Bees in Dream

Bees are constantly active in producing honey or retrieving food sources. Its productive life is unparalleled in the insect universe. Bees not only work all day, but maintain a balanced social life. Its constants movement signifies happiness in life, success in love and good wage earnings. Bees signify positive, pleasant and profitable engagements.

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3 thoughts on “Bees in Dream”

  1. I live with my mother and last night I had a dream that bees were all over the house in different areas mostly above us in the corners of the ceiling. At some point in the dream there was one big huge that I believe was stationed on the bathroom sink not moving or flying. My mother was trying to shew the smaller ones away and ended up getting stung by one. It was a very small stinger and did not seem to hurt her much at all and she just nonchalantly pulled it out. Then we ended up hiding out in my room crouched down on the floor trying to get away from them and it turned out instead of my room being the safe haven it was the source of the bees. There was also some type of black nest I believe that the bees were swarming around in the corner of the ceiling in my room. Then somehow my mom ended up with something that sort of looked like a black hat box in her hand and she took the top off it and bees just started overflowing out of it and flying around. I said to her, “Mom why did you open that box and it’s full of bees?” Then I woke up. The dream seemed so real after I woke up I googled the meaning of dreaming of bees in your home and I pulled up possible death or a tradgedy to someone living in the house. I hope this is really not so. I would really like the Christian meaning of this dream. Thanks.

  2. My friend heard a dream and in her dream she saw swan of bees at the window of my house.I will be glad if u give me the christian interpretation.

  3. I had a dream where I was working in a beehive. I am not sure if I was remiving the bees or trying to kill them. But what is sure is that I was not stung by any bee. I woke up happy because of that. I was also not scared by the bees in the dream. What does this maen