Ants in Dream

Ants are associated with lot of activity. Expect to get things done after a productive dream about ants and its work habits. There are feelings of general satisfaction for all things in life as to how ants work in unity whether it is familiar or new surroundings. Worker ants helps you maintain and cooperate to achieve your goals.

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108 thoughts on “Ants in Dream”

  1. I was in a room with Carrie Fisher but dressed as Leia and Ford was there as Solo…a writing room , discussing what to be written for a scene or movie and black ants poured from my mouth onto drawing marker tablets but the ants turned an orange color when spelling out whatever it was…almost more resembled ancient writing like hieroglyphs.

  2. In my dream I want to fetch some snail from the farm when I got I home I discover ants are attached with snail I got insecticide to kill to ants. Because the they over my bed even on my cloth

  3. Had a dream about a very large ant like about 6 inches long it had a big hairy penis and it jumped on my head and bit me. when i felt my head there was a big egg thing there , I pulled it off and all my hair fell out

  4. I my dream I delibrayely put ants in my mouth through tasting something that i cant remember, i didn’t chew and i tried to wash off the ants from my mouth with water but instead to spiting it out I accidentally swallowed the ants. What do you think my dream means?

  5. I keep having dreams where I find myself in the midst of black ants. Some of the ants climb up my legs and I get bitten. The dreams usually end with me vigorously trying to shake them of my legs. What do my dreams means?

  6. In my dream I saw on the edge of a mountain a line of ants coming down with torches to light their way down, it was amazing! At first from the distance I was standing it looked like people with torches, but as the they got closers down the mountain I realized it were ants!!! They came down the mountain into my apartment. ……but it they were so many!!!!! Seen them all together crawling all over my apartment freak me out I woke up out of the dream. I killed them with antique spray. I really hope it’s a productive dream for me.

  7. My two children 6 and 7 year old boys. Keep leaving out the front door of the house when I wake up in my dream my kids are not there in the house I look outside and they are in a field running but by the time I get to the it is to late there whole body’s are covered with ants and my children are lifeless. What does this mean?

  8. So at first I dreamt I was swimming in a shallowish pool with other people, then I go to the changing room/ showers and put my clothes down on a bench but i cant get a shower because people kept jumping infront of me. So I go over to the bench to get my clothes and there’s a woman taking photographs up close of them so I tell her to leave and she said can you not see them and as I looked down at my pile of clothes they were covered in swarming ants and anytime I tried to grab my clothes I would be bitten/stung. So I was left without my clothes and trying to hide my body from all the men, woman and children in the changing room.

  9. In my dream my daughter getting bit by ants many many times she’s screaming, My son is trying frantically to get them off of her she is bitten on her legs, back, she is on the ground. When I’m with her she has scares on her legs, back and some on her face.

  10. In my dream I was sitting on a chair, two red ants crawled up each on one hands, they stung the palm of each of my hands at the same time. Afterwards my hands started to swell up .. what could my dream mean?

    1. Need noy worry about the biting of ants in your hand. Hand in dream signifies hard work. Biting..of act. on hand signifies fortune from an unexpected source. Swelling of the hand also means wealth.

  11. In my dream I’m visiting/touring in the East coast, New York, I reside in California, never been to New York, as I’m washing my hair I feel an itch. I have my bf check me and we discovered red ants all over my scalp.. what could that mean?

    1. Red ants signifies that some of your friends/friends of the boy friend are irritated over your relation with your boy friend. New York where you have not gone signifies new surroundings and embarassment.

  12. I had a dream where i was laying down and I woke up and I had a whole colony of ants in my mouth but they were dead I tried to wash it out with water but my body was really weak. Please explain thank you

    1. I think generally you are talketive. Restriction will be imposed on you by your boss. You will feel bored in obeying the command of boss.

  13. Dream consist of me reloacting to low income and in my room my room was over rated with ants and spiders which gave me allergic reaction where I almost died once I got fresh air the swelling and airwaves came through enough for me to look for hospital

  14. There was a group of people all huddled together looking down. I kept seeing them in every dream I had one night. I finally went over to them and a woman in the group said in an excited voice that they had found an ant colony that was made up of different species/colonies of ants. She said they had never anything like it that all the ants were all working together peacefully.

  15. I saw a tree inside my house indoor* n then i jerk the tree n millions of ants fell from the tree n run here n there. There are so many tht the whole wall looks black me my mother n my wife ammazed to see this..n after three or four days i again saw an other dream seeing ants in my bedroom but few of them n i tell my wife ants are coming out due to summer season.. plz if anyone can explain. Thanks

    1. Excuse me. Ants in your bed signifies illicit sex in your bed.

      Please delete this immediately if your wife can open your email.

      Yours sincerely,

      Mohammedali Basheer

    1. Your dream means that you are dissatisfied with your present work/situation. Since you have eaten the ants, you will be able to tide over the present situation.

  16. I dreamed that my deceased grandmother and I were outside. It was like picnic, and she set down so I go to set under her and realize there were thousands of ant crawling over her. But she wasn’t bothered she had a pleasant smile on her face

    1. To see ants in your dream signify your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. You are feeling neglected and insignificant.

    2. To see ants in your dream signify your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. You are feeling neglected and insignificant. Your grand mother is a matured person. She is not at all being disturbed or neglected even though she is being neglected by the family members.

  17. I dreamt that i was bitten by a lot of small brown ants on my back between the shoulders & i started shaking them off my back & killed few of them. Would somebody please interprete the dream for me

  18. I dreamt that I was washing clothes and suddenly a bunch of ants came into the water and started biting me. The more I tried to to remove them the more they bit. Afterwards I saw ugly scars on my both hands. (In my dream only) the scars looked terrible

  19. I keep having dreams of disturbed ant hills along a sidewalk. I always avoid stepping on them and I am able to jump and float above them. The location is always different.

  20. I dreamt of someone paying me money in sacks
    When i got it, it turned out to be ants in sacks and some of them were live pigs in a sack.

  21. I dreamt of ants crawling all over a child I once had in my class. She was lying peacefully and the ants crawled over her in line formation, not scattered. She’s seems completely oblivious to the ants. I however as an onlooker seemed curious about it but not worried. Dreams do not usually disturb me but this one does not make any sense to me. Cam
    Can you help?

  22. Please help me. I dreamt that my boss was commending me for a good work done and in the dream he was adding more work which I was feeling happy about. However, I suddenly noticed I was standing in the midst of soldier ants. What could this mean?

  23. In my dream i had ants coming out of my head
    It looked like small red ant holes all over my head and ants were coming out of them!

  24. Dreamed I was living next door to my grandmas and I went to check up on her, she was I’ll and I was cleaning her dirty house.Everywhere were ants on food ,suitcases,living room and kitchen , then my grandma was sick on the couch. In my dream I was thinking how can I spray ,I’m going to have to take her to my apt next door and then bring her back. Then also spray my apt. I was gathering the ants in a bag and they were climbing out but not biting.I. My dream I was thankful they were black.Also a feeling of being worried about my ill grandmother on the couch.

    1. I have seen lootttsss of black ants on the floor of my washroom.and i tried a lot to wash them way .but every time i tried .i just got failed..i felt too much irritated in my dream.

  25. My husband had dream about being at church where he saw the minister from a church he used to attend, and the walls, floors, and stairs were covered in ants and bugs. He stayed there as long as he could and then he had to get out.

  26. I dreamt that I entered my classroom and noticed my closet doors were opened and in one closet there were so many ants on each shelf and among my supplies. I was hopeless as to what to do; I stood looking as they crawled about; some even on me. My superior who sat in the back conversing with a child ( was busy to chat further with me) called for me to get from there. By the way school was not in session and seemed closet doors were pry opened from the way they were left.

  27. I had a dream that ants were everywhere in my house, everywhere I walked there were millions. I could feel them on me as I tried to use ant poison, but it wasn’t enough, the ants just kept coming.

  28. I was at home, but it wasn’t actually the home I live in now, and there were several pine trees lined up separating my yard from a road and had pine straw around them and somehow the pine straw caught fire. I noticed it smoking and flame up while I was standing outside and then I had red ants all in the bangs of my hair. I kept trying to scratch them out and more and more just kept getting in my hair. I went inside to tell people the pine straw was on fire and we needed to put it out, because I couldn’t because I couldn’t get rid of the ants but no one ever went and put it out. No one seemed worried about it. That’s all I can remember.

  29. I had a dream that I was laying in bed sleeping and I woke up covered in ants they were all over me and underneath me. I freaked out. I actually woke up.
    Attempted to lay back down an the dream started right back up. But this time it wasn’t as many ants. So in the dream I got out the bed brushed the ants off ad seen that the ants were eating in my bed!

  30. I had a dream that there were ants crawling all over me. I believe I was kinda scared and was trying to get the ants off but there were so many. Not sure what the dream meant?

  31. I dreamt that I felt something on my pointer finger (left hand) and when I looked I saw what looked like a black head and when I squeezed it millions of ants just started to come out. I would point my finger and they sprayed out of it and it looked like gooey stuff in some of them but mostly little tiny ants. When I would turn around to get my husband or someone so they could see it they would disappear.
    What does this all mean?

  32. I dreamt that an ant mound with ants was at the foot of my bed on my side of the bed. I did not feel frightened by it in my dream. I just wondered why they were there. In the same dream, I saw a black ally cat (one that I had seen in my backyard about a year ago, and who at that time looked at me in a very evil way) but in the dream, the cat (a male, a presume) just looked at me calmly and began walking out of my room.

  33. I dreamt of driving to my old house and openning the garage door and seeing my old dog that ran away(I called his name but he did not respond) and I tought that it was maybe because it was not my old dog but a new one that looks exactly like the old dog. I enter the house through the garage and I am in the kitchen and I see a ton of ants on the counter. I take a spray can of ant killer and spray it on the counter and it foamed. I proceed to the bedroom where two people are sleeping; one is my husband and the other one is a white woman with blonde hair. My husband has his hand on one of her breast and she looked up and see me and said” I’m sorry, i’m really sorry. I looked in the right corner of the room and see this boy sitting in a high chair; he is blonde; just staring at the bed. I am so mad that I start beating my husband and he just stay and take the beating. and then I woke up…