Centipedes in Dream

Centipedes are fearsome creatures. In dreams, they represent fears and worries that act as obstacles between you and your goals. There will be tremendous amount of negative energy surrounding you, and impeding every steps of your progress. Stop thinking negatively and being pessimistic will rid of centipedes from your dreams.

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51 thoughts on “Centipedes in Dream”

  1. I had a dream that a centipede was in the forearm of someone and it looked as if it was coming out… cam you help me understand what it means?

  2. Ive had a recurring dream about centipedes, i havent had the dream in years honestly but this time it was diffrent; I opened a large, rusty steel door that led me,alone, into what seemed like a communications bunker from WW2 except there was a white, hard plastic sink very deep and wide but above the ground and still to where i could walk over and look inside. Something was drawing me toward it but every step i took toward it seemed to fill me with dread and fear and not alot in life does that to me anymore. Once i got close enough to the sink to look inside it… i could see the centipede,about 7 feet in length and around 8 inches wide, then i became lucid or half awake except i had no vision of what was around me except the dream. At this point of the dream i was thrown on my back by some unseen force and in the dream i was screaming, but also in life and i screamed, “SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!” After i screamed i fell back deep into REM. MY friends were in the dream now but did nothing. My dream ended there but i did not wake again for several hours… What does this mean?

  3. centipedes in dream:

    large number of centipedes are biting me as groups..I m removing speedly but on the otherside its agin coming and biting me.
    i want to know the interpretation of my dream.

  4. I dreampt that I was sitting outside by my mothers shop and this one lady came to smoke next to me so I lighted a cigarette to.am smoking all of a sudden I heard the lady scream when I looked down I saw tuns of tiny tiny centipedes on her pants and on my foot they started stinging me when I tried to dust them off but not painful and I did dust them all off and I woke up after.

  5. I got a dream in my dream. I saw a big centipede and I tried to kill it with my right hand but it bited me at the time of killing but it was not died even though I tried to kill it after that
    I got itching on my right hand what its meaning ?

  6. I had a strange dream where I was at a store and a 12 inch house centipede came out of nowhere. I called to my family to look at it but my brother stepped on the centipede, crushing it in half and making a crunch sound. After reading this interpretation It seems like family will help “crush” my fears/worries. But I would still like to know of what you guys think.

  7. I dreamed. A white centipede was comin out of a house two houses from mine and it wanted to come intu my house but as he ddnt give up trying to get in, I ddnt stop blocking it from gettin in

  8. I cant recall very many details as I haven’t really been exercising my ability to remember dreams lately, and I’m not in a time in my life where it comes easily to me either. but I can give you this to work with. the centipede was spotted by myself, crawling underneath and between chairs that a loved one (being a young girl, not exactly sure who, maybe a version of my sister who is now 15, as a child or one of my 8 year old nieces that I see more often now that ive relocated) and I had been sitting on. but after I saw the centipede this young female relative picked it up, contrary to my warning to her about it, and was playing with it, taunting me, despite my begging of her to put it down because it could potentially harm her. at some point of her playing with the centipede she looked at me and brought it closer, like to show me it was harmless and playful, but I continued to shriek and back away from her as if I was also being put in danger by her bringing it closer to me. I’m sure that the detail of the centipede being larger than life, literally. like this centipede was not a bug. it was more like a 3 ft long, hideous, black creature with infinite legs, is vital to an accurate interpretation. however I’m not sure if the fact that my sister (15) just recently told me she lost her virginity, immediately after I gave her a long, winded piece of advice to not give it to the bot that she is currently dating, is helpful because like I said, I cant recall exactly who the little girl that I know in this dream was so important to me in real life. so. yes. please help?

  9. had a dream my mum was urinating and a huge centipede was coming out of her vagina going into a hole on a tree nearby, i asked her to continue pushing but i woke up from the dream,i prayed though its disturbing,help in the meaning!!!

  10. I dreamed of big centipede, for about 7×2 inches, and it is divided into 3 unequal size, but alive, the color is white. My niece, Venice, is playing with it, she’s asking me to hold it too because she said that it’s clean, but I am afraid of centipede, I never hold it, I kept it in a container and then keeping my eyes on it to see if the centipede will try to flee, luckily, it behaved inside the container so I felt safer. It’s my first time to dream about centipede.

  11. I was watching me and my boyfriend sleep on some clothes in my wash room when suddenly he notices a tiny black centipede on me. He rubs it to kill it. Then another. Then another. Im now looking through my eyes as hundreds of tiny black centipedes crawl over me. I stand and brush at them. Then a full grown brownishblack centipede starts crawling up my left leg and as i grab at it my bf shouts “dont touch it” but too late. It raps its self around my right middle finger and my boyfriend uses a small sharp stone to try and stab it but to no avail. i feel pressure as if to represent a bite and my finger seems to fall asleep as the harder my boyfriend presses the tighter it squeezes. I wake up then breathing fast as i have a phobia for them but have never been bitten

  12. I dream of myself going out with my girlfriend. Half the centipede (upper half) was on my leg / calf. I’ve decided to stay calm and do nothing and it eventually go away. After walking, I felt something on my leg again and this time round it’s the lower half of the centipede. I lost my composure and I shoved it away. I turned around to see the first half wriggling away and the second one joining shortly after.

    What does this means ?

  13. I had a dream about my right hand being infected with 3 open abcesses on the back of my hand. It happened when I went swimming in a swampy lake and when my hand went up I had caught something. The abcesses kept getting worse and worse and I saw bacteria coming out of it. I went to a doctor and she said that she had to cut open my hand and I was scared because she wouldn’t give me any anesthesia. I refused her and she was very demanding but I wouldn’t let her. The abcesses got worse and I noticed that a small centipede was crawling out of a open hole in my palm as well as my palm was stuffed with leaves. I saw another doctor and it was a guy and he was nicer and offered to help me. He said he would cut what ever was infested in my hand out. I wokeup before he could help me. pls help me interperet this dream I was very worried and anxious thanks

  14. I dreamed of a shinning yellow centipede while i had something to eat in my left hand. I hit him many times but it escapes ultimately i succeed in shattering him into multiple pieces. When i am about to eat the object in my left hand, i find some pieces of centipede stuck to my food… then i start cleaning that edible… then i woke up..

  15. I was in the gym recently, after an exhausting hour of hard core cardiovascular I knocked out for about five minutes. In that dream I was in an argument with someone suddenly I reached into my mouth and threw out on to a glass window a fully grown centipede, I stared at it for a second woke up and went to hit the weights.

  16. I dreamed of me with my little sister covering a soil worm with soil in my family’s frontyard garden, and then in rupture from the soil as a centipede. I told my sister to run away and i took a very big stone to crush. That moment I ended up woking up.

  17. I dreamed that a coworker was spending the night. At bedtime we saw several centipedes of varying sizes crawling on a wall of books. I smashed some of them, but some got away. Then we fell asleep. I woke up and looked down at my coworker who was sleeping on the floor. Two very large centipedes were on the floor facing her-almost like they were peeking out from under the bookshelf at her. I tried to wake her up discreetly not to agitate the centipedes. But she did not wake. So I pulled her by her feet away from them. They did not move at all during this time. Then I woke up. I was very disturbed and left wondering if she is in danger and if I should be looking out for her. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  18. In my dream a centipede curled around a black rat and was killing it. I just happened to have on black boots that were unlaces and I stomped on both of them.

  19. hi,

    I dreamt about scary centipede biting on my hand badly and after that i could see the spot of his bite.

    i want to know the interpretation of my dream.

  20. I cant remember exactly but then i saw a 4-5 centipedes and shouted to my dad to bring a shoe to hit those while more cemtipedes started appearing. While my dad came one centipede had already bit my left hand (wrist) and i could see a small round scar of blood while i was scared if i would die.

  21. I had a dream that there was a big centipede trying to bite me, I caught it in a jar and its was trying all its best to get out. And it escaped and bit me on my ankle and I ran to the car and started driving it followed me until I killed it. Then I went to the doctor with symptoms of muscle hardness and he said I have thousands of centipede eggs in my blood and that I have to get a blood transfusion to take it all out. At the end of the dream, I knew I wasn’t going to live. So I called my loved ones to say goodbye. What does all that mean? It was like the centipede wanted only me to bite.

  22. Last night I had a dream that I was washing my face, and the face of a child, I don’t know who the kid was, and I saw something in my eye in the mirror. It looked like some kind of maggot or worm, so of course I try to take it out. But it’s difficult and painful. But then that’s when the centipedes come out of my eyes and I pull a large one out of my eye. I start freaking out as more and more crawl out of my body and it’s so painful. They are all at least a food long and an inch or more wide, and they had pincer large pincer mouths. This isn’t the first time I have had a dream of centipedes in my body. It’s very unsettling. I don’t even have a phobia of them or care about them. Why these dreams?

  23. I dream I was walking along a young girl with a centipede on her hair, at first I thought itit was like then the girls mom told me in my dream that she was third of centipedes.

  24. I dremt that there was a giant grey centerpied in a house that was a man eater it had eaten everyone apart from me and 2 friends we had to move around this house from room to room untill we found safety but the weirdest thing was it kept goin back to the beginning of the dream so we could do it better and make our time up if we wasn’t fast enough before….

  25. I had a dream that centipedes spawned in my toes and suddenly burst out! About 10 gold babies and one giant golden skeletal dragon looking centipede emerging from under my foot. It didn’t bother me that it happened, but I remember wanting to hide my feet So it wouldn’t happen again.

  26. I had a dream about very large centipedes last night. For whatever reason, I dreamed I was watching a Parisian child’s birthday. and that the party included a very large centipede, dachshund size, frolicking around and crawling over party goers. The weird thing was that even in my dream I was totally grosses out, and had to watch my step when I got out of bed.

  27. This morning I dreamt I was with new friends at a lake. When we met a younger girl friend, we decided to leave. We planned to go out and have fun. She was first to exit the building, as I tailed behind her. As she walked down the steps, I saw a big centipede probably 3-4″ inches long. I told her not to touch it but she wouldn’t listen and picked it up. The centipede didn’t do anything to her. So she placed it back down on the step, when a smaller centipede crawled on top of it. It was like a mama and baby centipede. When all of a sudden, this girl picks up the baby centipede and places it on my right ear. I yell at her and tell her to get it off but she just laughs. I started to panic because I thought they were dangerous. The feeling of this creature on my ear was overwhelming. Nothing was being done about getting the centipede off my ear, so I woke up.

  28. I dreamed last night i saw a centipede and i get my father sleeper to hit the centipede when the centipede cut in 2 pieces it jumps on my chest …But im thingking my father already died last 2011…and i saw his sleeper on my dreamed..what it means?

  29. I dreamt that every night a lady got bitten by centipedes. They would crawl under her door to come bite her. A guy came to try to help her by tying her up in random places but they wpuld always come. Turns ouy she had a centipede when she was little and tore off all the legs. The centipedes coming to attack her are biting her because of that like shes been marked.

  30. Last night I dreamed about going outside into my backyard and it’s early morning and I look all around me and I see over ten centipedes laying there on the ground scattered everywhere.All different sizes one especially was big but it looked like the bottom of it as cut opened but the others weren’t.Then I see the biggest of them all ove 8 ft. long and had shed it’s skin so I picked up the skin and was thinking how strange.What does it mean.

  31. I had an awful dream that I was like hacking up centipedes the way you hack up phylum! I’m scared to even sleep now it was gross and scared me. No clue what it means.

  32. I dreamt just this afternoon that i am killing a centipede with a glass but its not moving and the color of it is pale yellow..i was trying to struck it with glass but it cant be flatened just like a baby’s rubber toy when you pinch it will just come back to its original form..then when i woke up, i was scrolling down my fb newsfeed then i saw one og my friend posted a photo of centipede same one in my dream..what does it mean?

  33. Warning: graphic. In my dream I noticed a strange lump on my leg, on closer inspection I saw through my pale translucent skin what looked like a short length centipede with rather large front pincers, red hued and fearsome. It started to work it’s way up my body under my skin. I could feel it separating my skin from my body as it effortlessly crawled inside me as if under a blanket. I frantically tried to hold it in place by pinching the skin around it, but it was strong and kept muscling it’s way through. As it passed my knee I bent my knee and squeezed my muscles. Somehow it was now trapped inside the bend of my knee, squirming. I applied pressure to the bump where it lay trapped and it started to hurt. When it finally popped, hot oily and thick black liquid bubbled outward as the skin and centipede burst. Pieces of my cooked flesh flew into my face and I recall tasting my own white meat before waking.

  34. In my dream I was in a house in that house was my passed away mother, my grand baby, my nephew and his mother my sister. Everybody was waking up and when I turn the light in this unknown house the floor was full of roaches of all sizes. Among then a big centipede with his tale on attack mode. I was petrified and I was showing my mother. All of the sudden the centipede enter in the area we was in, we jump in the couches and the centipede kept going to one of the room. We was sitting still and petrified.

    The centipede walk out of that room again crawl on the wall where we was sitting close to my mother and jumped on her shoulder, she got up screaming and I was in a state of shock starring. My sister & nephew walk in, my sister grabbed the centipede with her bare hands, and my nephew was holding my mom head, because this thing was making a screaming sound like a demon, my sister kept squeezing till she finally had a griped on it and through it in the floor. All this time I’m looking scare to the death and I saw this thing still moving so I grabbed my purse and started smashing when it finally stop it was a little tiny (toy like size) horse and it was full of water or some clear substance. I woke up scare my heart beating so fast. The roaches was just there grossed and disgusting lots of them.

  35. I had a dream that i was at a faire with my girlfreind. we stole away into a dark shady copse for privacy. There was massive tangles of roots all around, i sat down, and lifted her up to hold her. That’s when centipedes started pouring out of the ground. She was frightened, i felt like i couldnt move and all i could do was comfort her and hold her higher.

    1. You will have to deal with some health problem together. You will try to keep her but you will end up pushing her away.

  36. last nite i dream that someone throw a centipede in my face and it bite me.What does it mean.Plz Plz help.

    1. could be a self confidence issues due to how you look if you have breakouts on your face etc. or it could be a health problem in your head.

  37. i had a dream that a centipide bite my hand and it swallow big and black colour then it be normal wat does it mean

  38. Last night I had a dream that I wake up and see three centipede on the floor,they were joining together as one long one,as I wake up I show it to my boyfriend and he did not really see it,I get up take up a shoes to hit it when I look the long one form into three,I take the shoe to hit them they all run away,never catch any to kill…can some one tell me what this dream all about

  39. I just woke up a few minutes ago. I had this dream wherein i had this pain in my middle finger on my right hand. I slit my finger then out came the head of a centipede. I didn’t want to touch it so i placed my hand under a faucet. The centipede won’t go out to i pulled it out, i can even feel the pain when i woke up. But after pulling it in my dream, it bit me on my ring finger on the same hand. Can’t find the meaning of it though.

  40. I also got the same dream like Katrina, Plugging 10 to 15 CENTERPEDES from my neck (i.e)two holes in my neck plugging those from inside my neck.?


    1. You will over come any and all health problems, but you should watch what you say about other people, especially in a group of people. If you are making fun of others you will find you and them are the same. aka your hair was a mess.

  42. I had a dream about centipede also. Actually, on the afternoon that day i saw a small centipede at the door, I was trying to kill it but it escaped. Then during the night when I go to sleep, I dreamed of a centipede, 2 centipedes. One is 1 foot long I guess and the other was smaller. I also tried to kill it by a knife, but then i found out that the head of the centipede looks like the head of the snake. So I strike the head with a knife and still trying to kill it but the body cut into two. The other half escaped while the other half remain.

    What is the meaning of it? I am confused because the centipede looks like a snake.

  43. I’ve always liked centipedes, I used to catch them and keep them as pets when I was a child.

    like a week ago I dreamed that I was searching for one near the house where i lived five years ago, I found one by lifting an extremely heavy rock, the centipede was huge, like a foot long, but when I finally catched it, it began to shrink.

    At one point it was like three inches long, and i left it in the car where i was travelling, when i came back, the plastic recipient where i kept it was full of water, and the animal was dead…

    It wasn’t a pleasant feeling and i wonder what does it mean

  44. Dreamt that My sister went into a bag to get something for me and got bitten on her hand from a centipede. She yelled and turned to me and another bit her should. Suddenly three of them were running towards me and I ran to the couch and laid down. Then I woke up.