. I think the dream means that there is something you feel is precious and hidden and you want to share it with others (the blue whale) but that you fear being judged or ridiculed and worry know one will see it or want to protect you but in fact will want to kill that part of you, or kill your true self. Of course this is JUST what you fear. Not what actually IS. I think it’s always worth it to share one’s real self with those you are close to or they’ll never know you and you’ll never be known.

  20. I had a dream while I was with my brother and friends on a roof top and a whale has been falling from the sky but with a glowing sign under his belly. It just fell from sky on to the roof. Everyone fled away, I went to check out what it is. Whale was moving slightly What does this signify?

  21. I had a dream this morning of a big room filled with water and rocks connected to the walls simulating the ocean and people were enjoying the water swimming far in it looking a sea creatures and I was looking around underneath and when I came up to the rock to sit I saw a baby killer whale on the rock and looked for a minute and let it back it the water with its mom that wasn’t to far. Anyone know what this means?

  22. I had a dream of swimming with a whale and actually being very fond of him, like we were friends and i was taking care of him. What does that mean ? Normally i dream of things that had happened to me in my near past but mixed up all together into some weird dream. This was different really , nothing i could connect with my past events.

  23. I dreamed of being on a boat in rocky water. There was a school of killer whales following me and playing in the water. They seemed disappointed when we reached land and then I woke up.

  24. What I remember.. I was crossing a bridge that was under construction and very close to the water line. I noticed a huge vessel trying to pass when a whale emerged and created a massive wave that encompassed the ship. The wave did not harm me and I could see the whale emerge yet again and looked back at me. I did not feel threatened, almost like we connected in some way. I awoke soon after and held a feeling of gentleness.

  25. hi i had a dream that i was like in pond with a killer whale and out of no where i fall into a whale and it was full of black and big snakes what does my dream means ?

  26. I had a dream last night wherein I saw a humpback breach the water amidst a pod of dolphins. Everyone around commented on how unusual a whale in this area was. I grabbed my camera and ran and ran trying to get closer to get a picture. Just as I get where I need to be, a slatted wooden wall appears, blocking view, save for one small hole just large enough to get the smallest picture of the whale breaching. But I was not satisfied with this and found a way to circumvent the wall and again ran and ran until I reached a jetty. Just as I pull my camera out to take a picture of its final breach, the sun disappears over the horizon and my camera is now filled with water and will not work. It was so vivid and real – I’ve rarely been able to remember exact details of dreams before.

  27. I dream’t the ocean where I was, was filled with whales, adults and babies. Then I was in the ocean and the babies were coming up to me, but didn’t harm me.

  28. I had a dream that the ocean where I was, was filled with whales, adults and babies. Then I was in the water and the baby whales were coming up to me, but not harming me.

  29. I dreamt that the sky was clear blue ocean. But in it were 3 small tornadoes that stayed where they were and didn’t “touch down” to earth, but a killer whale fell from the sky. And I was so intrigued, but also had a sense of urgency to get my child to come across the street to get inside. I will say though that when I first went outside and saw the ocean-sky I was mesmerized…in awe. Until I saw the tornadoes and I knew I needed to protect my child. I’d also like to note that I dream of water ALL the time and have for years. Always clear…usually pools or weird waterslides. This was the first I’d had like this and first for the whale. It might be prudent to mention that in life I am drawn to water. Ocean, pools, waterfalls and the more turbulent it seems the more I want to get in it even though in some cases it would be fatal. Any thoughts would be welcome. I’m vexed.

  30. I dreamt that a whale was saving me. I was in the ocean & it took me to shore or a dock. The interesting part is that I sat in it’s mouth while it swam me to safety. I remember many sharp teeth. I don’t remember how the dream ended. I didn’t feel scared to be in the whales mouth. But for some reason I think it may have closed it’s mouth before I could get to the safety of land. I don’t remember this I just have the feeling that this is what happened. Comments welcome! 🙂

  31. I had a dream that my husband and I were swimming in the ocean he was swimming me around I was holding on to him I felt good safe happy .there were a pod of whales off shore and an orchastra playing classical music the whales were there for the music when it stopped they went out to sea .. What could that mean

  32. i had this dream where i lived near the ocean, in this cave like building and everytime i would look into the water i would see this huge black and red whale, it nevered did anything but swim around, at one point there came to be two of them, but i only got into the water a couple of times to see this girl on her boat, but the whale wasnt there, any other time i was scared to go into the water, everyone told me to stay away from the water, then the dream kinda went bad, storms erupted in the horizen and i knew the girl in the boat was out there, then there was a call saying my friends mom had a accident but i was never clear on what. after a few more minutes i woke up. suprised i remembered this one, its the first i really remember in months

  33. I had a dream i was near this waterfall in this cave. The cave had a small pond and i was floating int the surface looking in. It was incredibly deep and dark. And their , taking most of the space, was a huge black whale. I could just make out the shape. It was staring at me, it could see me and i saw it. It was just staring at me. i got scare of it and woke up.

  34. I had a dream I was fslling of a plane and on my way dow there wad a whale fliping over and when it did dome how the splash of water help me land safe on the shore with pilot. And the water was clear with small patches of grass

  35. i had a dream that a blue whale was chasing me and trying to eat me, I could see its teeth. What does this mean? I’ve recently been dumped 🙁 and am depressed, does this has anything to do with it?

  36. i had a dream on the beach at night and a huge whale came ashore and people began stabing it with spears until it was dead. what does this mean?

  37. I was situated on a high plataue looking down on a small lake that was formed by a earthen dam on one end. The dam seperated a water channel that led to a vast body of water. The whale was trapped in the small lake where it barly fit and didnt have much room to move around. As i looked down the whale began to puch against the dam under the water with only his tail exposed. I saw the dam began to move as he pushed. Then the hills and mountains surounding the valley lake began to shake violently including the plataue I was standing on. Then I woke up shaking because the power of the whale and the shaking as he pushed against dam to get free scared me. Only dream I ever had abought a whale. Scared the whale out of me! All the moutains and plataues were very green like a golf course, the dream was very vivid and life like.

  38. I had a dream I was paddling in a kyak, it was dark and there was icebergs everywhere. I’m paddling for a while and a huge whale breaches the surface of the water. It was kind of sketchy he swam next to me the whole time

  39. Was swimming back from a nearby island/cove, bumped into a huge orca while swimming backstroke and trying to keep my iphone dry, swam gracefully w me all the way til we reached the beach, then 2 more orcas came and I fed them w fish after they did tricks.. everybody was happy.

  40. I dream that two whales where swimming under the building where I lived suddenly both of them came up like flying to the sky and two angels played their trumpets … what does this mean??? I have many dreams with whales…

  41. I had a dream of riding a whale just outside the Golden Gate Bridge it was amazing – zero point energy and everything it was so exhilarating my little body surfing the inertia from the power of the whale – YEAH!

  42. I had a dream when I was younger where I looked down a fence post and saw myself swimming with a whale swimming after me. I don’t know if it was following me or chasing me. Any ideas what that would mean?

  43. I had a dream that the whale came very near to the beach and start looking and kind of talking and asking me to touch him or her… !!!

    plz let me know the meaning

  44. Aslm I had a dream of a whales white an black in the sea water an look so excited 2see me an start playing with me an follow me where I’m gona swim…
    What is the meaning of?

  45. I’ve had multiple dreams about whales. Once I was at an amusement park when it was closed for some reason and I was trying to find my way out and I fell into the whale tank. It was very frightening because they weren’t very nice .. then I had a dream that you could pay to swim with whales but they were blue whales and one orca and they were really nice and we swam and did tricks it was so weird. I don’t know why I have recurring dreams about whales and me being in the water with them at parks not in the ocean.

    1. As whales can mean calmness and theme parks can symbolise structure and boundaries perhaps you are coming to terms with new rules/ boundaries that are being set up for you but are at ease with this idea

  46. I dreamt that I found a baby Killer Whale, it was about 2 feet in length and could be held in two hands.
    It seemed to like me and I was not near any sea water, so I was looking for a container to place it in but was worried the water chemistry would kill it (fresh water or tap water vs. sea water). Finally, I came to a conclusion and felt at peace that the baby killer whale would survive. But I don’t remember following through (did i wake up? dream switch?). Either way, the emotion I got from the dream was happiness and caring for this animal.
    What the heck does this dream mean?

    1. That is so strange. I had a very similar dream today. The little baby whale brought be so much happiness and feeling of love. I wish I knew the meaning

    2. I also had one. I was def in the sea at an island. There were a bunch of animals and people in the water w/ me. Nothing stands out more then the baby killer whale. It was very tiny. Small enough to fit in my hand. There was another person there w/ me marveling at it. The baby whale had a beautiful blue light beaming out of it in a grid like pattern. It brought a strong sense of joy and peace. The next animal I noticed was a middle sized bear swimming to shore. I wasn’t worried, the bear seemed to be more interested in getting to shore then being a butt head. lol Next thing I remember is flying to what felt like the end of the world. It was surrounded by mountains and had a dock w/ what seems like the ruins of what used to be a boat house. There were row boats all over the place. I remember getting in one and that’s pretty much all I remember, but yeah. Baby killer whales. 😉

  47. my Pastor had a dream that large number of whales were swimming into cork bay, they were coming in at night, almost under the radar. She had a sense ghat they were bringing help. She knew it was from the Lord but not sure what whales represented. Would be grateful for interpretation. Many thanks, sylvia.

  48. I had a dream where i saw a pod of whales jumping up out of the water and they all had wings. Any indication of what this could mean??

    1. Hi! first thought, the whales are trying to get your attention! Have you been feeling powerless, dis-eased? Whales are strong and calm.:) depending on how the waters movement…it represents life situation…so maybe, what ever situation(water) may be happening around you, it is possible(wings) to be calm,strong and powerful(Whales) in your own state of being 🙂