Ladybug in Dreams

Ladybugs are happy and optimistic insects that go about their daily tasks. When you dream of ladybugs, you are generally happy with life and work. Nothing but good luck and fortune accompanies a ladybug dream.

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13 thoughts on “Ladybug in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream my nephew turned into a ladybug. As he flew one of his wings got hurt. Then his father my brother said “you just tap it a bit and he will be better” I didn’t want to hurt him any further and told him to do it. And he did it a little too hard. And then somehow landed in my mouth and I accidently bit it. It was a nightmare.

  2. I had a dream when my friend, who I have recently fought with but have now made up with, and I were sitting next to each other and then suddenly a ladybug lands and crawls on my thigh. My friend takes it and, although I kept telling him to not kill it, squishes it. What could this mean?

  3. My friend had a dream we were walking by the woods and I had ladybugs round me my feet and I started picking them up she was in a rush said we had to go I was to hurry up. What does this mean?

  4. Last night i had a dream about a ladybug, it had no spots and was more orange than red. I lost it but someone soon found it and gave it back to me. Later in the dream it had a baby (it wasn;t a mini ladybug but what an actual ladybug grub (?) looks like apart from the one in my dream had little antenna)

    Does it mean anything ?

  5. I dreamt I was in a travel trailer in a field. There were two well know country singing stars in the trailer and we were talking as we were talking I noticed a lot of lady bugs all over inside the trailer. Then we hear what sounded like rain on the trailer but when we opened the door to look outside it was raining ladybugs and we were all surprised about all the ladybugs.

  6. I dreamed last night that there was a lady bug or 2 on me and I was excited they landed on my hand.. then suddenly they were all over me, mostly on my chest and neck – i felt like I was being choked by them – I was clawing them off me and shaking them and pulling them off and there were just more and more. Then they were all over the floor where I was throwing them off my body and i was jumping up and down to get them off and squashing them all over the floor. It was unsettling because I love ladybugs. – it seems similar to Teresa’s

    1. When a ladybug is crawling up on you or something that belings to tou, this could possibly mean that you will go through financial trouble. If you manage to crush the ladybugs, then you could get out of this money situation somehow. ((This is what I have read before so please don’t be too dependent on my reply)).

  7. Today I had a dream I was at work, atleast that’s what it seemed like and I began stepping on lady bugs. So many lady bugs. Also a few other bugs. But mainly ladybugs. At first I was just helping them break out of a caccoon but some of them became violent and I began to step on them. What exactly does that dream mean???

    1. you are crushing your own joy in life…..this can be changed though by having more awareness and by living in the present moment as often as you can, you will begin to experience true joy.