Bugs in Dreams

Dreaming of bugs mean you are irritated and annoyed by trivial things, thus keeping your focus away from the important things in life. Relearn your prioritizing methods and say “no” to people who are constantly pestering you every five minutes on simple tasks. Keep your work area clear of clutter and garbage that distracts the mind.

One these bugs are kept far away, your optimal performance levels will be achieved again.

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22 thoughts on “Bugs in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt about a Red praying mantis. She seemed mad at me her leg had fallen off accidentally. and got stuck on the glass of a cocktail drink I was drinking. I didn’t notice her leg and I accidentally ate it and was disgusted with the drink and the leg. It was also spicy. She disappeared afterwards, can anybody tell me what it might mean?

  2. What does it mean to see hundreds of cockroaches on and surrounding someone you love who is deceased?This person didn’t have any and hated them.

  3. I was walking through a bunch of weeds and bushes after having a phone call with someone from Japan who said he couldn’t help me get a job there. Suddenly, I was covered in beetles and other bugs. I opened a door to a garage and was able to get my shirt off with most of the bugs clinging to it. Then I saw a door to a breezeway that was open a bit and made my way to it. The bugs were following but I made it in. Then I woke up.

  4. I have had the same dream now 2x times. Where I have large bugs (like the size of a large bumble bee, but they are dark in color) nesting in my scalp and I cannot get rid of them. Any idea what the means?

  5. I had a dream that I was in a room with my lawyer. I was sitting at a long table and she was standing at the front of the room. I was packing up school type things to leave and go home. One of the items was huge textbook. It was infested with bugs and they kept crawling in and out of it. When they first crawled out they were small and tan but grew in size and turned white then would start to go back in the book and change back to their original form. Does anybody know what this could mean?

  6. I had a dream last night that my little sister had let centipeds, catipillars and other bugs on her. It didn’t phase her but it made me scared. She had a blank expression on her face as I yelled at her to get them off of her. She just continued to let them crawl all over her. Then I woke up. Feeling sad and confused. Please what does this mean?

  7. I had a dream that I had a scar across my forehead and when I picked at the scar and started to rip it off, all types of bugs started coming out of my forehead like tiny spiders, ticks, centipedes, skinny worms. It was very disturbing.

  8. I had a dream last night when I saw these black slugs coming from under my bed, then I open my dresser draw and they was all inside. I went to the kitchen and they was everywhere.

  9. Today, I dreamed about bugs which is very unusual for me. I was in my room when I started touching my ear. I seemed irritated. Then I discovered something in my ear so I pulled it out. It was an endless pile of bugs (cockroaches), wood or small branches of trees, dust and dirt. I didn’t stopped until I pulled everything out. Then I woke up.

  10. I had a dream that walked in my room and there were ant piles coming up from my carpet and smaller ants in my bed. There were also quarter size spiders all over my room and a random scorpion crawling on my ceiling. There were also mini ants in my tub and sink. Ran to my parents room where there were two tarantulas on both sides of the door. Parents weren’t in the room but actually down stairs. Told my dad and he sprayed something on all these bugs and then I woke up.

  11. i dreamed there was a medium sized green bug walking on my bed and as i woke up (in my dream) and looked at it for a second it flew right to my face and i pushed myself against the wall in panic the next thing i knew i actually did wake up to slam my body against the wall. and i turned the lights on and looks on my bed and there was nothing there and it was such a relief. does anyone know what this could mean???? if you do please help!!! i also currently have been having these dreams about being severely bullied in school and i am crying and fighting i was bullied back in elementry for my weight and my looks i actually wake up crying. i need help i dont know what is going on with these dreams i am having

  12. It happened to me lastnight to, in my dream it was a huge centipede but when I woke up my eyes were telling me it was a scorpion in my bed and it took me a few minutes to realize it wasn’t there.

  13. I had a dream where I was pulling out yellow bugs from the pores in my body an anonymous person in my dream spayed me with some kind of bug soya washed my dody and as the water fell I saw bugs of all sizes being washed away I actually woke up scared and looking in the mirror at my pores

  14. I had a dream last night that my boyfriend and I were laying in bed. I sat up and was talking to him. I reached over his head and pulled down the pillows and all of a sudden literally thousands of bugs came flying out from under them and crawling all over him. I started to panic trying to brush them off of him but they just kept coming. How ever none of them were on me, only him…. I understand that dreaming of bugs means that you are annoyed by some thing and I know I am annoyed of certain situations with my boyfriend. Could this be why they were only on him and not me?

    1. your probably annoyed by sonething your boyfriend is doing try to look back at the things maybe your not comfortable at night sleeping with him? (if he does sleep with u)

  15. I had a very weird dream about white bugs waiting at. The bottom of my tub waiting to change to there color so they can enter my bath tub. I was in the tub I was just watchin from a distance…. I began killing them and then they mulitiplied and some flew away and crawled on me…. meanwhile having this dream I was talk to my aunt about moving out as I packed my things.

  16. In my dream there are little bugs in my bed. (in my dream) I got out of bed to look at the bugs, there were small white bugs I thought looked like bed bugs, and then multi colored bugs. My mom came in to look for them but she couldn’t find any, and I woke up..

  17. I have had a recurring dream about 3 inch Hawaiian cockroaches crawling under my clothes and having to muster the courage to reach in and pull them out one at a time. I have dreamed this at least once a month for a the past few years.

  18. I have the same problem. I dream of bugs in my bed and I frantically jump out of bed. It usually takes a few minutes before I realize I was dreaming and there are no bugs. My husband tells me that I violently toss and turn for a few minutes before I jump out of bed but I have no memory of that. I’ve been having the bug dreams for many years now and I’m not sure what they mean or how to make them stop.

  19. I have dreams about bugs at least twice a month. Its always that I see a bug or bugs in my room. I actually have to get up and turn on the light to make sure they’re not there. Its different bugs, spiders, insects, even strange creepy crawlers right out of a scifi movie. It got to the point I would wake up my boyfriend in the middle of the night telling him to ‘look at the bugs’. He’s nice about it, but its starting to be a pain.

    1. Same thing happens to me!! Last night I had a dream there were huge bugs crawling on my ceiling! I frequently have these dreams and will frantically get up , scream a bit, then turn on the light to find nothing there, thank god! I don’t know why this happens but it freaks me out every night, I’m at the point that when I go to sleep I hope it doesn’t happen.

    2. I had the same dream except I don’t feel the need to wake up in the middle of the night to check if there are bugs in my bed. However I had a dream that I was being bombarded by a wide array of insects, from centipedes to milipedes, and even ear wigs. The more I killed, the more appeared, and it was like they just wouldn’t go away! Strange!!!