Beetle in Dreams

Dreaming of beetles signify an impending doom and destructive aura around you. At work, your peers are not necessarily helping you but are looking for ways to sabotage your progress. In relationships, no matter how hard you work at building a strong foundation, your significant other is always antagonizing and looking to weaken the bond.

Seek out the trouble areas of your life and crush the beetles that trouble your dream

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58 thoughts on “Beetle in Dreams”

  1. Had a dream that I saw a beetle the size of a small dog in the garage at work. No body seemed phased by its presence including me As I passed by it. There was a loud bang and I immediately looked over to where the beetle was. It was dismembered and dead. I heard that beetles signify a challenge or trouble in life but what exactly does this mean?

  2. I had 2 dreams, consecutive nights, of this black stag beetle which was always landing and clinging to me. I was having a pretty normal dream with my friends and all, but the stag beetle was always buzzing around. It was hard to shake off when it clung. It was however, more treated like a pet (a friend owns it) so it wasn’t scary, just very prominent. It also said “let me rest on you” during the last portions of the 2nd dream.

  3. I had a dream where a particular series of events happened. The last was being chased by not a wasp or a hornet, but a beetle of all things! I was sprinting away from it where what seemed to be a single road and then I went towards this path where many people I seen who looked like they were around my age 10-16 walking together, then I started vaulting past fences without hesitation and then came back to my eldest brother and stepdad in my older (not the same one) brother’s car which was sold recently. Then the dream just ended. I hope this helps someone with anything.

  4. ” I had a dream that I was sitting in my car and this black beetle came and crawled on the back seat. I try to spray it , but it wouldn’t leave so I got out the car and ran to the bathroom. And locked the door and stood in the tub. The beetle came under the door and stood on top where the door nob was and I tried to open the door , but it wouldn’t unlock and in the middle of the beetle. It turned red and I got so scared. I woke up. “

  5. i had a dream that a beetle flew up and attached to my cheek. it freaked me out a bit but i picked it off and sat it on the ground.

    recently had surgery and been dealing w some stuff healing and also a minor complication thats been more of an annoyance than anything.

    so this dream to me seems to be me handling the annoyance and to know itll be okay. how i handle the annoyance/situation is in my hands.