Centipedes in Dream

Centipedes are fearsome creatures. In dreams, they represent fears and worries that act as obstacles between you and your goals. There will be tremendous amount of negative energy surrounding you, and impeding every steps of your progress. Stop thinking negatively and being pessimistic will rid of centipedes from your dreams.

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95 thoughts on “Centipedes in Dream”

  1. I dremt there was a lot of massive centipedes lashing onto my body, burrowing their legs(more like claws) into my skin. I paniced looking for help but there was no one there so I had to force them off. Pulling them off left holes/bruises/marka where they had attached. Eventually someone came and stomped a few of their heads, and after a while I only saw small centipedes around, no harm but still killed them.

  2. I saw I took the soap in my hand to wash my hands. There were many centipedes on it which I saw and dropped the soap down. 3 centipedes stick to my finger and then I washed my hands with water and got rid of them but I was shaking with fear after what happened. What does it mean ? Please tell me.

  3. I had a dream that I was making a sandwich and I grabbed the jam but somehow the jar was a white plastic and I could see the shadow of the centipede inside. I dropped the container and it shatter magically, it was glass. Then the centipede ran out towards my boyfriend while I screamed it scurried very fast back to me as I was trying to jump away or onto the counter.

  4. I dreamed a centipede was burrowed in my top lip (the part where a mustache grows) I was able to pull some of it out but the centipede snapped and went back into my top lip. Next I was having a last minute wedding in my dream. Then I was in church watching everyone one else receive some type of anointed red cloth from the pastor. I was passed over.

  5. I dreamt of a flying centipeded that kept flying on my face..i woke up around 3am first thing i did was look under my pillow went back to sleep again i dreamt th centipede was back..it was f.up

  6. I dreamnt a centipede was spitting poison at my face, he hit me 5′ 6 times before i squashed him with my foot, then i remember rinsing off with a garden hose, he was very fast and it took me a while to kill him. I remember saying gotcha when i squished him.

  7. Well my bf had this dream that he was in a car n out of nowhere a centipid crawl up the inside of the door right next to him… somehow he got out of the car n thats when a big black one started chasing him down the street. It caught up to him n bite him, he woke up from the dream there after…

  8. My dream was that 3 huge albino centepides were coming out of my belly buttom. I was freaking out in my dream.

  9. I actually didn’t have a dream about them rather I keep seeing them show up in my room when I wake up. I I looked up how to get rid of them but they kept showing up. Then I can’t across this. Even through its not a dream it’s still kinda weird that I do in fact have a lot of stress and depressing thoughts. I barely leave my house or talk to anyone. Couldn’t be a coincidence right??

  10. okay i was dreaming that i was going to this house then for a whole then the wall was full of Centipedes then i was trying to kill them but they were a lot of them . then one them want on my arm it was like it was burning on my shin then i take off my arm it was a mark on my arm it mean please someone tell about this dream .

  11. I dreamt that my hair were tucked together then I saw white little round things. I tried to remove some and crush them. But, baby centipedes come out of them.
    I tried cutting the affected hairs with a scissor, but I can’t seem to do so.
    Then later on that dream. It was discovered that there were centipedes in my body and feeding on my spine.

    1. I just had dream that was almost exactly the same dream but I started pulling them and throwing them out the kitchen window, few fell on the floor and kept crawling​ under things, I did try to cut them and I didn’t have the spine part, the dream may suggests that you are letting your fears and doubts hinder you from making progress and achieving your goals. You need to stop thinking negative thoughts, also you may be over thinking things, also keep an eye out for any doggie opertunites. Please message me so we can discuss deeper

  12. I dreamt d that my hair were tucked together then I saw white little round things. I tried to remove some and crush them. But, baby centipedes come out of them.
    I tried cutting the affected hairs with a scissor, but I can’t seem to do so.
    Then later on that dream. It was discovered that there are centipedes in my body and feeding on my spine.

  13. I had a dream I was blowing my nose, it’s so dry in my house that it’s hard to breathe. So anyhow while blowing I felt something lodged in there so I continued to blow until it came through. Not all the way but just to where I could reach and as I pulled on what I thought was a booger, it was a long centipede. I threw it on the floor and it took off to a dark place in my closet. What does this mean I am so grossed out. After a Google search once I woke up, I stared reading about insects and out of the corner of my eye an ear wig was crawling down my pillow. Talk about the creeps.

  14. I dreamnt of discussing my wedding plans with some lady who works at the hotel and my dad came with me. After a long chat, the lady offered me some food but when it came to offee my dad, she force feeds my dad with a very suspicious looking burger. I was able to convince my dad to spit the food out and when he did…we saw a whole centipede with some chunks of bread and meat. Then I went to check my 2 boys. I found them in very low energy but wide awake and just sitting in front of a dining table with their mouths full. So I quickly investigate what they’ve been fed with…To my surprise I pulled out 3 centipedes from each of their mouths. They very slowly regain their strength soon as I removed the centepedes. I didn’t see my eldest, my mom, my husband and my siblings in the dream.

  15. I dream centipede n cockroaches crawling in my body.I really tried to get rid of centipede took them 1 by 1 from my body.I had 3 bites in my hand

  16. I dream that I was walking and I saw my purse and was wondering what it was doin there so I took it up and their was centimpedes coming out of it and they crawling under my clothes and I started taking my clothes off to get rid of them

  17. First me and a little boy was eating garrison and soup after some seconds I saw centipede walking around in my soup then I bring it out wanted to kill it now way then second dream I plug orange and enter inside house wanted to eat it then I saw my garri that my brother bring for me that centipede is walking on it then I hit it something it cut in to two then I chase the head and pull it kerosene and it die meaning please

  18. I had a dream that I had something stuck on my tooth and it felt a bit hairy but also like a piece of meat. After having a fight with my tooth and my tongue I finally managed to take it out and when I spit it out it was a dead disgusting cent epode. Brb while I burry my self and lay there until I die.

  19. The other day I caught a wicked looking centipede, I put it in a bucket to show my friend. He came over,I showed him he freaked out, told me he had a dream the night before that he had two centipede’s on his back. Or something like that, well a few mins. ago a centipede went crawling under my couch and I can’t find it,I’m kinda freaking out, CREEPY….

  20. I had a dream that a giant centipede bad to be removed from my throat/stomach, but I saw it in a video because they had put me under for the procedure. then in the dream I felt a burning uncomfortable feeling in my stomach when my mother told me that they wanted to see me again to make sure there wasn’t another one . Then I coughed and was terrified and kept trying to get it out .

  21. I dream there was some dirty clothes and decided to take them to wash it but whilst taking the clothes (2) centipede fell down…..i then took hot water pour on it and continued to take the balance of the clothes to wash…….about (8) others fell I took more hot water and burned all of them……

  22. I dreamt a week before that my 8 year old came to me with a tiny blackhead on his knee that was bothering him. He asked me to squeeze it and I was unable. Last night I redreamt that he came to me again about the same problem. But this time when I squeezed it, green puss came out squirting and then two black centipedes came out and were scurrying around. It was absolutely disgusting.

  23. i dream that i didn’t get true with collage and then i went to the bath room with my friend and a centipede was crawling on her hand it look demonic ,i told her to flash it of …she was scared to do so. then i look their were a next one on the wall look the same…..i jump out my sleep

  24. In my dream I picked out a big centepiede from my teeth and 5-6 little ones. At first they wiggled a little once they hit the ground then stopped moving. My mom, step dad and boyfriend all stood around and watched but nobody helped.

  25. In my dream i saw i was sitting in some class n i felt smethng crawling on my back n it was centepede. N i continously removing the centepedes n i felt crawling inside my pant also. For that i ran out from class to toilet n pulled my pant down n there was centepede. Then suddenly i got up n i was having crawling sensation around my left knee..

  26. I had a dream that there were centipedes in my bed and that was the reason why i woke up with random bites on my leg. And then I pulled my covers and I saw a red centipede and then my mom squished it and it had blood. So what does this mainly mean?

  27. I dreamt that a lot of centipede where in my bedroom n I kept on killing each one rite after the next so many different sizes n color type of centipede

  28. I dreamt of black centipedes with red legs and they were full in my house, when I was trying to figure out where do they come from, and scratching my body. Scaring part they from my body whenever I scratch the come out. My body was very sore and itching, was crying then I woke up. I felt they are still in me even now I fill they crawling all over my body.

  29. I had a dream in which I see so many centipedes in a corner of my house, they were In numbers I wanteed to kill them or get them away, but I was not doing any thing to do so. What does that mean??

  30. Lately I’ve been experiencing negativity from a neighbor who is extremely poisonous to everyone and everything around her. And at a work environment have been experiencing pressures of religion conformity that makes me feel uneasy. The other day I dreamt I was cleaning and a centipede slithered quickly by me instilling a paralyzing fear in me awaking me. Some websites say its a good omen while others say its bad. Usually my dreams reflect my reality, what I try to tuck away…

  31. I dreamt that I was late in opening my business and someone was knocking at the door and when they came in and layed down they had two centipedes and a melipede crawling on their feet. We used inceticide and killed them but that was very creepy.