Cockroaches in Dream

Dreaming of cockroaches means you are disgustingly dirty, and in an absolute need to cleanse yourself. The physical act of removing all the dirt represents the need for self renewal because you cannot continue associating yourself with cockroaches that tread on its own fecal matter.

Start by throwing out the old, the things that take up space both physically and mentally because a dirty past is not worth remembering and only chains you from spreading your wings to reach new goals.

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10 thoughts on “Cockroaches in Dream”

  1. In my dream I had a cockroach in my ear and took it out with tweezers. Then I had to remove a couple more. And another one. It seemed as soon as I thought I had them all there was another one. They just kept coming. One or two at a time and I removed each one with tweezers.

  2. I had a dream that a hundred little cockaroaches were in my sons pamper and i washed them off but they ran around and started hiding so i couldnt kill them

  3. I had a dream and saw thousands of cockroaches swarming out from my Dining room and going to the washroom, they were trying to come out to other room, few spilled into the other room before I could close the door of the room. What does this mean?

  4. I dreamt that myself, husband and kids and a strange man was in my bedroom, my husband opened the top cupboard door which had blankets in it and there was a few cockroaches in it when we looked properly the blankets was infested with cockroaches, my husband took out the blankets and there were thousands of them and he killed them with bug spray they were all over the place…

  5. This is for real and three night altogether I had this cockroach on my bed not even my hubby’s. I keep questioning why it only came for me n not my hubby.

  6. I dreamed my boyfriend yelled for my help and I ran into a room and he was killing wood roaches that were in a baby crib with a baby. I grabbed the baby out of the bed as he crushed one of the roacjes between the sheets and I noticed live wood roaches scattered about, alive in the room.

  7. I dreamt that i coughed up a roach encased in some gel like matter. I smashed it on the ground and thousands of maggots splattered. what does that mean. I was not afraid in the dream.

  8. I saw a cockroach in my dream it’s like I n my ex-bf is in the same room n someone just throw the bunch of cockroach in our room what does that means

  9. For the past couple of days I’ve been dreaming of cockroaches immune living room and in my own bedroom! I try to stay away but they come closer and closer but as soon as I turn the lights on they run and hide underneath the carpet! Please tell me what this means!

  10. I dream that i saw a lot of cockroach sorounded me they are trying to captured me but i try my best to run and to scape from them