Hornets in Dream

Hornets are feared for its sting. When hornets appear in your dreams, it is a foreshadowing of bad things to come. It could be a business deal that fell through and the aftermath is just starting to unravel.

Or you may be feeling vengeful for some unfortunate event that has stung you once already. There is nothing positive about a dream of hornets. Be cautious in your waking hours.

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4 thoughts on “Hornets in Dream”

  1. Had a series of hornet dreams. Mostly killed them through electrocution or trapped them in a vacuum like devise. Some stings to myself, my wife, and a unknown baby. The electrocution took place in the basement of my childhood home. The trapping of them took place on both a boat and also an open field.

  2. I dreamed my son had a pet hornet and although I did not like it, I allowed him to keep it. It usually just buzzed about his head, but one day for no reason it attacked me and began to drill a hole in the top of my head. I was screaming for someone to help, my son was stunned and just stood there. My husband pulled the hornet out before it went completely in and stood there looking at it wiggling between his fingers, as if studying it. The hornet had gotten much larger after being in my head. I knocked it out of his hand and stomped on it. I was horrified and very upset when I awoke. It bothered me all day.

  3. I dreamt that I was in a Dr’s surgery with my nephew. The Dr noticed many small lumps on his back through his t-shirt. She lifted his t-shirt and the lumps were hornets embedded in his skin by their stinger/face. She wanted to remove them, but he refused and walked off.

  4. I dreamt I was going for a job interview at a place a friend works. We had to take a helicopter to get there. We had to fly through a chasm- rocky mountains on both sides. Once we arrived safely- I realized my friend and her boss were discussing me in another room- a room that had some of my belongings in it – my friend was defending me because there were cut up straws in the room and the interviewer thought they were for drug use. (in real life- my husband and I cut up some straws for our daughter to use as logs for her train set- now back to the dream) itry explaining this to interviewer and he sends me to do a urine test. Of course I don’t have to pee, but I don’t want to look suspicious so I try to go anyway. There is a woman in the restroom before me- it is a 2- toilet restroom, one of the toilets is broken. She leaves and when I go in- I see giant brown hornets on top of a giant yellow jacket (they were all 3 or 4 inches big) being slightly allergic to hornets I ran out of there- and tried to explain to this young gentleman who wants a urine sample that there is a bunch of giant hornets in the restroom. Thats all I remember. Side note- the bathroom had a dungeon-like feel to it. Not quite a dungeon but damp feeling, musty dark and dirty.It was a nasty old bathroom you’d expect in the back of an old gas station, not in a nice place of business. Any thoughts?