Asparagus in Dreams

Dreaming of asparagus means your life will encounter a turn of fortunate events. Your projects and business relationships will take form of a strong foundation. Revenue streams will come from multiple sources. What appears as an obstacle before you, will dissipate to a path of easy strides. Take risks based on the notion that everything will turn out better than expected.

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7 thoughts on “Asparagus in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I was in some kitchen with someone (forget who) and noticing bunches of big looking asparagus on the counter. I thought it was an odd vegetable to have around because it’s something I rarely eat. It’s the only thing I really remember about the dream. Great to hear it’s a positive sign.

  2. I dream that I was flushing Asparagus down the toilet, it was the root I seem going down first then it was about 3-5 Asparagus in the toilets it took me about 3 time to get all the Asparagus out of the toilet ,then I was able to use it and I walk up and went to use the toilet

  3. I had a dream that at first I was at my house with my sister and nervous that someone was spying on us there…and then I ended up at a mansion w an older popular singer, he was talking and then we watched a video of one of his old hits, remixed, and for some reason I was eating asparagus… Then I woke up.

  4. I had a dram that asparagus was growing out of my stomach I was freaked out afraid to tell my doctor I woke up relieved it was just a dream

  5. I had a very bizarre dream this morning before waking…

    I was walking through a park during the summer – even though it’s winter right now – and there were lions/lionesses everywhere. Some were grooming each other and others were being extremely playful. I was also holding asparagus in my right hand while walking through it all. One lioness locked eyes on me and started walking toward me, I paid it no mind, bit a portion of the asparagus off and spit it in her direction, then she paid no attention to me after that. I stopped and realized I had ultimate control so I closed my eyes for a second, opened them, and all of the lions were gone. The asparagus really threw me through a loop lol.

  6. I had a dream that asparagus was growing with my tulips. I was extremely excited about this and couldn’t wait to tell my husband and kids but I had to wait to show them because it started raining.

  7. Hi…I had a dream I saw this three(3) signs hope you can give me the meaning as per listed below:

    1. ) I just dream of small amount of stole inside the toilet bowl. I want it to know what is the meaning of it.

    2.) I saw my ex-girlfriend watching me with and beside of her is the small baby and they were smiling.

    3.) I saw somebody giving Asparagus to one of my family.

    Thank you…hope I can received the meaning of this dream.