Beetle in Dreams

Dreaming of beetles signify an impending doom and destructive aura around you. At work, your peers are not necessarily helping you but are looking for ways to sabotage your progress. In relationships, no matter how hard you work at building a strong foundation, your significant other is always antagonizing and looking to weaken the bond.

Seek out the trouble areas of your life and crush the beetles that trouble your dream

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51 thoughts on “Beetle in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt I was squishing asian beetles. I mean.. I really do hate those things in real life so I’m not sure it’s much of a significant meaning.

  2. Last night I dreamt that black beetles were attatching themselves to my teeth by their legs. I reached in my mouth & pulled each one out & stomped on it. … I saw this dream as stomping on the negativity that has been coming out of my mouth.
    This past week my partner & I have been arguing a lot. … I feel like he antagonises me & then I get upset & sometimes say mean things I regret.
    I want to heal these issues & my relationship.

  3. I had a dream i saw a black cat glow white outside my window i also found my 2 kittens and 2 poodle mixes covered in ants. There was also a friend of my husband that i guess my mind made up and its was weird and distorientating i finally woke up when i went looking for my pets again since my husband wasnt listening to me and i wemt into our loft and then all of a sudden there was a swarm of beetles and then and old man and someone else but they were like flashes of them holding me down while the beetles swarmed over me. In my dream i called for my husband and he said he hear me call him. It was a scary and disturbing dream.

  4. I had a dream that a guy I really liked asked me to be his girlfriend. I said we’ll give it a try. I remember I was so nervous. Well we went outside and we (he saw it and pointed it out to me) that there were hercules beetles in a nearby tree. The next second, the beetles were in a swarm and flying in the sky. We thought it was momma teaching the babies yo fly…anyways we got really excited when they flew past us bevaise amongst the swarm of black beetles, we saw a golden shiny one

  5. In my dream I was at my mother’s house in Ohio. Mind you, I’m planning a trip there in a few days. So, I was sleep in my mother’s bed and I woke up because my arm was itching; upon inspection I found I had red, itchy, blotches up the length of my inner arm and blisters on my hand. I jumped and screamed for my mother , when she came in I showed her the blotches and blisters. Well, there were three blisters; one on my palm, the side of my pinky and on the tip of my index finger. While we were looking at the blisters, the one on the tip of my index finger popped. However, it still remained a bubble around the meat of my finger (not adhering to my flesh). When I looked inside there was a little bit of green, slimy, looky film and a black beetle crawled out. I shook my hand in disgusting and my mother, nonchalantly, told my youngest sister to bag it up once it started to craw away. She did as my mother told; I knew it was because we were going to the hospital (I thought this was weir because in reality you do this if it’s a spider –normally a black widow; and I thought about that in my dream) and I began looking at my other blisters to make sure no beetles were going to come out of them as well. I woke up and I was scratching the same arm.

  6. I had a dream about my dead best friend and a friend who recently passed and we were at a boot camp and I also seen people who are still living as well but in the dream I was with them talking about stuff that involved in the boot camp but in the dream I could only recognized that one of my friend remind of the friend who recently passed shook his hand and everything but later on the dream to find out that he was my friend who recently passed when one of my living friends ask what is you still doing around here that’s when I recognized that he was my friend just in a younger look without his tattoos who was murda by gunshots and my best friend who was killed in a car crash I could never recognized that he is dead in my dream we talk as he still living but in this dream at the boot camp they told me where to use a bathroom and in that bathroom I took a shower after I took the shower my best friend hands me a towel during that moment leaving the restroom I ask him will I be able to go home and return as I please he said yes but right after that he seems to vanish and so did the others and as I look up to the sky in the boot camp area were we was at in the dream I was attacked by beetles and birds but i made my way into a parked taxi car and the car took off while nobody was in the driver seat it seems to just be in drive going like 5 mph at speed by the beetles and birds was still trying to attack me they was just hitting the car as if they were trying to get in I soon to crash the car into a corner store the door let open I ran into the store the people at the cash register didn’t seem to even recognize my entry or attacked by the beetles in birds I walk by them as if nothing happened and walked toward to the back of the store and than I woke up out of my sleep back to reality it creeps me out I think my friends are trying to deliver me message what do you guys think?

  7. So I had a dream last night and there were giant black beetles! Dozens of them crawling up the walls and around my feet in a building I didn’t recognize. Then I remember seeing in smaller versions. It was very lucid and a terrifying feeling for me. What does it mean?

  8. I just woke up from a dream in which I was walking through my house and I heard a noise. I could d the source of the noise to be a swarm of beetles coming up from the floor. As I ran to get the big spray, I found yet another swarm comi g up from the floor. I frantically spraid both with bug spray, killing them all, but in the process I think I may have spriad my cat, who was hiding in a pile of clothes by the second, larger swarm. When I discovered her there I went to pick her up and she was eating one of the beetles, I big one. I got it out of her mouth, lockedher in another room and tried calling land lady, but my phone had reset and there was no way to call out. While looking for house phone my son came back, I explained what was happening. I found house phone but the phone number was in my cell and I couldn’t get it out, so I bit my phone cracking the screen. My son tried to call me, but in the process let my cat out. Then I woke up. It felt like a panic filled nightmare. Oh and under the floor where the beetles were coming from was dirt and was gone when I looked where the swarm was coming from, in the beginning of the dream.

  9. I dremt that I was back in school with my best friend then I started going towards the exit but my ex came behind me and hugged me and I told that we should get out of here but we were walking to his class he had a seat for me but I couldn’t stay so I left and as I walking the school turned into a store and when I finally got out side the sky was grey and I look back down and the world started to have earthquakes so I ran and jumped over the dark pits and cracks the floor started looking like a black and white checkerboard and as I was dodeging left and right I made it to my house as I open the door my family was just laughing and having fun then out of nowhere this giant dog size beetle jumps on me and my dad said see the little beetle you gave us he not so little no more at first I was disgusted at it but then I found it kind of cute and then I went outside and it was night and as I walk it turned to an alley and there was a group who I guess we’re chasing me before and one of them controlled insects but my brother sent his beetle to attack them but they killed it so I took my brother back in the house we were both crying then I woke up.

  10. I dreamt an enormous dust mite, about the size of a tortoise, was running across my floor (my house but NOT my house as it is really) and I tried to kill it by throwing something heavy at it but, this object (can’t remember what it was..a saucepan or log) bounced off the beetle’s hard shell. There was a cat (I haven’t got a cat although I like them) trying to help me corner the mite. After chasing the mite, I finally killed it with a knife. I was scared and felt sick at the sight of the mite.

  11. I have never been one to remember dreams, but when I do they are as clear as when watching TV or like participating in day to day life. I took a nap and somewhere along the line I was at a friends house. I woke up in the middle of the night with a wound I thought was nothing. Out of no where I decided to pop it. And the. I started seeing theses tiny green bugs crawling out and under my skin, but in my dream I got them all out and the. I woke up. What does this mean. The color green specifically sticks out to me. These bugs were a type of beetle.

  12. Hello,

    I dreamed of a beetle in my room on the wall. It was really big and black. I started freaking out trying to kill it but it was impossible to crush for its hard shell was as tough as stone. It crawled over my hand and I threw it to the closet door which was stuffed and I attempted to crush it between the cracks of the door. Convinced that it was dead, I opened the door to see no remnants of the beetle. It disappeared in all of the large white trash bags in my “closet”. In the corner of my eye I saw another beetle clinging on to the pink drape over my balcony door. Instead of the fear I felt from the first beetle, I walked towards the balcony door calmly and closed it.

    It was a confusing but still rather complete dream. There was some stuff I left out of the dream because it didn’t have to do with the beetle. It consisted of laundry arguments with my sister and I also asked for a basket back.

  13. Hello,

    I drempt of an infestation of large black beetles and when I awoke there was a huge beetle in the center of my living room floor.

    We do not have any extermination issues and honestly I have never seen a beetle like it.

    Any thoughts?



  14. Hi, I dreamed that I was in bed, and then suddenly i felt something giving me little bites. I look and I see these little green beetles biting me. I shook them off and went to out. but later that day, when at a friends house I saw them crawling on me again. The beetles looked to small and harmless, but they were actually taking small minuscule bites out of me.

    Please let me know what this means. I havent been able to shake the feeling off.

  15. Hi, I dreamt that I was sat at my desk in my room. My laptop was on, but I don’t recall working. My window was open and it was a hot summers day. My hair was loose / down and I felt like there was something crawling on me. I reached up with my hand, and there was a gorgeous beetle there – red, yellow and green, intricately patterned. It was rectangular and had pale yellow legs. I thought the beetle was beautiful in my dream, but I didn’t want it on my hair! So I put the beetle on the end of my bed. There was a second beetle on me too – identical to the first. That one ended up crawling across the floor. I remember my mum coming into my room at one point, and I told her that I had beetles on me, but I don’t recall anything after that. I just remember feeling bewildered as to why there were beetles on my hair, but I wasn’t disgusted or upset.

    Please could you let me know what you think this dream means? I’ve read a lot of things about beetle interpretations in dreams!

  16. My dream started with me lashing out at my mom, trying to ‘hit’ her but not making contact…Then while still feeling the frustration, A large (about 2″) black beetle appeared on my kitchen floor. As I was trying to sweep it out it went between my fridge and cupboard.Then my brother appears and when I got it out he picked it up and holding it, put it on my face. I was frantically trying to stop him and then it fell down onto my neck-I could actually feel its legs moving on my neck- I then woke and swatted ‘it’ away, and feeling very anxious before going back to sleep. This is the first dream that I have had that was so vivid and intense in a very long time…Am I in some kind of trouble? What is the message here please. Thank You

  17. In my dream, a middle eastern man was playing with a beetle. Allowing the beetle to move freely on his hands and in between his fibgers, almost cherishing it. Is this a good sign??

  18. I dreamt of a giant brown beetle getting ready to crawl on me while I was asleep I woke up and knocked it off the bed. It had a huge body but the mouth was tiny I couldn’t see the tentacles. After I woke up from my dream I made sure I was under the covers and went back to sleep soundly. Pleas interpret. Thank you

  19. Hi my dream what about I was outside with the family and then all of a sudden there were beetles flying everywhere I try to run away but two went inside my left ear and five on my right arm and like 2 or 3 in my left arm. As well there was some one that help to take them off first it was the two of my ear then my right arm he never got to the left arm because he decided to take off the beetle on his feet. What it mean I don’t understand

  20. I had a dream I’m in my apartment Restroom and a black beetle twice the normal size crawls out from a shirt on the floor. I’m bear foot and at first I thought it was a scorpion buti noticed it didn’t have a tale. I want to step on it but again I’m bear foot and there were only some sandles on the floor. I’m not scared of bugs except spiders but for some reason the beattle scares me and than I woke up. Ivy never dreamed of beetles before this day.

  21. Ive had two eperated dreaams of June Bug.. the firsst one i had to stick my hand inside of a hole on the wall bc theyre were a swarm of them covering a light and i wasnt afraid of moving them away and i was prettyin calm… this last one was of one in my hair and i screamed and shook it off but i was in a garden and their were a lot of other bugs but a spider in a tree caught my attention as a shook the june bug off and it flew away the spider didnt do anything but walk around in the tree and do its own thing and it scared me and the lights were dim .. almost like in the evening.. what does it mean to dream of june bugs.. i cant find anything on june bugs! Why?

  22. I had a very simple dream.. I saw very clearly and just this….a golden beetle… It was like looking through a papertowel role at it…it did make a clicking sound with its wings

  23. I walked through a room and bunch of white bugs fell on me as I ran out of the room I stepped into pile of black beetles but I shook everything off and woke up what does that mean?

  24. Well I had a dream about me having a big beetle as a pet but then I didn’t want it anymore it was disgusting after what does that mean?

  25. I just woke up from a very odd dream. It started with me pretending to be a guy (im a girl) in a military school. I was standing in the shower stall and as soon as I finished washing I wrapped a towel around my lower waist. A female janitor was cleaning in the bathroom and when she saw me she just stopped and stared and said that I was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. Then the bathroom started filling with the other guys from the school. all of them were laughing and joking and all of them seemed nervous around me. I returned to my dorm and Met a hyper girl I know in life as kate except in the dream she wasn’t overweight anymore. we were roommates. Out in the hall of the dorms I saw some of my friends and they all were really happy to see me but for some reason they were scared of me. Every time I looked them in the eyes they looked away. (in real life they cant look me in the eye either I have creepy blue eyes my friends say their penetrating like I see everything). the hall way gets crowded but I can move easily among them. Im moving fast like im gliding and all of a sudden I grab my friends arm he was trying to get away from me. the crowd stops and begins converging on me but instead of hurting me their trying to pull my hands off trevor, they’re telling me I’m hurting him. I run out of the hall to my room and out the sliding glass door to the yard. the yard is filled with day old snow and the ridge on the edge of it is not snow covered. Their is someone watching me and I feel the need to show him myself. except instead of talking to him or going near him, I burst into a flurry of speed that feels like a flashback and when its done there are two bloody tracks going across the snow that lead to the ridge. on the bottom of the ridge are two bodies a man and a woman they look like they have been their for a few days but don’t smell. the scene disappears and the snow is gone its spring and green everywhere. I feel the boy from earlier still watching me he seems shocked and I feel satisfied that he is afraid of me he should be. I feel so powerful like a cheetah about to take down its pray. then I remember I have to be with someone they need me tonight. my friend that needs me comes running into the open and all of a sudden burst open and turns into a beautiful grey wolf. wolves are often part of my dreams lately. I realize that if I don’t change as well he’ll kill me so I begin to change as well as first I think for some reason expect to change into a dog but instead I morph into an ENORMOUS bigger than the wolf sized black rhino beetle with glowing red eyes. It and the wolf start playing and I feel content I love the wolf he as a human is my bestfriend. but the boy from earlier is still watching I feel like everything I do is seen by him god i hate this boy its a good thing I scared him he seems shocked. I saw everything past me coming out side to the snow from the outside like i was watching a movie. I remember it vividly and when I think about its it starts playing in my mind again I feel that if i don’t understand what it means and don’t act on it I’m going to be left behind.

    1. oh and I remembered that in the beginning when I looked like an adonis reincarnation that the entire time I was thinking how funny it was going to be when they finally saw the real me the entire time I felt like a woman in this beautiful mans body. I don’t feel like it was me saying when im older that im going to be more beautful I’m not ugly or fat or guy looking. I don’t have a problem with the way I look so I don’t understand what it could mean. I just texted my BF and he says to ignore it but i don’t think i should

  26. Well me an my boyfriend had a argument the nite before an made up last nite an I had this dream where I was in my liveing room an a friend come from stealing she came from outside took of her jacket all of a sudden I see one beetle looking bug crawl on my sofa near my sleeping baby then I see one two crawling on the floor then more an a few starting coming but everywhere I kept looking I kept seeing one of my friends was just boxing it of the other was shaking it of I was the most scared an disgusted they were long as well it was horrible an as in real life I think I got a phobia of any crawling insects anyway so my reaction that I would of done is exactly the same as my dream what do u think that means is that a bad or good sign

  27. I had a dream I took my dog to the vet for a check up and some woman who didn’t work there squealed and was holding a flea comb and said my dog was infested. I looked at the parted hair and there was a zit filled with baby beetles and larger beetles running away from me. I woke up really upset and couldn’t shake it for a while.

  28. Well my dream is simple i just dreamd that i had a beetle in my hair it felt so real! I just toke it out and threw it and i wokeup what does it mean its happen twice now.

  29. I have a phobia of beetles and I dreamt in one dream that I was driving and my best mate was sitting in the back throwing beetles at me, knowing that I have a phobia and causing me to be hysterical and almost crash. Also, I had a dream I was lying on a beach and my brother came and put a huge beetle on my leg and I went hysterical but could not scream at him to take it off, he stood laughing at me. What could these mean? :s

  30. I had a dream that I saw a big giant beetle looking bug. I tried to step on it and remembering I was waiting for the pop. But it just would not squish, eventually a smaller bug came out if it and when I tried to kill that a smaller one came out and ran into a crack in the floor. I woke up with a feeling of dread and have not been able to shake it.

  31. hi. um i had a dream about a bettle. its starts with me standing without a shirt on and the one bettle crawls along my back and neck. the weird thing is it looks friendly but i grab him with my right hand and look at him, right after i crush him and i wake up. can someone tell me what this means?

  32. I had a dream in which there were beetles and bugs, I think they were bed bugs all over me and I was taking them off, but they were spreading I was even cuting my clothes and hair just to get rid of them. The dream felt very real. I woke up feeling very scared. Can you guide me Dream master.

  33. I don’t remember much of my dream, but what I do remember is leaving the front door of my childhood home and seeing a massive spiderweb with millions of spiders outside the door. Having arachnophobia, I walked around them and saw a spider trying to fight a beetle. The bluish-green beetle backed up and lunged at the spider ultimately devouring the thing. I woke up feeling relieved but in seeing the interpretations of spiders and beetles in dreams, maybe it wasn’t a good thing.

  34. i wenthrough some bad times lately ending up in hospital after a drug overdose emotional situations with family and dealing with my depression iv had crazy nightmares that are still there when i wake up. in 1 night i woke up 6 times and kept slipping back into nightmares in one i was covered with black beetles and small ones all crawling overr my arms on my chest towards my head i tried brushing them off. but what does this mean?

  35. I can’t quite remember exactly how my dream was not sure if I was laying down or standing I’m pretty sure I was laying down. but I just remember that the beetles was covering me from my feet going up and I couldn’t move my hands or legs.

    I couldn’t fight them away at all and it was like after they covered my whole body, face and all after I couldn’t breath. it was like all of a sudden I was looking down watching my self covered and watching them running all over me like they was fighting to get inside.

    but as I was over myself watching this I still was able to feel them on myself that I was watching it was still like I couldn’t breath because of them it was like I couldn’t wake up. it just kept happening in front of me seem like never ending but when I did finally wake up. I still had loss of breath but the next night I had a another one not as bad but I was able to wake myself up faster.

    then 2 nights after that I started to have one but I was able to wake my self up right away what does this beetle dream mean any more really don’t even want to sleep

  36. I had this dream last night, in my dreams i am awake, but then suddenly i noticed that there are beetles of different sizes all over, others are turned-over while many are just there not moving or crawling. But then, i am not alarmed or afraid whatsoever, i just wondered where they come from! what does this mean? thank you in advance

  37. In my dream, i opened doors infinite doors. But the last one opened to a land of white and light. There a beetle as a buttle punched my back came out from my heart, it was huuge and it was golden. It rested there for a bit then became a swarm of beetles and they were big, the rhinoceros kind. Then all this golden beetles flew away. leaving a dusty golden trail behind.

    Can someone help me interpret this one?

  38. I had a dream of me laying down on the grass and bugs biting me. Then it switched to me running and I made it around my house I think and the bugs were everywhere as I ran away from them. I took them off my body and was freaking out. They were on the back of my legs one on each leg, my shoulders, and back. Only one on each side. As I took them off they returned immediately so I finally took them off as I was running and crushed them so they wouldn’t return. I ran inside and saw my mother and a real old family friend who is younger than me sitting in my kitchen eating. I asked my mom if I had any marks and she said yes, you got bug bites and are bleeding. We conversed for a little and she said she needed to take a shower and then I told her I do I have bug bites. I went upstairs and woke up.

  39. well ive been having dreams lately and in every dream i notice black beetles…they might be jus crwling around the floor but in one dream i remember my son was crawling around ad the beetles were jus crawling around with him it creeped me out but i wasnt afraid i didnt want to harm them?/? what does this mean???

  40. I had a dream in which I was with people from house eating cheese. Everything was fine until I got to the end of the cheese and inside that last piece there was a black beetle, but I wasn’t afraid, I was really disgusted, but it was really weird. I was able to ses the crab completely moving (its antennas and mouth), but It was like if the crab was trapped by the cheese. What could it mean??

  41. Wow..the interpretation of beetles in dreams is incredibly accurate for me..”In relationships, no matter how hard you work at building a strong foundation, your significant other is always antagonizing and looking to weaken the bond.”

    I had had yet another argument with my husband and wanting to just get away, so I went to bed early and while I don’t usually remember my dreams, I do remember seeing a beetle in it last husband takes every chance he gets to try and control me, not gonna happen.

  42. In this particular dream, I believe that the beetles are a good sign.

    There are some things in the dream to support this:
    1. The beetles came out of your comforter after you got out of bed. The implication is that they were there all the time. Thus, they help you with your dreams and, by extension, help you explore the dream world, which would include the lower levels of the unconscious.
    2. The dog ate the beetles. This is a good sign because dogs have a long been associated with their ability to find their way in darkness – symbolically this would be the darkness of the unconscioius. And, they are also known to be very protective, which is another valuable trait for a dream compani0on. By eating the beetles, the dog would be getting more of the special attribute that made them so useful in your dream travels.

    OK – but what is this valuable “thing” that these beetles have? To answer this question, we have to look what beetles mean to our unconscious.

    So, how can we possibly know what these beetles mean to our unconscious? We can’t know everything that they mean but we can get a good idea. This is because the lowest region of the unconscious is called the collective unconscious. This is where we find archetypes that have been seen in people’s dreams for thousands of years. These archetypes are also important because they are the source of many of the symbols of different myths and religions. For more information on archetypes etc, see .

    Now the next step is to look at the significance of beetles in ancient myths and religions.

    Probably the best know beetle in mythology is the scarab beetles of the ancient Egyptians. To these ancient Egyptians, it was Khepera and pushed the sun through the sky.

    Summing up –
    I’m not really sure of the meaning of the beetles but I believe that they are very positive and are a source of power or strength in the dream world.

    Hope this helps.

  43. I almost forgot, in the first dream, I was amazed that the beetles were not crawling all over me as i had just gotten out of bed, I didn’t understand why they waited until I was out of bed to show themselves. In fact they were trying to get away, not attack.

    1. There’s a positive aura around you that keeps the beetles from harming you. Whether the powers of this charm will last forever is unknown.

      Let this dream be a warning of sorts that you should be more cautious in your daily activities.

  44. I had two separate dreams I am unsure of the meanings. The first dream was of beetles. I had been sleeping in a very large bed and was awakened by my son because we were going to be late, as I was about to get dressed my son noticed the fur on my comforter was moving. As I looked closer, the dog started barking and the beetles started falling out of the fur, it seemed like there was hundreds of them. We started killing them by stepping on them, even the dog was killing them by eating them.